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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone I have not yet cut dairy out of their diet, I was wanting to see if just a gluten free diet would fix the constipation. Only 1 of my girls were dx with Celiac but they both have the same symptoms so I am still trying to figure out if the other twin has it as well despite negative blood & biobsy tests, she did have a positive Enterolab stool test. Both of my girls LOVE dairy, milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream so I certainly hope that I don't also have to cut dairy from their diet, gluten is bad enough but both dairy & gluten, that would be horrible. I take fish oil and it does help keep me regular but I know that is something that my girls wouldn't be able to swallow and they wouldn't eat it either, unfortunatly. They are very Picky, Picky, Picky so sneaking it into anything wouldn't work either. My girls were born au-natural, lol, not c-section but that is very interesting about the bacteria overgrowth if born c-section. I can't remember when but I do remember a while back that our Pedi had my girls on probiotics, I can't remamber why though, probably constipation. They used to get sick so often I feel like we used to live at the Dr's office. I guess that I'll just stick with the gluten free diet for another month or 2 and if I see no constipation improvement I will try cutting out dairy for a week or so to see if that helps.
  2. Thank You, I hope it only takes a month or 2 for my girls too. One of my girls have been dx with Celiac and the other has the same symptoms but neg. blood & biobsy and a pos. fecal gluten test from Enterolab. I THINK she has Celiac but want to wait and see if the gluten free diet clears up her constipation before eliminating other things from the diet.
  3. We have only been on the gluten-free diet for a little over a week now and I know it can take a while to heal and for symptoms to improve but I am just curious how long it took anyone who had constipation as a symptom of gluten to stop being constipated once going gluten free. They never had diarrhea, just constipation. My girls are 3 1/2 and are constantly constipated, the only way they are able to go is with daily Miralax but even with that, they will still get constipated a lot of the time. And I don't like when my tiny little girls are screaming and telling me how bad their butts hurt and asking why their poo won't come out And does anything work better than Miralax? Nothing ever seems to work, or it might work at first but then stops, like increased juice, coconut oil, raisins, prunes, some of that worked for a couple of days or maybe even a couple weeks but then it would stop working and we'd be back to constipated.
  4. I received Zoeys Procedure & Pathology report. After the receptionist told me I HAD to get it from the medical records place, I later talked to a nurse from the GI dept who said it was no problem and mailed me the reports. It looks like they took 12 biobsy, so I'm guessing that is quite a few. Here is what the paper says. The Procedure/Operative Report. The duodenal mucosa in the 2nd & 3rd portions appear normal. 4 biobsies were obtained. In the duodenal bulb, there was a mild nodularity; no obvious notching or blunting of the rings(right after her procedure he told us she had mild blunting, didn't say anything about nodularity-are those the same?) Biobsies were obtained from the bulb as well. The gastric mucosa appeared normal. There was well defined squamocolumnar junction. The entire esophageal mucosa appeared normal. Biobsies were taken from: *Duodenum x4 *Duodenal x2 *Gastric antrum X2 *Distal esophagus x2 *Proximal espphagus x2 Pathology Procedure: Microscopic Examination: Sections show small bowel mucosa, duodenal mucosa, gastric mucosa, esophogeal mucosa in the normal limits. Final Diagnosis: Duodenal biobsy: No diagnostic pathology duodenal bulb:No diagnostic pathology antrum biobsy:No diagnostic pathology esophageal biobsy distal:No diagnostic pathology esophageal biobsy proximal: No diagnostic pathology Endoscopically and histologically normal, no evidence of Celiac disease. Any thoughts on the Procedure or Pathology report. I thought the Pathology report would be more detailed with numbers and such but it doesn't give any details. And what does No diagnostic pathology mean? We have all been on the gluten free diet for 1 week & 1 day so far and both girls are still constipated but their appetites have increased, especially Zoey. She has gone from the pickiest eater to actually trying and eating things that she has never before. So far neither of them have been complaining of abdominal pain so we'll see how that goes and if their constipation ever goes away.
