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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok fellow Celiacs, I haven't posted on here in forever and I was doing amazingly well. Well I was until recently unfortunately. I've been so miserable the past few weeks and I'm really using hope at this point. I went to my GI doctor today and she said I'm following everything well and sometimes it just randomly flares up. I told her that I've been following the gluten free diet very well. She's retesting my celiac counts, calcium, iron and some other items that I can't remember off the top of my head. The next thing she said scared me to death. I'm 21 years old and they are sending me for a dexa scan for osteporis! (Sp) I'm absolutely terrified... Also, not going into to much detail but once a month right around the time my period starts, I get dh really bad and there's no explanation for it...The doctor said it was normal but the pain I expierenced last night was unbearable. Also, my periods have been early and I'm on birth control for a blood disorder. I also got a flu shot yesterday and then dh hit a few hours later, so running on not much sleep working like crazy and trying to keep up with going to school online. I'm scared confused exhausted and everything else...I think I might be going through withdrawal symptoms..ugh! not fun. Please help!!!!
  2. ok everyone so my boyfriend really doesn't like porkchops. I have in my cubbard olive oil, sugar, salt pepper, parsley, onion powder paprika and oregano...how to I combined this stuff to make it taste better and what do I do for a side????????????? thanks all!
  3. Large Amount Of Hair Loss

    The doctor said everything is in order...and is fine....
  4. Hello Everyone, I haven't posted for about two weeks. I was doing amazing! Still am, however, I am having an extrement amount of hairloss. It's been really bad the past year. I was at a church function tonight and ran my fingers through my hair and a handful of hair came out! I'm really involved with the children/youth ministry at church and a seven year old was standing in front of me and she said Miss Amie are you ok? Tears instantly came down my cheeks. She is the sweetest little girl ever and she just gave me the biggest hug...I'm absolutely pettrified. My boyfriend and my family all say it will pass, but I really don't want to loose my hair. When I wash my hair in the morning like 7 handfulls come out....It's so upsetting! Please help!
  5. So Sleepy!

    ok so it's almost been a week on the gluten free diet from Celiac disease!!!! I made it!!! I definitely had my downfalls but I'm finding a ton of really yummy receipes and my boyfriend has no idea that they are gluten free!!!!! ok so now that that's out of my system...I have been so exhausted I get about 73.5-8 hours if I'm lucky but still feel exhasuted in the morning. I feel like I could sleep for days at this point. Any ideas on what I could do (other than calling off work and sleeping for days) to boost my energy level up and quit feeling so tired??? I feel like I'm missing out on so much! Thanks friends!! God bless!
  6. Ideas?anyone?

    Would you be willing to share that home made pasta receipe with me??????
  7. Ideas?anyone?

    Saweet!!! Thank you so much! I will have to try the tacos this weekend for sure and make note of that pasta!
  8. What A Journey

    Hi PNW Rick! I totally get where you are coming from. I had various symptoms for years and the doctor's said I was just growing up. I'm only 21 and can't relate to everything you said but I can some. I was misdiagnosed for over 2 years by my family doctor until they ran blood work. That came out with outrageous numbers. I then went to the specialist about a month ago and just had an endo done last Tuesday. Needless to say it is Celiac. Trust me the first few days are not easy. I've been gluten free since Wednesday. I was doing awesome until yesterday when I went out to eat and everyone else ordered all that yummy food and I was stuck with a teeny tiny chicken breast and broccolli. It really stunk and really hit me hard. Anyway, I'm doing a little better today and trying to find delicious receipes for new foods For the sleeplessness, I went through that probably a little over a year and a half ago. I blammed mine on stress and always thinking about what all I had to do the next day. I went to a doctor who told me about melatonin which is a natural sleep aid. So I take one 3mg pill every night with 2 tylenol for my muscle cramps. I sleep like a rock. Maybe you should give it a try. It's really worked for me and I understand with missing work like you have. I have many other health issues besides Celiac and just returned to work a few weeks ago. I promise you though, stuff will get better and things will be easier. Please keep in touch. We are all here to help each other! In Christ's Love, Amie Campbell
  9. Ideas?anyone?

    Ok so it's almost been a week now that I've been on this new diet. I tried gluten free pasta tonight, I have to admit it wasn't awful but it was so super bland and it wasn't very flavorful even with the sauce on it (bland as well). What kinds of pasta do you guys eat and what sauce? Also, the hard taco shells are they gluten free??? I really want to try a taco receipe that I found, but I don't want to get glutened! Let me know, thoughts are appreciated. God bless!
  10. Emotional

    Thank you so much jeanzdyn! Just when I feel like I'm completely alone you guys all help so much! Now if I could stop crying and get my head to calm down I think I'll be ok. Just very new and very scary. I'm going to a support group (I'm embarrassed to say this) on Thursday so I'm hoping that I can get a lot of really good and yummy ideas there...It's just all starting to hit me I think. I always am trying to be super woman and especially super girlfriend and I just can't do it right now and it's just tearing me apart. Thank you again for replying back. It's very encouraging to hear everyone's story and know that I'm definitely not in this all alone... God Bless.
  11. Emotional

    Your response made me chuckle a little. Thanks He's a great guy and has done so much already. The next obstacle for me is we are going to the Alive Christian Music festival which I'm sure that 99% of the food there, I can't eat. I'm so new to all of this and have no idea what to take with me....I can cook, but not from scratch and I just don't know what to take with me at all...I absolutely LOVE food and now feel like I'm eating all of the time which is a good thing because I wasn't. I'm just tired of the same things...Any ideas on some other things?? Or any receipes that you have?? I'm just completely and utterly at my wits end tonight and I have so much to do....
  12. Emotional

    Thank you so much. I mean I know I can do this....my boyfriend even felt bad he even cried. The day I found out I couldn't stop crying...it just really stinks...
  13. Emotional

    Hello Everyone, I'm not one for complaining or whining but today has been extremely rough. Today is day 4 of the gluten free diet per doctor's orders. I was doing great and then we (my boyfriend and i) went out to eat. HUGE mistake there. I was so upset. Everything he was eating I use to eat. It looked and smelled so good. I felt awsful as did my boyfriend. I'm just so down and out today....I know God has a plan through all of this...I just really don't know if I can do this....
  14. Help!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! ooo yay I'm so exicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Help!

    Everyone, I need help. I've been on this gluten free diet for four days now. I think I may have been glutened but it could be just a normal stomach pain. I had kettle corn and pop corn last night....is this a HUGE no no for us Celiacs? I only ask because I LOVE this stuff and am having a hard time coping with everything. My boyfriend and I haven't really talked about it, I keep saying I'm fine. When in fact I'm absolutely terrified. I don't know what I can and can't eat yet other than the obvious wheat, rye, barley and oats. I don't know what kind of seasonings I can eat and can't. My boyfriend's family is italin and they LOVE to season stuff. They are trying to accomodate me but with me not having a "list" of the no's then I can't give them anything to go off of. I'm scared to eat anything that I don't cook or know what's on it. I have to admit though I feel awesome my energy level is insane I have more now than my boyfriends 4 year old little nephew. I use to have to take naps constantly and was constantly aggitated (the boyfriend received the blunt of this poor guy!) Needless to say my lifestyle has changed drastically! For the better of course. Any one know about the popcorn or the list that I can get of the absolte no's?!?!? Please let me know asap! Thanks! You're stressed out, overwhelemed Celiac friend, Amie