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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks so much IrishHeart...as if I needed any more evidence that I have Celiac... :X
  2. Thanks everyone! Wow, so many symptoms at young ages. I too went to physical therapy for 4 months for suspected symmetrical knee sprains. Then my neuropathy kicked in and that's what lead me back to what doctors have suggested to me many times - celiac!
  3. Hey guys, I've been down a long road to diagnosis lately. Curious if these few specific symptoms might be related. I frequently wake up in the middle of the night with my heart POUNDING, but last night it pounded all night and still is this morning as I wake up in bed. My skin is flushed red all over and as usual parts of me are numb and tingling. Sound familiar? Thanks for any thoughts!
  4. Hey everyone! I'm curious at what age everyone experienced neuropathy, joint, and or muscle pain. I'm 23 years old and my doctors and I suspect Celiac, however my doctor recently told me these symptoms wouldn't come out until further down the road in undiagnosed Celiac! Was this true for you? Did you experience these symptoms at a younger age? Did you experience them before or after other symptoms? Any details about these symptoms will help me! Even a description of what it's like for you! Thanks, and hope everyone is feeling great today .
  5. Thanks so much for your response. I feel very strongly that Celiac is the likely cause of all of this - I've got a lot to point to that supports my theory - I don't think I could ask for MORE evidence. However, before I commit to gluten-free I want to do everything I can to get an official diagnosis. I am a pescetarian (eat fish but not other meats), suspected lactose intolerant (thinking now this might just be the gluten in the first place) and have allergic reactions to many fruits and nuts (thinking celiac may even be emphasizing these allergies). I don't know how cutting out gluten AS WELL would work for me - I might have to work some chicken into my diet or something. In any event, I think I'd need a dietician and don't want to go through all of this unless it's official - OR unless they run out of evidence / tests - then I'm 100% going gluten free immediately!!!! Thanks again!!!
  6. Hey guys, So here's the update. The doctor didn't feel that an endoscopy was necessary or would be helpful. He performed blood work - since new symptoms have developed and i haven't had blood work in over a year. We got some results immediately, which were perfectly normal. We're getting the rest by Friday. He said he doesn't think it's Celiac, although he said it's still possible. He said neurological symptoms would typically develop at a much later stage of untreated Celiac - in other words, not at age 23. He said it makes sense that many doctors including himself have suspected autoimmune, because my symptoms match, but he says an autoimmune like lupus or RA would have showed itself on a blood test by now. He said this is a longterm issue because I've experienced symptoms in 3-4 body systems for several years, and that we know we're not waiting for this thing to develop - it's already here. He said there's a possibility that we're dealing with something bizarre. He also said he wouldn't entertain the idea that it was psychosomatic until we'd tried everything in our power to come up with a definitive answer because I require a diagnosis. He stressed that I need a diagnosis several times. The blood work he's running is more than a full panel - it is beyond. He said he's doing one test that shows if there's inflammation in the body AT ALL - not where it is of course, but any inflammation will show. Any thoughts guys? I'm back to waiting another week although my doctor really proved himself as a partner in solving this mystery with me. He gave me hope that this can be figured out and treated. But I'm scared of the big autoimmune question mark.
  7. Thanks for your response! If my biopsy comes back negative I will discuss options with my doctor. He is amazing and I know he'll give me the right advice, and tell me to try gluten-free once we've tried everything to get a DX. I think the blood test was thorough because I trust him because he's a truly great doctor, but I can't prove it. I'll make a point of this at our meeting tomorrow! Will let you know how it goes!
  8. Hey! Its so crazy that things I've regarded as normal for years, like the dizziness and black spotted vision, can be potentially explained and fixed by one thing. Yes, doctors have suspected autoimmune but my bloodwork has always been normal. They considered celiac and one other autoimmune that I forget the name of now. Every test has always been negative, but I'm feeling like I'm on the right track with celiac suspicion.
  9. I should also mention these details: - dry itchy scalp - dry itchy eyes - lack of saliva despite being hydrated - dizziness when getting up, vision will get black and splotchy from the edges and clear when dizziness passes - foggy brained, memory loss, can't focus - fatigue, exhaustion, but wake up in the night - pretty extreme "growing pains" in legs as a child
  10. Thanks so much gluten-free lover! I too have been called a hypochondriac for years (doesn't help that I have OCD to support their suspicions), so it feels great to know I'm not alone and remember that this is all real.
  11. I'm here to share my story! I'm 23 years old, and I've suffered from an incredible amount of medical issues since infancy - all UNEXPLAINED or chocked up to hyper-sensitivity, being slow-to-heal, or making things up in my head due to anxiety. How silly! Here's the list: - bad reaction to milk - given soy formula as a baby - suspected lactose intolerance as an adult but I can really tolerate it most of the time. - dark eye circles and pale skin - terrible allergies - indoor and outdoor - developed oral allergy response to a variety of fruits, nuts, suddenly in my teens along with developing animal allergies. CHRONIC post-nasal drip. I am constantly hacking. - itching, sensitive, rash-prone skin that easily reacts negatively to cosmetics / body products. - serious psychiatric issues as a teen that exist now as terrible anxiety. I have OCD - treated with behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and meds over the years, but med-free since my teens - always had stomach and digestive issues that manifest as acid-reflux symptoms, and lower symptoms with periods of constipation, diarrhea, and everything in between. My digestive system is just NEVER balanced. I sometimes go through, when I'm stressed, periods of extreme pain and suffering in this area. - had a few months where my limbs would suddenly ACHE, a red rash would come over them, and I'd be left with small