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  1. Branson, Mo

    Any suggestions on good gluten-free options in Branson, MO? Both at Silver Dollar City and in town? We will be staying at Stillwaters Resort. We will have a kitchen, but it would be nice not to cook! Thanks.
  2. ANA was negative in 2009. Doc said if rheumatoid problems it would have shown up then. Of course this is the same doc who said celiac is diarrhea only; not constipation. Sore throat is recent. It seems to correlate with other reflux symptoms. Allergist looked at it and did comment her tonsils were large, but said that was just how hers are. ??????? We are waiting on celiac blood results as well as ASO titer. ASO will show strep infection if present? I don't know about the strep A vs B. I don't think mono was tested. Will keep this in mind. Thank you for the comments!
  3. I am in Edmond. Looking for a doctor for our daughter, 8 years. So far we have seen our family doc, allergist, and a pediatrician recommended by a celiac friend. So confused by her symptoms that seem to be celiac after doing my own research, but docs say no (she should have diarrhea not constipation; thin not weight gain). If anyone finds a good doc in OKC please post!
  4. Hello. I just joined after reading so many helpful and informative posts. Makes me think I'm not crazy! Hoping for some insight from others. We are waiting on celiac blood work results for my 7 year old daughter. I do not know the specific tests that were ordered other than celiac. She has had other "regular" blood work done recently (CBC, thyroid, sed rate). Everything is normal. She also had ImmunoCAP testing done 1 1/2 months ago. Positive for allergies to Sesame, Soy, Peanut, Corn and Wheat. We eliminated all of these from her diet -- no easy task -- for 3 weeks. Skin issues improved (rash, itchiness). We saw an allergist last Wednesday who said she wasn't convinced her skin symptoms were related to food allergies (also allergic to molds, trees, grass; diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and mild intermittent asthma). She told us to do a food challenge and reintroduce one new food allergen per week and monitor symptoms. We started with wheat (it was her lowest score; .82). Other symptoms she has been having: Constipation -- for 6 weeks (1 BM in last 10 days or so even with Miralax) Severe Reflux -- didn't know this was back; had stopped meds since "volcano" feeling up high was gone; pain in lower abdomen I attributed to constipation; back on Prevacid now Stomach pain - "my tummy hurts" - often can't explain specifics Sore throat -- recent, assume due to reflux Fever - low grade fever since Fall of 2009. Did blood work then and never determined cause. Last couple of months she has fluxuated up to 100. Note: before low-grade fever began, she had strep once a month three months prior, and a flu shot 2 weeks before. Weight gain - She will be 8 this month. She is 25% in height. In 13 months she gained 25 pounds (10 in the last 5 1/2; 15 the 8 months before). Aches and pains - can't tell for sure if this is joint/bone or muscle pain. Low energy - Less stamina. Less interest in playing outside than previously (has a sister 1 year older and she can't keep up with big sis' activity level). "I don't feel good" -- hear this many times a day Tic? - She has a "one-eyed blink" that comes and goes -- has had for years; saw a pediatric neuroligist with no explanation. Questions: 1. Does this sound like Celiac symptoms? 2. Could this be a reaction to gluten: She started back on wheat last Wednesday. Had cookies, pizza, bread over next few days. Monday had crackers at lunch and 2 slices wheat bread for dinner. Monday evening temp was up to 101.8. Gave her Motrin before bed. Next morning at 6:00 am temp was 103.5. No other viral type symptoms (still her other "regular symptoms above"). 3. Wondering if going off gluten for 3 weeks, then back on 5 days before blood work will mess up the test results. 4. Doc we saw this week is a pediatrician and was recommended by a friend with celiac family. At what point do you decide to see a GI? Any insight/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Signed, ML5 -- Worried Mom