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  1. Here are my latest results: date of analysis: Jul 5 Anti gliadin IgA :1.21 U/ml Anti Gliadin IgG : 22.76 U/ml Tissue Transglutaminase IgG: 3.56 U/ml My first results: date of analysis:March 26 Anti gliadin IgA :7.78 U/ml Anti Gliadin IgG : 39.59 U/ml Tissue Transglutaminase IgG: 3.39 U/ml After these first results, gastroscopy results confirmed that I have celiac disease. I started with gluten-free diet from 27 April. Do these results show progress according to my diet?
  2. In my country celiac disease is not so known and doctors dont know to much about that disease. This is my analysis results: negative anti gliadin IgA and very high positive IgG positive Tissue Transglutaminase IgG Can anyone tell me is that good or bad ? On analysis before this everything where positive, so any progress since then? Thanks.
  3. i found that product only on croatian page(i know croatian) http://www.oetker.hr/oetker_hr/html/default/debi-8uq9nz.hr.html and nothing is written about gluten (gluten-free nor not), i also send email to dr.oetker but no response yet Thanks
  4. i translated this from bosnian(croatian), this is specifations of product: Fructose, gelling agents(pectin), acidity regulator(citric acid), dextrose, preservative(sorbic acid) preservative-konzervans on bosnian, i dont know right translate for that word
  5. Is this gluten free product? (Dr.Oetker gelfix 3:1) Link of picture: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/405/18285932.png/ *Not 2:1 nor 1:1, i need information only for 3:1. Any help is appreciated