  5. Lol, it's no big deal So far the only change I have noticed on the diet is that my extremely picky, barely ever eat much food at all girls have started eating! Like Zoey(one not dx with Celiac) has started eating meat, this is something that she NEVER NEVER has done no matter how much bribing I've tried to do. The only 'meat' she would ever eat was a McD chicken nugget or anything that was really processed and soft. Never would she eat bacon or lunch meat but on Saturday we had pancakes & bacon and SHE asked for a piece of bacon and then she actually ate the whole piece. Later SHE asked for lunchmeat ham and actually ate several pieces. She is actually eating all or most of her food, both girls are and this is something that just rarely happens. So, I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but I think Zoey eating meat is the most shocking. They are both still constipated and needing Miralax on a daily basis.
  6. I feel like it is a huge pain in the butt, anytime I call the GI office I end up getting transferred somewhere else. I was asking the lady at the GI office yesterday and she said she didn't know anything about it that I had to talk to the records department. I am having my husband fax the forms today while he is at work and I will call the records dept after he has sent them to make sure they understand what papers I actually want. If they were closer I would just drive there but it is 30min one way and I'd have to drag my twins along and the records dept already told me that they won't print anything on the spot. I should receive the reports next week sometime so when I get them I will post the results...and if I actually get the right things.
  7. I don't have a son, this is for my daughter. One of my girls had a positve blood & biobsy for Celiac, we made the decision for the 4 of us to go completely gluten free and we started the diet last Thursday. Zoey is done with all of her testing, she had her Endoscope last Tuesday. Thanks
  8. Before I decided to test through Enterolab I researched them a lot and found quite a few people who had negative results. Or 1 of their kids would be negative and 1 would be positive. And MY results were negative.
  9. Thanks, I called the GI office and they said I have to get them from the medical records office(the GI is at a childrens hospital) so I called them and have to fill out paperwork and then fax or mail it back. The paper I have to fill out it a little confusing and I don't even know what boxes to check, I don't see why the GI Dr can't just give me a copy of the stuff. I'll fill out the paper(hopefully correctly) but I have a feeling they won't even send me everything I actually want. I'll be really curious to see what the pathology report says, they didn't give me any details, just said it was negative for Celiac.
  10. They are my Moms brothers, so my Uncles. I don't have any photos here of them but if I remember next time I go to my Moms I will see if I can find some pictures of them. I know we have some, it would just be a matter of finding them. I would be very curious to see if you notice the look you're talking about.
  11. Thank You! I feel so lost about all of this stuff but everyone here is being so helpful and nice . I will call the GI office to ask for a copy of the procedure report and pathology report. And I am going to call the Dr office to get a copy of her bloodtest result so I can see what all they tested for.
  12. This is extremely interesting...my Mom must not be one of the Celiacs who have this because she is about 5'1"-5'2" and none of the facial characteristics. However, my Moms brothers are both well over 6' tall and they both have the characteristics you are talking about!! Both of them have multiple health problems and have for many years(all linked with Celiac) but they refuse to get tested. And we are pretty certain my Moms Dad had undiagnised Celiac and he was over 6' Tall with the same characteristics you are talking about. Might be just a coincidence but either way, very interesting.
  13. Thanks for all of the replies, I guess I'll just wait to buy any future clothes. Neither myself or my husband are very tall so I don't think she will be that huge anyhow but I'm sure they would be taller than she currently is.
  14. Did your child with the "mild blunting" have a positive bloodtest? Our daughter Madison with Celiac has had symptoms for a much longer time than Zoey so if Zoey has Celiac I am certain we are catching it at a very early stage. Like I was just remembering earlier, Madison(dd w/Celiac) has always had tummy problems since birth, always had constipation. But Zoey didn't start getting constipated till probably over a year ago and she went from consistently being in the 40th% for height to now being in the 10th%. I'm rambling here but I really am just remembering that stuff more. THANK YOU so much for giving me the info about The University of Chicago!! I am definately going to call them tomorrow and explain Zoeys situation and see what they suggest. And I'll see if I can get Madison a basket of goodies, which of course I would say was for both of them. I'm sure that would make them both feel pretty special since they keep asking me why can other kids eat certain things and they can't like it really hurts their feelings.
  15. The GI Dr didn't mention anything about intraepitelial lymphocytes so I have no idea if they counted them. I'm not sure how many samples they took? Would the pathology report tell me that(because I'm going to get it)