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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was actually going to come back here and ask for this. So THANK YOU!! That was a big help listing that info.
  2. I'm a military spouse. My husband is active duty. My husband thinks he might have it too, so I'll have to tell him about that. (he always acquires whatever illness I have. I'm surprised he didn't pop out a child...lol) I will ask about the biopsies. I have a feeling they're long gone though. Thanks.
  3. haha yes, they should! Apparently they skipped this subject in med school? *sigh*
  4. Learning new things every day! That's nice that he did a biopsy at the wrong end. lol Sounds about right for this place. I know they did biopsies during the endoscopy, but I know they didn't test for celiac with those. He did mention that the colonoscopy biopsies were clear of any cancer, colitis or crohn's, which I guess is good. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I will do that at my next appointment. After then, I go rogue! lol
  5. Yes, I can get copies of my reports. I just have to wait until next week when I have the next follow up with my regular doctor. They won't release medical records before then. MitziG, I didn't realize that an allergy test wouldn't show that. So am I right in wanting to get a full gluten panel done? I am just beyond frustrated that they did a biopsy, and found inflammation, but didn't test it for celiac. Even though we discussed it. Is that not how intestinal lining would "appear" during a colonoscopy if you were sensitive to gluten, or some other food? Roxieb73, you're totally right. He said to me "If you're still having the same symptoms, we can repeat the colon/endoscopy in 6 months. Gee...thanks! lol
  6. A little bit of back history= I went in a couple months ago with ongoing severe stomach pains and chronic loose stools. The doctor put me on Nexium 60mg up to 2x/day, and ordered an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Endoscopy showed chronic gastritis, the Colonoscopy showed inflammation in my terminal ileum 'ileitis'. The specialist ordered allergy testing, which I'll talk about in a second. My regular doctor had ordered blood tests because a previous test had indicated anemia. There was a lab error with the first test, but the second test came back as being very anemic. My overall iron was 35 with a saturation rate of 12%. I went in for a follow up appointment on Monday to discuss the allergy test results with the 'specialist'. I honestly am not sure what he specializes in, just that he's a surgeon, and does 'scopies'. We're on a little military base in the middle of Turkey, so there is limited resources... Anyway, he tells me that my allergy tests [run for gluten and dairy] came back negative as well as the fecal fat test. [broad spectrum [not a panel], one value, both were 0.35]. He then tells me that there is basically nothing else he can do for me and that I should refer all questions back to my regular doctor. I told him about the low iron, and tried to discuss it with him, but he just says, you'll probably have to take iron supplements and shoos me out the door. That will go great with my chronic gastritis, right? So now I'm back with my regular doctor, who lets just say, isn't on top of things. I do have a follow up appointment on Monday with him, but that's about the iron. And I can almost guarantee you that he'll just put me on supplements. Not figure out WHY my body isn't absorbing iron, and hasn't been for decades. I am almost certain that it's a gluten intolerance. So i'm not sure where I should turn from here. I did decide that I'm going to just start eating gluten-free, which I'd been holding off on for diagnostic purposes. Does that seem like the wisest thing to do if the doctors here just seem like they're not going to do anything else?
  7. Are they voluntary or involuntary twitches? Kind of like Tics? Tic disorders are commonly linked to Celiac Disease. I am still in the process of being diagnosed (highly likely have it though), but I have Tourettes Syndrome, and twitch a whole heck of a lot. I don't know that me saying this helps at all, it's more of an - "I can relate" statement.
  8. I'm still waiting on results for celiac, but during my endoscopy my doctor discovered that I have chronic gastritis. He put me on a bland food diet and Nexium. Nothing was ever mentioned about putting a monitor in though. I hope you start feeling better soon!! I can empathize with the stomach pains.... no fun at all.
