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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How do you find out if you also have a problem with nightshade? What symptoms make you suspect that you might?
  2. Can rye grass in lawns cause problems for celiacs? Is it only if it goes to seed or is it ok if you keep it short? How can I find out if a certain plant is rye grass? I haven't found a helpful enough web site to identify it myself. Thanks for your help.
  3. Has anybody had experience using the EZGluten test kits? The web site FAQ says they should be refrigerated but the box and instructions do not mention refrigeration. I wonder if our test results are off because we didn't refrigerate the tests. Also, the test kits sit in the mailman's truck all day at 100 degrees, so that might affect them as well. We are trying to find a gluten-free cat food, but a brand labelled gluten-free and grain-free tested positive. We don't know whether to trust the cat food manufacturer or the home test kit.
  4. Yes, celiac does cause mouth sores, at least in my family. Try increasing your vitamin C intake to help prevent them. It's obvious to me that you shouldn't be touching the kid's gluten-containing foods. Since the tendency to develop celiac is inherited, you and your hubby should give careful thought to whether or not you want the children to have gluten. As an interim solution, maybe wear plastic gloves when you feed the kids? And yes, get a new toaster. Good luck. I know family members can be tough to convince because I am the only non-celiac in our family and after 3 years my family says I still don't get it because I want to eat gluten while away from them at work.
  5. Has anybody used the gluten test kits from EZGluten.com? We were testing various kinds of cat food since their labeling requirements are different from human food. Some of the guaranteed gluten/grain free foods came up positive for gluten so we are questioning the results. A search of their website said the tests should be refrigerated but none of the instructions in the kit said to do so. We can't decide whether to trust the tests or the cat food manufacturers. Has anybody had any experience with these test kits?
  6. Some people say modified food starch is safe and some do not. This website has it on the unsafe list. If it truly is safe, we could eat more products more cheaply. Where can I find more information?
  7. How can Hidden Valley Ranch be gluten-free if it contains modified food starch and MSG?
  8. The pills are large and hard to swallow for some. Plus you need to take 6 of them a day. Them seem to work for some members of my family but others aren't so sure. Also, the pills have no iron (apparently some celiacs can't handle it), so if you need iron you have to take it separately.
  9. On May 8, 2012, I got the following info from the manufacturer: "Our Pampers Sensitive Wipes are gluten free. Our manufacturing facilities are gluten free as well." I did not ask them about any of their other wipes because they all have fragrance.
  10. I wanted to double check that Friskies wet cat food is gluten-free. Their emailed reply was "At this time, a gluten-free product is not available." Their ingredients look ok but don't know if pet food has the same labeling requirements as human food, especially about cross-contamination. Also, one of their dry cat foods lists powdered cellulose as an ingredient. Anybody know what plant that is from? Has anybody ever gotten glutened from Friskies food?
  11. Yes, my question was answered. Thanks for all your input.
  12. I have been unable to find contact info, either email or phone number, for either Icy Hot or Ben Gay. I want to know if their products are gluten-free and what adhesive they use on their patches. Does anybody know how to contact them. Or know of a similar product that is known to be gluten-free?
  13. I am the only non-celiac in our family. Our house is gluten-free. I would like to buy gluten-containing frozen meals on my way to work for my lunches. Other members of the family think there could be gluten on the outside of the food box or that some crumbs might spill out in a wreck. I think that if I keep the food boxes tied up inside a bag while it is in the car that the car should still be safe for the celiacs to ride in. What do you think?