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  1. I have been dealing with a lot of symptoms for years and have within the past month learned about Celiac. I feel like I fit the profile for Celiac but my blood test came back negative today. I am at a loss.. I feel like I really need to be gluten free but I also really want to know for sure what is going on with my body. I am having a lot of trouble finding a physician who will see me through to the end of this. I am sick of dead-end testing and puzzled doctors. I have general pruritis, fluid filled blisters on my fingers and on the inside of my lips, chronic constipation and bloating with gas, arthritis/tendonitis (I'm 27 years old!), my periods are way out of whack and I am infertile. I have text book childhood Celiac dental issues. I have the mental fog and constant fatigue. I feel like I am an old lady. I am struggling with whether or not I mentally need that medical diagnosis closure and was hoping someone may have some advice or encouragement. Thank you!