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  1. Iron, B12, Folate, D, E, Calcium, Magnesium. My Iron is inline now, so I quit taking an Iron Sup. Taking a Fist Full of pills at each meal is getting old, but I am feeling better and starting to sleep better. Here is my regime. Morning. 2 Alive Max potency (Natures Way) 2 B Stress Complex (Twin Lab) 1 10K IU Vit D (Carlson) 2 Super E complex (Twin Lab) Methyl B12 5000mcg (Jarrow Formulas) 5-MTHF Ultra Folate 800mcg(Kal) 1 Vita A 25K IU (Country Life) Anti Viral Anti Biotic L-Glutamine 1K Afternoon: 2 Alive Max potency (Natures Way) 1 B Stress Complex (Twin Lab) 1 10K IU Vit D (Carlson) 1 Vita A 25K IU (Country Life) Omega Fish Oil 1250mg (Carlson Elite Omega3 Gems) Anti Viral Evening: Anti Fungal every other night Anti Viral ProBiotic 85 Billion live & 31 strains (Garden of Life RAW) Benadryl 50mg Kirkland muscle relaxer Just ordered a Cal/Mag/Zinc complex, Ester C, Carotenoid Complex, CoQ-10 mega gel, and the Enzymatic Therapy Fatigued to Fantastic Adrenal Support. VitaCost is an awesome place to get Vites and Sups and all kinds of other stuff. Saved a ton of money, way over half of what I'd been spending shopping locally at the sup shopps.
  2. I do the same thing with Kettle Chips. I have to quit buying them. I'll eat a whole bag at one sitting and then my tummy is none too pleased with my silly decision. I keep saying to myself, this is the last chip, put the bag away. But that never works... I will steer clear of these donuts, I've always been a donut junky, so I can see myself doing the same thing with them.
  3. I Hate Kaiser!

    Find another hospital or doctor asap, I went through the same thing. They had me on Zoloft and was about to send me to a shrink. I weighed 135 at my worst and I am a bit over 6ft tall. Dropped 55lbs in about 6 months time. Zoloft put me in the ER twice in 3 days so I quit taking it. Went to the doc that put me on it and she was mad at me for stopping it. Are you freaking kidding me? you want me to start taking that garbage again? Have not been to that bigbox hospital again. Found a great naturopath and am on the right track now. Looking back, I should have got another doc way earlier than I did. I took the so called "experts" advice way too long when deep down I knew they were not helping me at all.
  4. Garlic Jim's Pizza

    I have one of these waiting in my Freezer for my food allergy blood test to come back before I try it due to the dairy in it.
  5. Hi Marie. I am in your boat. Haven't slept well for months now. I take a b12 stress complex by Twin Labs. 3x daily I take a refrigerated probiotic with a 15billion count. once at night I take a quality multi. 3x daily I use Natures Way Alive Max Potency 10K UI of Vitamin D 3K IU of Vitamin C. 1K IU of Vitamin E I'm looking at 1-2 years before my GI is healed, and it might not ever fully heal. Time will tell. I believe celiac makes your immune system weaker, if you're very fatigued read up on chronic fatigue syndrome. I'm moody as heck too, I believe this is due to sleep deprivation. I'm finally getting a bit over 5 hours of sleep a night, I was only getting about 3 on average at my worst. I use aroma therapy and sound therapy for my sleep and it's helped a lot. Read up on making your bedroom sleep friendly. Read up on breathing and relaxation exercises. All of this helped me gain a couple hours of sleep a night and I'm starting to get a bit more as time goes on. Melatonin or Tryptophan are natural sleep aids. I have melatonin at home and am going to try it this weekend. Sleepytime tea might help too. The one i have has valerian in it and that is also a natural sleep aid.
  6. Does Stress Make It Worse?

    I know all my symptoms get substantially ramped up and much worse when I'm stressed out, I try to avoid all stress in my live except work, and that's one I have to deal with, unless I hit the Lotto! Hadn't heard about the magnesium calm before, will be looking for that.
  7. Gluten Free In Washington State?!