  9. Well, I finally got my biopsy results back from my doctor. He diagnosed me with Chronic Gastritis and then he said the biopsy from my terminal ileum showed an irregularity consistent with a food allergy. HMMMM So they took blood to do a panel of allergy tests, as well as a fecal fat test. They didn't have me change my diet, fast, or anything before hand, they just took it that day. Is that common? I also had a follow up with my other doctor about my iron panel, which he had me go get blood drawn for again incase of a lab error. It showed a slightly elevated Folate level, but it was the iron that totally threw him for a loop. He actually commented that he'd never seen this before and had no idea what could be wrong. I'm not totally sure that it could be HH, but maybe it's just because i'm only 32? And my Ferritin is normal. It's the actual iron saturation that is WAY off the charts. He kept asking me if I was taking Iron supplements...which I'm not. So I sit here and wait for the test results to come back again... Here were the results: Ferritin + Iron Panel Iron Binding Capacity Unsaturated: 14 (L) mcg/dL Ref Range (110-370) Iron: 357 (H) mcg/dL Ref Range (46-178) Iron Binding Capacity Total: 371 mcg/dL Ref Range (260-430) Iron Saturation: 96 (H) <i> % ng/mL Ref Range (20-50) Ferritin: 49.8 <i> ng/mL Ref Range (15-150) Hemolysis Index: Normal <i> Lipemia Index: Trace <i> Icteric Index: Normal Thanks for the link Nora_n!!
  10. Thank you so much for that info! I did do a bit of googling, and read several articles. What's interesting is that I fit the profile for Hemochromotosis... My entire family on both sides is basically from the "Celtic" region. Scotland, Ireland and GB. So we'll see... I did speak with the doctor that did the Endo, and he was able to pull up the test results. He said that I also had high folate, which is odd. I couldn't find any relation. I'm STILL waiting on biopsy results. We're stationed in Turkey right now, so things don't exactly move quickly here. I do know that they are going to run another blood panel to make sure the first wasn't a lab error. So we'll see. It's just driving me nuts not knowing. I really want to just try going gluten free, but if they decided to run blood tests, wouldn't that throw things off?
  11. I always knew something wasn't right. But a couple weeks ago, I went into the doctor to get my prescription refilled for Nexium because my horrible stomach aches were starting to flare up again. When I visited my doctor and described my symptoms, which included the stomach pain, heartburn, loose BM's, sometimes blood in BM, he insisted that I visit a specialist for a colonoscopy. These symptoms come and go, and they've been going on for several years. Anyway, after doing a little bit of research before my appointment, I realized that these, along with lots of other problems I have, all described celiac disease. The specialist agreed with me, and decided to do both a colonoscopy and endoscopy, and take several biopsies. I'm still waiting on the results from the procedure, but he said that all he saw was a little inflammation, and everything else looked ok...and to wait on the results to see what is going on, on the microscopic level. He's still thinking it's celiac disease. We don't know for sure...but we'll find out! He also wants to go back and do blood testing. So in the meanwhile, I got a call back from my regular doctor. They had decided to do a full iron panel because a prior blood test showed that I was anemic. They call me and tell me that my folic acid, ferrin, and something else was extremely high and to stop taking all iron vitamins/supplements. I also have to come back in to visit them about this. Funny thing...I'm not taking any supplements. I do every once in awhile, but it's only when I remember, which is seldom. I thought maybe it's my cereal? (It's usually fortified). Nope, 10% Iron. So I'm not sure what that is all about. And what confuses me is that if the other doctor thinks that I could have celiac disease, how do I have HIGH iron. I read somewhere about a genetic connection between celiac disease and something called Hemochromotosis (Iron Overload). Does anyone know anything about this? And just for the complete picture, here are my other symptoms: Tourettes Syndrome, anxiety, Panic Disorder, Depression, Gastritis, chronic loose stools, anemia(???), fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, vertigo, LOTS of canker sores, obesity, itchy patches on my skin that take over a month to go away, probably more...I'm a mess. Thanks for any input!