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  1. Thanks to you both for replying. You echoed my thoughts. A tiny bit of wheat each day seems like a terrible idea. I have been gluten-free for over 5 years. The fatigue party comes from celiac but partly from other things like high levels of Epstein Barr and other viruses. I can't even think of all the things I have going on. I have been going to a fatigue and Fibromyalgia clinic/doctor for 2 years and she is the one who prescribed this medicine. It is from Canada and not FDA approved. A friend of mine with similar fatigue has had some improvement with the drug, so I was hopeful but not after I found out about the wheat. Thanks again for your help and opinions. I will post again if I have anything else on the matter after I call my doctor tomorrow. SLHW
  2. Hi, I was prescribed Imunovir from Canada because my Celiac disease has caused me to also have extreme chronic fatigue. After receiving it today I saw that it contained wheat starch. After contacting the company I was told that it is in such a small amount (wheat) that it is still considered gluten-free. Well, I don't think I trust that! Just wondered if anyone had any experience with the medication. For chronic fatigue, my Dr. considers it a "last resort" medication. I sure was hoping, but now I am severely depressed as my last resort may not be an option. I appreciate any help on the matter. Thank you so much!