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  1. Oh what I wouldn't give to be in your shoes! I'm a 34 DD I'm 5'10 and 125 lbs I'm very small everywhere but my chest. I was in probably 5th grade when I was in a B cup and a D cup by 10th grade and got teased by EVERYONE for "stuffing my bra " little did they know that was all natural. I now have a scoliosis which is a curvature of my spine which bring me back pain every single day. And my doctor has said a good amount of that is my "bustyness" if that makes sense.. Please don't be upset with your body! I'd kill to have people notice my face before my chest! I'd love for people to not make comments about that. I'd love to be able to go to the gym without 3 sports bras at one time to reduce "jumping pains" if you will. Trust me in the long run small chest will be better! Don't worry about what other people think! That was hard for me to realize but once you find somebody who appreciates everything about you including your body you will no longer be self conscious!! Natalie
  2. Hi im not sure if you are a member of living social or groupon but every so often they have spend $25 get $50 worth of food from glutenfreely.com. And there you could buy twice as much! Also idk if you have access to military bases but I know my commissary Has gluten free foods ad at almost half the price that you would find at a local grocery store!! Also what I will do is make a big pot of rice and eat worth that for a week. You can do so much with rice!! And rice noodles, if you go to the oriental part of your grocery store you can find bug bags of Asian style rice noodles for like 3 dollars and there just as good as the gluten-free ones but a third of the price!! Hope this helps! Natalie
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    Hi Katie- I know at first it's pretty depressing and you feel like your never going to be able to eat good foods ever again but that's not the case! I have bought enzymes that are supposed to help me digest gluten but I'm honestly terrified to take them! And I alway tell my hubby (who is constantly trying to get me to take them to just try!) but I always say once I think of a food that I loved being gluten filled that I ant get gluten free then I'll take them for that. (because being sick for a week isn't worth some mediocre gluten filled snack! ) but to be honest there is no food that is gluten filled that I can't get gluten free that is just as good! As far as bread goes, yeah that sucks... But I've found that Schar makes the best bread closest to gluten filled. And no it's not frozen! If you have a wegmans grocery store try there or go on glutenfreely.com or even amazon and you can order it! It's the best. And against the grain ANYTHING is amazing!!!!!!! There rolls taste like donuts if you just microwave them and add butter! Why would I eat gluten with those?!?! Good luck! Natalie
  4. Hey Everyone :)

    Hi Tibzy! I'm new to the forum as well! Been gluten free for about two years but haven't joined the forums until now too!! Happy chatting, Natalie
  5. I know how you feel. I think we all have been there at one time or another. I'm 20 and have been gluten free for 2 years but was pretty much food free for 3 years before that because nobody could figure out what was making me sick so my food intake was very little because I didn't want to feel worse! I got very fortunate with my boyfriend. We live together and just bought a house together but my house must be gluten free and he has sacrificed gluten for me. He will still eat it at work and when I'm not around but when were together he does not eat gluten. I know it may be hat for your boyfriend to understand now but if he truly loves you he will educate himsel on the subject because he shouldn't want to risk your health because he wants to eat a sandwich! And with your friends; I've found that my best friends all understand and are very conscious of it but my not so close friends don't really understand. And there not going to. I have to exaggerate the severity of my reaction to gluten so my friends are EXTRA careful when they want to cook something for me or whatever. That's been the best way I've been able to cope with it! Good luck! Natalie
  6. Hi everybody! I've been gluten free for about 2 years now after being sick for about 3 years before that and of course Jo doctor could figure out why.. I had two celiac disease tests done; both came back negative. But after being gluten free I have felt so much better! No more symptoms at all so I feel a gluten free lifestyle was the key. However, I have been glutened accidentally before a few times and I feel awful and there are sometimes where my husband gives me the "uh oh..." look after we eat something and then decide to read the labels. But I won't get sick... So I'm wondering if this happens to other people or am I not really gluten intolerant..? Although all of my stomach issues went away almost instantly after I cut gluten from my diet.. Thanks! Natalie