    Hey Seattleites! The mountains are out today! Very nice here in Seattle. Just in time for rain this weekend though. One thing I do like so far about our lack of summer, I don't feel guilty crashed on the couch all weekend resting up for another week of work when it's raining and crappy out. As long as I get the dog poop cleaned up the fuzzybutts and I are happy.
  8. Made some hashed browns and bacon, breakfast for dinner seemed like an easy and fun way to jump into cooking for myself. Lobstah! From BAH-Stun! good stuff! I've got a great online friend from there and we go back and forth about our different accents all the time.
  9. for the cornstarch coating are you using an egg/milk coating first? sorry for the basic question, new to cooking stuff like this but it sounds great. Could it be panfried in oil, or is deepfrying the way to go?
  10. What A Journey

    Don't know what I ate yesterday, but I'm home today with with my furkids with a tore up GI sytem. My pooches think it's great when I'm home sick. Thinking it may have been either the miracle whip or cheese I had. Might as well go dairy free at this point until I can ask my doc about doing a full food allergy panel on me. Loved bread before this, and most of my diet is meat and potato's and rice so this shouldn't be too much of a struggle, but I'm lazy and need to get in a routine of cooking for myself every night and not relying on the microwave. Time channel "Tim the Toolman Taylor" and get a nice BBQ set up and get creative with it. Veggies will be a struggle for me, for whatever reason, taste buds, I don't know, but they make me gag and I just can't get em down. Going to have to rely on veg sups for now until I can try some creative recipes to get the good leafy greens in me. I do like fruits so I am going to get on that bandwagon too. Was a huge processed food, fast food, convenience food junky until last week. Thanks for the links, will check them all out asap. I've pretty much ruled out restaurants until I get well educated on celiac and the restaurants that advertise gluten free meals. Outback steakhouse is one of them that mentions gluten free meals. Have yet to check it out. Quit drinking months ago when my stomach really started bothering me, don't miss it at all, I have drank enough for two lifetimes so far, don't see the need to do any more damage to my body from alcohol. Here's what I'm taking daily: An anti fungal every other day An anti viral 3x daily On a 15b refrigerated probiotic taken at night Alive Max Potency Multi Vitamins, 3 or 4 a day Twin Labs B stress complex, 2 or 3 a day Carlson Vitamin D, 8-12K IU a day Nature Made Vit E, 1K IU For sleep I take a muscle relaxer, benadryl and smoke a little herb before bed, this gets me ~5 hours on average, give or take an hour. I am going to buy some melatonin and maybe some tryptophan and try one of those to see if they help. Have some sleepytime xtra tea with valerian and peppermint in it, will try that soon too. I've read some stuff about magnesium helping sleep. Also read 100K IU daily of Beta Carotene is beneficial. CoQ-10 is another one I'm reading up on. What really bothers me is my eyesight taking a quick downturn. Never had to use reading glasses until about a year ago. Used to have 20/05 vision, time to get tested and see how bad it's degraded. I am an information freak when I comes to stuff like this, anybody have recommendations on nutrition books or digestive system books? Might as well get a Medical library going. Looks like I'll need it the rest of my life.
  11. Gluten Free In Washington State?!

    Hi Karen, yeppers, that's one of my kids. Her and her brother are German Shepherd/Akita mutts. She's about 75 lbs and her brother is a bull in a china shop, about 125lbs. But she runs the show when I'm not around, talk about a bossy B! Both smart as whips and keep me on my toes. I'm a dog nut, wouldn't have it any other way! Love your avatar and comment below it! Made me LOL. Speaking of Dane's, is yours in the avatar pic a Dane? Always wanted a Great Dane, but I really don't think I can deal with the heartache of the short lifespan. I might bite the bullet though, I have heard they are fantastic pets and companions and worth the shorter lifespan.
  12. Gluten Free In Washington State?!

    Hi Kristen, I'm in the Seattle area. Been a bit over a week for me being gluten free. Luckily my family and friends have been very supportive. I've only been here a day but all I see here so far is support, advice, knowledge and lots of people going what we're going through. So glad I found this forum.
  13. What A Journey

