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  1. Yesterday I bought Now Super Enzymes , I've used for 2 meals since then and I'm feeling a little bit relax , hopefully it will also help about the smell problem !
  2. Hi bartfull, Thanks for your answer, I still have the digestion problem , I'm thinking maybe it's not able to digest meat ! is it a good idea to take some Super Enzyme Tab while eating meat ?
  3. Hi , I live in Bay Area , it's been 2 months that my doctor has diagnosed Celiac in me , I strongly need a friend !
  4. Hi , My doctor also discovers the Celiac Diseas on me , I'm also suffering from Smell , that's embarrassing , I'm not aware of the Smell , even I don't know what kind of smell I have !! I'm a new immigrant and I don't have any close friend to get some help . Also the smelling problem is not steady , Few times I've tried to go doctor and explain the problem but they've told me that I don't have any smell . But everyone in my working place know about this and this a nightmare for me ! Firstly I was thinking maybe I'm making mistake , But No !! Now that I'm writing this I've call and sick because of that problem . In last 2 days the smell has got stronger and I think it is happening because in last days I've eat more meat !? Does anyone have any idea ?