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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm not saying all doctors are useless, but you guys have helped me much more in many ways than all those I has visited in their surgeries and offices so far!! It seems there are many reasons to suck it up and chase that diagnosis, but as you all know and have told me, the guarantees are few, and my drive for it is getting pretty low by now. Maybe I'll feel a bit more optimistic if I sleep on it. Thank-you for your replies and advice!
  2. That is the one solitary reason I can think of to carry on with this, to try and save them from it all. But if I notice that they show signs, wouldn't I be in the same situation with them anyway?! I could just put them on the gluten-free diet I'm dying to start with already, or put them through the diagnosis process to get it in black and white for them anyway? Dr's seem pretty reluctant to help anyone out with this for most people I have read about anyway!! Confusing stuff, isn't it?!
  3. I'm currently going through all the poking and prodding to get a diagnosis. I am certain that I have celiacs, because of the violent reactions to wheat along side the long list of other symptoms following that. I talked with my GP and she did a blood test. And ordered an endoscopy. My blood test came back negative, but she said this is common, especially if someone has noticed that wheat is trouble-making and has layed off it for a break. Which I did here an there, due to being sick of being sick!! Anyway, she wants me to carry on with a 'normal' diet for 6 weeks, then re-test.....Sigh. Today, I went along for my endoscopy, or so I thought. It was just a case of talking to another arrogant Dr. Who wanted to diagnose me straight away as being hypercondriac. Finally convinced him to order the endo that had already been promised previously, for in 4 weeks. I've had months of feeling rubbish, and spend way too much time with my head down the toilet. Also i have 2 toddlers that like it when I'm not horizontal on the couch dying...!! It's quite full-on. Should I just go with my gut feeling (the one I get when I don't have gluten in it!!) and just stop with it all? I've had enough now. Is an official diagnosis really worth the hassle that goes with it? I was adamant that it would be before today, but 6 more weeks is a big ask!! Advice please?!
  4. .....and yes, my doctor has been given a long list of the same reactions to different foods, along with a long list of other symptoms that I thought I'd spare you with. It's not just barfing a being a little bit sleepy, hence the endoscopy being ordered. There is obviously something going on in there.
  5. Thank-you SkyLark, I'm pretty certain of what is going on here, and will be adopting a full-time gluten-free diet regardless of endoscopy results. I know my body quite well by now!! Just seeing it in black and white will be confirmation. Also I have two toddlers, and if I know for certain that I have it, then I know for certain that they are with higher risk, and will be able to pick up on symptoms/reactions should they need me to and could save them the trouble of all this poking and prodding, if I feel it's right for them at the time. I'm not looking for a gold star GFinDC, just peace of mind. I am well aware of how difficult it is to diagnose, and I have had an endoscopy before to look for reasons to being so anemic I had to have a blood transfusion for a few years back, but I'm I'm wanting diagnosing properly. Also, here in England you do get gluten-free food on prescription after official diagnosis, which is quite expensive. Especially if it does turn out in the future that my children also need gluten-free diets.
  6. Hi Jane! It is called a 'bio-card', which works in a similar way to a pregnancy test, but instead of pee, you take blood from your finger with a small device provided with the pack. You prick your finger, and that goes is the designated window on the card, then add a diluting solution, also provided, and watch the test window. Takes 10 minutes, doesn't hurt, and confirmed to myself that I wasn't imagining things. It tests for IgA an IgG in your blood, which only appear in your blood if you have been taking gluten. So I guess you have to suck it up ad get some toast!! Always a down-side, eh?! But they do have high claims of accuracy. They sell for around
  7. I have the rumbly tummy thing too. Never when I am hungry, or have eaten something 'safe', but it goes mental when I've eaten gluten. I'm on a 'celiac suicide mission' right now getting ready for an endoscopy in two weeks to get my official diagnosis. Had pizza for my dinner today and my tummy sounds like most people's does when they are starving. Can feel bits of my intestine sort of 'pop' and sqiggle here and there too. Strange symptom, this one. I get the abdominal pains too, but only is I successfully eat gluten and manage not to throw up!!
  8. So I have being feeling a little rubbish (like death!!) recently, and after comparing my list of symptoms with those of celiac disease sufferers, I decided to buy a home-testing kit and I got a positive result. I have done a blood test at the doctors, but am still waiting for results. Also, I am going for an endoscopy in two weeks. I was just wondering, how reliable do you guys think these testing kits are? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi people!! I'm currently going through the motions to get a solid celiac diagnosis so I can start with the gluten-free diet that I am actually looking forward to by now. Just after christmas I went on a diet, like many do. Nothing serious, just less chocolate, chrisps, pasta and white bread. Lost the few pounds I had gained and all was good. Went back to eating missed food, (but less than before to not gain unwanted pounds back!!) and started vomiting. A couple of times a week, and feeling really tired. I have a history of unexplained anemia and the symptoms I was experiencing were a dead ringer. Went for a blood test, came back b12 deficient. Which was odd because without much bread and pasta recently I have being into meat eggs and dairy instead. Was to go back for a re-test in a months time. Fair do's...? During this month I started playing around to try finding out what was making me sick then. Bread....barf. Sausage...barf. Bacon....fine. Egg....fine. Gravy....barf. Cake....barf. Pasta....barf. Salad....fine. Common denominator to my conclusion....? It's wheat that's trying to kill me! Feeling like I was onto something I ordered a celiac home testing kit off the Internet and it came back positive. My months wait was at an end now and I was go go back for my b12 blood test. I told the nurse about this and she (with doctors permission) sent off blood to test for celiac. 3 days later I was back at the doctors to start a life-long corse of b12 injections because my b12 was lower than before. Eventhough I have been eating b12 rich foods more once I realised it was not going to make me sick. Anyway, doctor has ordered an endoscopy for me and said it will take a few weeks for an appointment to come through. I decided to have a few days off gluten at that point and felt great for it, but knowing I have to continue eating wheat until I get an official diagnosis, I would kick off most days with toast or cereal, followed by barfing, then cracking on with a gluten-free-ish day. Gluten-light I guess. I figured I would have plenty of notice for my endoscopy and would gluten up properly when I had a date to go on. Told my friend about this and she got straight on the phone. Came off and said "your appointment is in two weeks." Her mum works at the local hospital sorting appointments out. So, I have 2 weeks. If I crack on with as much gluten as I can everyday until appointment, and I am willing, could the endoscopy work in my favour? I have not been strictly 'gluten-free', but have had a few days off here and there due to being sick of being sick! And also, I vomit every single time I eat gluten...will this actually leave enough gluten in my body to cause damage to my intestine? Thank-you for taking the time to read this essay!!