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  1. Grieving

    Hi- i read the posts and i agree, my family is all italian and i thank god every day that i married into a latin family, or else my cooking would really be difficult. i want to see if any of you have a store called trader joe's nearby, it is all over california and in a few other states, as far as i know they will be national within two years. if it weren't for that store i would have gone bankrupt / and or insane. My son and husband were diagnosed 6 months ago, and trader joe's has a huge selection of gluten free, if i supplement with an occasional trip for flours and pastas to whole foods i'm pretty much set. My family life revolves around food, really good food, too, and i know how wierd it feels to upset a family gathering, so i've taken to bringing more food than we will need, and then there is no feeling of deprivation (chocolate or otherwise) brooke
  2. Kids Sleep Habits

    Dear Kathleen, wow, i really relate to what everyone is going thru, and in answer to something you posted, i think insomnia and sleep related problems are more prevalent with celiac. My 4 year old is my middle child, the only one with celiac. He's also the only child who has never drunk milk or slept thru the night. He started off in the world by screaming thru the night from about 11 pm until 4 am and often woke the neighbors two houses down. As an infant he would ONLY SLEEP IN THE INFANT SWING. i used to lie by the swing holding his hand until the rocking finally settled his screaming. When he learned to walk he would night terror and throw himself into walls. He ate dirt anytime i let him play in the yard. And still it took me four years to get him diagnosed. As far as suggestions go, Jeremy only has night terrors on the nights he has a reaction, so i try and plan ahead by going to bed hours earlier (me) and give him minerals and water at dinner to alay the screaming nightmare. (that's IF i know its coming) My husband and i take turns being "on call" so that one of us gets a break. My husband jokes that we have been sleepless for years, and i'm sorry that all of you have been too. I'm always toying with opening a gluten free bakery or restaurant so i can relax and have a good nights sleep, I'm sure alot of you have thought the same.I honestly cannot imagine having more than one celiac child, bless those of you that do. brooke
  3. Can't Stay Awake

    Dear Lee- i read an article on both poor absorption of minerals causing lack of sleep, as well as one on a celiac patient's inabilitly to digest magnesium, and instead secrete calcium. Has anyone heard of either theory? My four year old son has celiac and falls asleep during gymnastics class, my gluten-free husband has to take 3 hr naps as well. According to my holistic chiropractor, the parts of the body are directly affected by the exact time of day. I suggest you keep a diary of your sleep patterns (when you have trouble sleeping, when you have trouble staying awake and see how they relate to the body. (For example, the intestines are supposedly linked to 1-3am and this is the exact time frame with which i battled sleep issues with my son from his birth on. He wasn't diagnosed until 6 months ago. Also, vitamins, water and exercise (during a non-drowsy time) seem to help Jeremy. good luck! brooke
  4. sarah- wow, really know how you feel, my gluten-free 4 yr. old was basically naked for years (mostly in and around our front yard- yikes) We are the only people we know who live in southern california but don't dare visit disneyland. I do have a few suggestions: don't discount the power of the BATH TUB. Jeremy basically lives in there when he has had/ is having a reaction. Besides obvious reasons, he is in a calming, contained environment. After learning to remove all bathtub toys and giving him bathtub crayons or toys which can be easily cleaned, i feel less frustrated and he is happy. I also agree with another poster who shared her belief that emotional/behavioural problems were common with celiac. I often feel extremely frustrated (especially since his worst behavior always seems to be just before the tell-tale diahrrea) so i have basically punished him before realizing that he is having a reaction. I mentioned to my pediatrician that i should probably find a support group for mothers of sick children, tho my son appears to be thriving most days, punishing him is really challenging since his reactions are so severe. My husband complains that i over punish or baby him, i feel like it is hard to find a middle ground. one more suggestion: i supplement with an extra vitamin (rainbow light) and lots of water when Jeremy has a reaction. seems to help speed the recovery and gives his body a chance to calm down before night so his night terrors are not so bad. Remember, you are doing a great job, mothering can be so tough. brooke
  5. My four year old has suffered with night terrors since birth. The problem goes away according to the strictness of our gluten free diet. (thank god he was finally diagnosed 8 mos. ago) My problem is this, when i realize that he is having a reaction during the day (uncontrollable diarrhea), i know that we will all suffer thru the night, hours of screaming, moaning and sleep walking. i am wondering if anyone can give information about supplementing minerals, or ways to soothe the inflammation of the duodenum (since a typical reaction lasts about 48 hours) Thanks!
  6. hi- i'm new to this board, my name is Brooke,mother of gluten-free 4yr old. Mi-del cookies are available at "whole foods" in a variety of flavors (choc. chip, ginger, animal) and depending on the manager, might be available cheaper by the case. A manufacturer called authentic foods is also located about 10 min. away from me (southern cal.) but they ship great gluten-free cookies, crackers, pasta and flours. I know how relieved you must be!