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  1. Well, it's been almost 3 weeks since becoming gluten free. I'm still eating dairy (cheese) and sory based products (hummus) which after reading some of the stories on here I'm debating whether or not i should cut those out of myndiet as well. I started taking prednisone 5 days ago too in hopes of halting and possibly even reversing some of my hearing issues related to celiac. On the plus side the ringing has subsided some, on the down side however the hearing loss has not improved much if at all. I'll give it some more time, from reading other peoples experiences on here the nuerological symptoms of celiac can take weeks months to even years to sort out! tomorrow i see a gastroenterologist so i'll see what he has to say
  2. I don't think CVS, wallgreens, or riteaid carry sublingual b12. Where can I pick those up, would GNC or vitamin world have them?
  3. @newt the floaters havent occured in a while they really only occured right before the onset of the tinnitus and other symptoms and were quite rare. I would get these weird white speckly dots in my vision for only a few moments and they would just disappear. I guess i could look at them niw as an early warning sign. @Rose Since coming off all the meds I stocked up on such a diverse group of supplements my room looked like a pharmacy. Since the celiac diagnosis i'll admit i've kicked the b12 into high gear since i wasn't eating much meat prior for a long time. I know the risk of taking to many B vitamins is near impossible since they are water soluable so i figure better to be safe than sorry. btw Any insight anyone want to add in reguards to my blood test results from what I'm gathering they seem relativley high but then i dunno
  4. Irish thanks for the reply. I'm still in shock that just 5 months of this disease, has done so much damage to my ears in terms of tinnitus and even a 20db loss in my lower frequency hearing. I know its linked because eveytime after I ate my typical glutenated meal whether it was a sub or wrap or even just cheerios it was only a matter of an hour sometimes minutes where my ears would literally scream. I would even get a pinched feeling in my ear as if someone were squeezing the nerve and hitting an on off switch to my ears. I'll admit I was eating a lot of gluten but still the nuerological implications were huge to me. Mentally I am beginning to feel much better albeit it's still difficult to concentrate with a constant EEEEEEEee going off in my ears. The sad part is i almost had virtually no intestinal issues. Not so much as a single stomach ache, just weird stools and I had to go more often. Still none of those issues really seemed all that odd to me. I think their needs to be more awareness between the auditory system and celiac . If you type into google the only thing that really comes up in terms of studies is a 2009 study that calls it a "coincidental finding"... Sorry but it's not just a coincidence
  5. I'll start off real quick with giving the numbers I received on my bloodwork done by Prometheus. Maybe some of you on here can help me decipher it in terms of how bad or not so bad the numbers are. I'll also add that i got the blood work done 3 days after the last day I ate gluten All my values came back positive at the top including DGP/IGG, DGP/IgA, TTG/IgA, EMA/IgA, IgA. Deamidated Gliadin Peptide Antibody, IgG (DGP IgG): 65.0 Deamidated Gliadin Peptide Antibody, IgA (DGP IgA): 15.0 Anti-Human Tissue Transglutaminase IgA ELISA (TTG IgA) 64.0 Anti-Endomysial IgA IFA (EMA IgA): POSITIVE Total serum IgA by Nephelometry (TOTAL IgA): 96 mg/dl Ok so those are my numbers, Heres my journey from beginning to present. About 5 and a half months ago, right before christmass I was ready to make a major change in my life. Im 25 btw. I was ready to make a huge leap off of multiple non-narcotic/narcotic medications I was on for ADD,sleep issues,and some minor dabbling in opiate abuse. Mind you the best way I thought to get off of these meds would be to do them all at the same time and without tapering. All the while getting back into shape and exercising again. That also included eating more healthy but will get back to that in a moment. Well, needless to say it put my body through hell, with lack of sleep, over exertion at the gym and various other stressers for a good 3 months almost and hence the ultimate trigger to jump start my Celiac. I'll also add that I'm not the only one in my family to have celiac, my mother has it as well. Thanks mom >_<... My symptoms began shortly after jumping off the meds, about a month and half exactly and at first they were minor and I could have easly contributed them to the med withdrawal. My symptoms incuded nausea, diahrea/constipation, eye floaters,and last but not least the dreaded tinnitus/minor hearing loss which is killing me to this day. This is where my diet came into play as well. I thought what could possibly be the healthiest diet to add onto my new style of living. Wheat wraps!!!! Yep, 4 nice size wheat veggie wraps a day and some pretzels to top it off. The symptom that really got me going on my quest to figure out just what the heck was going on with me was probably the hearing issues I began having. They hit me like brick and steadly progressed day after day. Mind you before this event I had perfect hearing. All the while I also had some minor bathroom issues but not enough to cause any alarm. So, this is where the doctor hunt began. 4 ENTs, 3 audiologists, and 2 neurotologists later I was out of luck. There was really nothing they could do about the hearing loss steadily increasing tinnitus. This where I began to try and make a connection between my symptoms and the possible cause. I noticed my ears flared up directly after eating. I mean they sounded like jet engines, scary stuff. Well I figured it must be my TMJ. A few dentist visits later and some useless bite splints I was still no better off. Mind you at this time I would have been over 3 months off my meds and the withdrawal had dissipated. At this point I was also still having only minor intestinal issues as well. Still nothing to cause alarm. I then decided to go to my GP and demanded I get tested for lyme disease since there are a lot of tics around me. We also did a complete blood panel. And again everything checked out fine including the CBC. At this point I was ready to give up, but then it hit me. I was sitting in Jersey Mikes eating a nice giant whole wheat sub sandwhich when the jet engines were going off in my ears again and I finally put 2 and 2 together. I went to an allergist to get tested for allergies where they do the stupid little skin test. Not surprisingly they all came back negative, including the food tests. So before walking out of her office I practically had to beg her for a celiac blood test. And after I explained my symptoms to her and the skin test being negative she thought I was crazy. I bet she doesnt think that now. So here I am today. Got the results back a few days ago. Started the diet a little over 2 weeks ago. I can not believe the ear troubles I am still having to this day, it was getting so bad I asked my doctor to let me give prednisone a shot which I started taking yesturday. I can deal with the other symptoms but this ringing has got to go . If anyone else has had similar ear issues linked to there celiac please feel free to share your experience. I am hoping that since I've been having symptoms for about 5 months it will slowly disipate in time. However its still going fairly strong. Sadly I'll admit, I researched the whole celiac route a month or 2 after my symptoms started and around the time I thought it was my TMJ, but since I couldn't find much on any hearing issues or nuerological symptoms and also the fact that I had never been allergic to anything my entire life it quickly fled my mind. Looking back I feel rather stubborn for not taking it more seriously. Anyway, none of your probably even read all that lol I know its long but I figured I'd share my story, espicially since these past 5 months have taken a huge toll on me. I see a gastrointerologist in a week, so I'm sure I'll have some answers then but if anyone can share some of there neuro experiences and maybe give me some comfort I'd greatly appreciate. The tinnitus is driving me mad