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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Glad to hear your daughter is much better MitziG. I have a son and daughter aged 7 and nearly 5. I believe I need to get them tested too now that I have a definite diagnosis.
  2. The Endo said they weren't sure why I was hyperthyroid so wanted to see if those levels mormalised. He wondered if a CAT scan I had done in first week of May was the cause, they injected radioactive tracer, Iodine I believe. These latest results are 4 - 6 weeks since then so I don't know really.
  3. So it seems I have been posting a lot in the last few days but since my "official" diagnosis my brain is ticking over with a lot of questions...! My B12 level was 377 . Normal is considered 150 - 800. My doc said mine was perfectly normal. I am wondering if it would do any harm to take sublingual b12. At the moment I am not taking any supplements at all after years of taking so much and not really feeling a benefit. Perhaps now that I know I am Celiac and am gluten free these supplements will b e more beneficial?
  4. Hi momof2boyz, I don't vomit just horrendous nausea followed by breathing issues and then these sort of seizures most mornings upon waking between 5-7am. Going to a Neurologist later today to rule out anything neurological. I am pretty confident it is not. Thanks for your reply.
  5. I have only seen one record of T3 recently, taken on 8th June which was 7.2 normal range is (4-6.8). Last TSH was less than 0.03 (0.4 -3.8) and T4 was 25.3 (12.8-20.4) so I guess those T levels are not considered abnormal enough yet to address. I have to keep re-testing every fortnight . Thanks for responding. It's nice to not feel so alone with all this
  6. Tell me about it! Apparently my TSH is undectable but T4 is 25 (normal range high is 20) and they don't know why, I.e.I don't have Graves or a nodule on my thyroid.....rather frustrating! I have to keep doing bloods every two weeks to see if that result changes and if it gets worse then they will do something. I guess that T4 isn't high enough above normal. I will focus on the Celiac as being my major health issue until I hear otherwise
  7. P.s. Sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope she is well now.
  8. Thanks MItziG for your reply, I really appreciate it. I had the Vit B12 yesterday and apparently my test result was 377 when the normal range is 150 - 800. Doc felt that was middle of the range so nothing to be concerned about. I will look into those other vitamin tests, I think most of them have been done and came back normal. Those seizure type episodes only began when I started gluten free so I am wondering if your thoughts about withdrawl are on the mark. I think I am eating gluten free, my sister in law also has Celiac so I have been following her lead. The support from the Gastro and GP have been a bit limited, simply "have you spoken to a dietician" to which my reply has been no and then a referral to a dietician is reccomended but nothing has happened! My husband is going to contact the Celiac Society here in New Zealand to get some more info. Again, thanks very much for your reply
  9. Well, I would like to say my health has improved in the three or so weeks I have been gluten free but sadly that has not been the case for me. Multiple trips since registering with this forum about three weeks ago to the doctor and ER dept have seen me sent to an Endocrinologist and a recommendation to see a Neurologist. Why? Because my morning nausea attacks ( between 5-7am) were turning into seizures of some sort, and causing me to be bed-ridden all morning, slowly coming right by afternoon and feeling pretty normal by the evening. I am slowly getting to to the point ....so after my last trip last Thursday to the ER in desperation, I got told my bloods showed I was hyperthyroid and I needed a scan and more test through an Endocrinologist. Off I went this morning feeling hopeful that I was finally making progress only to be told that while I am hyperthyroid according to the bloods they don't know why and won 't treat me. But by the way your endoscopy came back positive for Celiac ( I had a positive EMA and tTg about a month ago) has your Gastro told you?! No, was the answer to that question! So the Endo then mentioned B12 and I asked why and then he swiftly changed the subject. I have been asking my GP to check and he kept brushing me off. Does my situation in anyway reflect anyone elses? As you can probably tell from my message I am not in the best headspace at the mo. My faith in doctors has slowly dissipated over the past few months.
  10. I am glad I am not alone. I wake up every morning between 5-6am with it and it takes a long time to go away. I wonder why it happens?
  11. I was wondering if this has been an issue for anyone else? I started having debilitating morning nausea symptoms about 3 months ago before being tested. This morning it hit me again, it is like morning sickness but of course I am not pregnant. Some mornings it has been so bad I have been very dehydrated with it and been to the ER about 4 times before my positive blood tests. I am getting very low about this problem and hoping that it is Celiac related and will right itself in time now that I am gluten-free. A
  12. Can the withdrawl flare old symptoms? Thanks squirmingitch.
  13. Thanks for the welcomes I think I very well may be grasping at straws too MistyRG. I don't know wether mine are strong or weak positives. I asked the doctor for the numbers and he fobbed me off. I have my endoscopy this Friday but have been gluten free for a week on the recommendation of the doctor who gave me my test results. I am very conflicted about this as I know that it is much better to be on gluten when you have the biopsy but the gastroenterologist said I would be fine as it will only have been 10 days gluten free. I am wondering if I am having some gluten withdrawl. Today I felt so depressed and anxious and cried all day which is not common for me. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Thanks for your response. From what I understand a false tTG positive could be due to other auto immune conditions or heart and liver issues. Given I had all my thyroid bloods done, liver (plus three scans of the liver: ct, mri and ultra sound) and pretty much every blood test under then sun, I would find it hard to believe the false positive for the tTG is correct. Of course I am no doctor so I guess I will have to wait and see Thanks again for your response. Much appreciated.
  15. Thank you for the feedback. This is all very very new to me. Much appreciated