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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Weird But I Guess It Is Possible

    No but I had been gluten free for months before some weeks of glutening for the test. Yeah my grandmother told me it was positive but admitted she eats what she wants and wont go back to that doctor because she knows he wants to tell her she needs to be gluten free
  2. Weird But I Guess It Is Possible

    So I finally discovered, after several months of trying to keep myself on a gluten free diet, that my grandmother tested positive for celiac disease. My test was negative so I guess that either means I have not developed full blown celiac yet or that the test was blunted by being mostly gluten free for so long idk. It is all the encouragement i need because I do not want diabetes or lymphoma or none of that.
  3. Okay so I have learned how to make this despite no recipes to be found. I have one problem though. My pasta is too sweet. The flour is too sweet. I am using arrowhead and it definitely tastes sweet. Anybody know a good brand that does not have a bitter aftertaste because the oils have gone rancid. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Living Normally While Battling Celiac Is Like:

    I just want to say that people should be able to come on this forum and express how they are feeling and get support not abused. I think perhaps some of those who dont have more complex issues or who are much farther in recovery have forgotten what it felt like in the beginning. If anything, newbies should know it will be a struggle at first. If everyone else on here acted like it was easy they may feel estranged and may be further plunged into hopelessness. It can make us feel we want to give up in the begi ning at times but on the other hand things will change as we learn more and give our bodies time to heal and become balanced. Without research and people on here, I would not beging to know how to live gluten free and also would not have discovered other problems I have. It guided me through discovering a corn sensitivity, discovering I reacted to anything mold contaminated or fermented and even the period of time I had developed a salicylate sensitivity. I am very thankful and I hope we can remember what this forum is for.
  5. I'm Done

    What brand coconut water do you use Lady? I tried some one time and it was disgusting. Maybe it is because I used to live in Hawaii and know what fresh coconut off the tree tastes like idk
  6. "naturally Gluten Free"

    Exactly! Does that mean it is safe though? I mean Many things do not have ingredients that contain gluteny items but if you prepare it on the same surface you flowered with wheat flour somebody is gonna get zonked I wanted to add that I am not speaking about whole foods but prepared and processed foods and sauces, etc.
  7. I'm Done

    Marc49 First off the fact that the thread was entitled Im Done bears no significance to whether it was appropriate to come on a thread with someone who feels as if they want to give up saying that they are obsessed and implying that they were sick because they were obsessive about their health. I already know what ANA is by the way. Obviously you typed what you meant and posted it. I doubt the keyboard took over and forced you to type the words "when ANYONE obsesses on a health issue..." You then go on to express that if I do not think about it I might feel better. I hope you did not mean to be offensive but you ought to be more careful with the words you type because I know for certain that I am not the only one on this forum who would take offense at someone implying that their sickness is in any way in their head or that they could think or unthink themselves to no longer being ill with the things they put in their mouth. I started this thread to express how I felt like giving up trying to avoid all the things that make me sick not because I had decided to quit making myself sick in my mind.
  8. Am I the only one who sees this and says, "Haha Just another way of trying to deceive and poison us by avoiding saying this product is gluten free". Am i wrong? It just smells fishy to me. Seems to me that they say this so they do not have to make sure that the particular product is not contaminated according to regulations. What I am asking is, "Should we not be wary of eating this food because the fact that it does not require gluten to be made is irrelevent to whether it is contaminated."
  9. I'm Done

    Wow Marc49. I find your post totally useless and disrespectful. Perhaps the fact that five days a week I spend a third of my day at work means I am a workaholic. The word obsession implies that I give unrelenting and undeserved attention to what is going on in my body. I only have one body, one life and when what is going on with my body impairs my ability to suffer this life, then it is 100% deserved attention. When what is going on in my body makes it impossible to provide myself safely with mmy most basic neccessity to survive (nutrients), it is gonna get my attention. And not that it is truly a point worth discussing but I will humor you: there were plenty of times I decided that I would just pretend like nothing was wrong and it just resulted in a lot of pain and suffering and a cascade of torturous symptoms that sapped my ability to function or even breathe or remmemmber what day it was or spend time with my family. Maybe you're right, if I quit dwelling on it and instead decide to starve myself rather thhan think about how to feed myself I will feel better for a day or two.
  10. I'm Done

    thx gatita that makes me hopeful i got a whole slew of tests done and we will see what happens with them. I am supposed to get the results for CBC, Tryptase (whatever that is), ANA, celiac panel (half the cost at 300), and some others... I really hope it reveals something. If not,, I will next get checked for an biointestinal imbalance or infection. I also feeli need to see why i am not properly digesting fats.
  11. Deli Cuts

    Does anyone by chance have any recipes for homecooking deli turkey? I do not have a smokehouse by the way so baking will have to be part of the means to an end.
  12. I'm Done

    Well that makes me feel better. I am at over two thousand because I had to buy all this kitchen equipment in an attempt to expand my diet by making my own of everything, condiments and deli meats hopefully, sauces and then just getting my own of things to prevent from getting sick using my mom's stuff. I guess it is expensive to set up a kitchen anyway let along getting weird things like food mills and sausage stuffer. I will be alright. I will find out what it is and get it fixed and I will have endured much difficulty and seemingly impossibility that I will be empowered to accomplish what I desire to accomplish in life.
  13. I'm Done

    gasp I think the millet probably got me. That stinks because I found millet to be the best in frying breaded items. I dont bread all the time but still. I went kinda low sat fat when I found eating too much red meats or cashews made for foul smelling and floating pale eliminations. My color has returned to normal now. I used to fry a lot in coconut oil though. I think I will pick that back up. I think I am going to go ahead and switch to sweetened coconut milk just because it will help fight the temptation to drink juices with citric acid and corn syrup because of the blandness. Speaking of blandness, I have a real problem with tasting things except sweet and herbs. Why? beats me but I salt everything to death and pepper everything to death and that is why i get hypertensive and will literally burn my tongue and throat with all the spice. I think this is what had caused my salicylate sensitivity. Dont want to back down that path. I wonder if it is because of the thrush I had and how long it will take for the lack in taste to go away since my thrush has been gone a while. or maybe it is poor oral hygeine. I react to acidic liquids in plastic bottles pretty strongly. I have been brushing out my whole mouth with just baking soda for a while now. I just cant help but think about nine months ago I was a normal person and now my immune system is playing tether ball with my health. oh i also do not tolerate luncheon meats. I have a slicer and still need to learn how to make my own deli slices at home, that will open a whole new world to me. Bacon and turkey slices and i have a sausage maker now.. It may not taste the same but it is something...
  14. I'm Done

    i eat eggs, rice grits, or buckwheatmeal in the mornings. Lunch is usually baked chicken or sauteed turkey, baked turkey loin. vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, summer squash, green beans, potatoes from time to time. I eat mostly lean protein except the past couple of weeks i have been having quite a bit of baked goods like rice bread, breaded chicken, scalloped potatos, mashed potatoes, meatloaf with millet...it really is random except meat. I try to eat different things
  15. I'm Done

    I think I will just cough up the cash and get a bloodwork for different intestinal infection agents. I guess I gotta do what I gotta do. I am just afraid that it will be an endless and futile chase that only results in mounting debt.