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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Failed With Protein Supplements

    I am an athlete with a very sensitive gleuten intolerance. the onlly protien suplement I have found to not give me problems is "fast digesting ISO-Z5" isolate protien. if taken with H2O there is only 140 cal. I take mine with milk and I double the recomended dose. recomended dose is 2 scoops per day. I take 2 scoops in am and 2 in pm. vit B-12, and a multi. they sem to be working pretty good as I have been doing thisfor one month now. BUT I follow a very strict gleuten free soy free diet and very sparing in the carb and casin dept. When I say athlete I mean I am 43 yo. I have lived with this for about 1.5 years and am currently on a pretty heavy work out plan. I do a 5k brisk on monday, a 10k on wednesday, light (not lazy) 5k thursday, all those in A.M. In PM I work out monday thru thursday lifting. then I do a long run of 10 to 15 miles every saterday. I am not boasting I am just stating that you can do what I am if you maintain your discipline and not give up, but it will take time and set backs but you are worth the effort.
  2. Biopsy Results

    I am sorry for the diagnosis and don't mean to sound cynical. I am not. However play the hand your dealt. Dont deal, theres no bargain, no easy way. It sucks. That said you will get through it and it will still suck. As your body heals you will feel better and life will get easier. You will learn what you can and can't have and will see that after this initial storm passes that your symptoms will resolve and you will feel better than you have in a long time. So chin up look up and come to this forum, use the resources and advice in a way that you need to. Its your body so as well meaning as people are not all advice is good advice. Your off to a good start even though right now it may not feel like it.
  3. sometimes I think gluten causes the problem of mental illness and sometimes I think my symptoms caused my mental illness. now anytime I go someplace there is food I get anxious so now i wonder if worrying about the gluten causes my anxiety. then other times my anxiety causes me to be anxious. I know it sounds funny but thats the way I feel at least right now , I think
  4. Why Can't My Body Handle Long Runs?

    and cyberprof has some really good points about gluten and sources too. I find the more rigid I am the better I feel.
  5. Why Can't My Body Handle Long Runs?

    You might wanna try to build up the iron, folic acid and b12 in your blood. I know they appear WNL but if your body is defficient for a long time then it gets used to it. Primarily, the kidneys perform and secrete the hormones that increase rbc count which is rarely WNL for me even when my H and H are. So, I have been increasing these vits as a sort of experiment to see if my h and h and total FE levels can bounce up. IDK for you but I have only given it about 3 weeks now and am beggining to feel a lil better in general and during heavy workout days
  6. I am usually "ok" and have been gluten free since march 6 this year. but last week at chuch i wasn't thinking and took the bread for communion and today I am still foggy but better. For me the 2nd to 3rd day after a glutening is when fog head sets in. before that its usually the GI symptoms.
  7. Hannisa, Calcium is nesesary for all muscle contractions so that is why with certain dysrythmias dr orders calcium channel blockers to slow or control Heart Rate.
  8. That is wierd but one poss explanation is due to total iron, bound and free iron levels. total is obvious. bound is that iron that is calculated in form of rbc count, and free. so if you are low on free iron you are getting enough but your body is using it to make rbc which is why total may be normal. however if free is high then you are getting it in but body is missing something (folic acid, b12 ect) in its ability to use it.
  9. Any Good Doctors In Tampa Fl

    The nice part of having a dx is that a good dr will order lab work and check the appropriate levels of things like b12 bit d fe, h&h, cbc ect. Plus with the dx the dr can order those blood work under codes so you get the insurance to pay the max they are suppose to pay rather than not paying for certain test due to codes
  10. Anyone Taking A Vitamin B12 Supplement?

    I wouldn't mind having that reaction just prior to my next 10k, hmmmm
  11. I agree that you should ask those why questions and will the test make a difference in treatment. Is the Dr concerened about results for some other reason than ciliac? I think to know the who,what, when why and where is prudent prior to deciding not to go through with the test. However I also agree that its your body your choice so if you dont like the answers or feel more comfortable with diet and waiting then if you have been informed its a good choice. Just make sure you are informed and ask the questions. by you stating that the dr said something about an ttg somthing is 100 says to me that you need to do a little more research and get more info.
  12. Could It Really Be My Problem?

    they can say whatever they want with what ever test they want. but I went gluten free and feel better. I do not need a dx to treat myself with a gluten free perscription
  13. I think they have their mind made up by the end of your first sentence. I am truely beggining to distrust Docs.
  14. I had noticed the iron. I hate iron supps re: C.
  15. It can take up to 2 months for your body to completly "get used" to gluten free. I made alot of mistakes in the 2 months and although I was feeling better I would have mistakes that set me back. I never had tennitus, and don't know if that is normal, but I have had the palpitations and dizziness, and fog head. Stay strong and keep looking on this site there is alot of info.