    love2travel, Gladly part of this wonderful family! I'm keeping my Doc too, but I don't know if he does normal practice stuff, I think he's a specialist. Regardless, I'm done going where I used to. I'll get a recommendation from my new one for a good family practice doc if needed. I almost cried out of happiness when I got all the confirmations of all the stuff that was wrong with me. Been going on so long I was almost beginning to think it could be all in my head. Hey Bart, I've been reading some of other horror stories. I simply cannot fathom how they want some people to eat gluten knowing it will make them sick just to justify what we already know by source elimination. Stuff like that flat infuriates me. How bout this doc, what do you eat that bothers you the most? How about you eat that at every meal for 6 weeks and get back to me about your brilliant medievel testing routine. lucky, My old doc wanted me to go back on zoloft even after it put me in the ER twice in 3 days and put me in bed for over a week, I'm thinking to myself they must be giving away doctorates in cereal boxes these days. Right then and there was when I made the decision to find a Naturopathic Doctor. Amie, you're a trooper, I don't know how I would have handled all this at a younger age, I do know it would not have been positive. I cannot wait to get a good nights sleep. I love sleeping and I have always been a sound, long sleeper until the last couple years. I have read up on Tryptophan and Melatonin and some others, haven't bought any yet, but it's getting time to take the plunge. Also have some sleepy time tea but haven't tried it yet. Should get off my patoot and try one or the other and see what happens. I'm so darned gunshy to try anything new for fear of a negative reaction I tend to stick with what works, even if it's 5-6 hours on the best nights. If I can get 7, which I have once so far, I feel like I slept all weekend after only getting 3-4 for so long. I too would wake up and my mind was racing, I would wake up around 2-3am and that was it, no chance of going back to sleep. Stress was a huge part of that and was at it's worst when I and my old docs had no idea what was going on. Recently I started doing breathing and relaxation exercises in bed and that has helped. Read up on aroma therapy and nature sounds and so forth, have that gear on it's way too. I would truly be in heaven if I could get into rem sleep and log 8 full hours of good sleep again. I think this is the hardest thing for me right now. Thank you for all the warm wishes, welcomes, advice and positive attitudes. Exactly what I need. This is a fantastic place. Off to read the forums...Thinking I have more food issues other than gluten.
  14. What A Journey

    Hi Fellow gluten avoiders. I'm new to the forum. Been a long misguided journey. Have not felt right for a couple years. Finally got out of the big box DR's and found a great Naturopath in Seattle. So angry with the general medical community. First sign was fatugue and iron anemia. Had an endoscopy and colonoscopy for that 9 months ago and it came up with celiac sprue. Nobody there said anything to me about gluten avoidance or mentioned it on the endoscopy or colonoscopy report or anything relating to wheat, rye, etc... intolerance. So i'd been eating away with whole wheat bread and all the other crap we should not be eating since then. Have not been sleeping well for months. maybe 3-4 hours a night if I'm lucky. Have been complaining to the docs about stomach issues, fatigue, no sleep, no energy, face and extremity numbness, mood swings, gas, bloating, irregular bowel, constipation, night sweats, irritability, my eyesight has taken a quick down turn too, dizzyness, muscle aches, etc.... so in their infinte wisdom they put me on Zoloft, cause it's all in my head apparently. That put me in the ER twice in 3 days and was bedridden for over a week, never in my life have I felt that sick. I had 50% of the listed side effects for that Zoloft garbage. Felt like I had drank the colonoscopy juice they give you for 5 days straight. I'm down to 139 lbs, I'm 6ft tall and usually hover around 180-190. Missed tons of work, luckily the place I work has been very accomodating for this, but I'm on FMLA and don't get paid for missed work anymore, sick and vacation have been negative for months now. Finally called my friend who is just finishing up here doctorate at bastyr here in seattle, a naturopatic college. She worked some magic and got me into the doc she is interning for. what a blessing. After my blood work from my new doc I came back with celiac(which I already knew but did not pursue due to the report not saying anything about avoiding gluten) CFS, Bronchitis, strep, and a stomach fungus. So we are tackling those issues first and will work on nutrition and whatever else is wrong with me after those are cleared up. Gave another round of blood and will be getting the results of those tests next week. So mad at the big box hospitals and doctors right now I see red when I think about it. I have decided to take control of my body and not listen to anybody but my new Doc. Bought an alternative medicine book at amazon, along with some others on celiac, some aromatherapy items and sound therapy items for sleep. Hope it'll help to relax and aid in my sleep problem. As of right now I take a muscle relaxer and 50mg of benadryl and I smoke an herb to help me sleep to. I can get around 5-6 hours a night that way. I used to be able to sack out for 10-12 hours on the weekends no problem. Been years since I've slept like that. The sad thing is I thought it was all age related cause it snuck up on me over time and was beginning to think it could all be in my head. I'm 47yo and single and my eating habits were horrible befor this. Finally had enough and went to a Naturopath, best thing I ever did. Thank goodness for my family and my two awesome FurKids, would not have been able to get thought all of the above and whats to come without them. Been totally gluten free for about 4 days now, going to be a long road to recovery, but one I will not stray from. Sorry if this is somewhat unreadable, first time I've put all this down on paper, so to say.