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  1. Engaged To Sick Man...help

    Thank you all! I will post results we are going to Tulane on Friday for the long awaited appointment and I will ask for the results then because they will have all his records. Yes I can see this diet is going to be very difficult for him because he LOVES fast food. Its been difficult and he's a picky eater on top of it all. He hates vegetables and most of his diet is dairy and eggs and such. I have noticed when he eats things like beans he has alot of issues after cramping and gas. More so than a normal person. So many things he can't have....we have both been on diet and its easy for me cause I love all the fresh whole foods and love vegetables!!!! Y'all have been so helpful. I'm so lucky to have found y'all. Thanks so much!!!
  2. Engaged To Sick Man...help

    Thank you! Yes he has biopsies as well as endoscopy. He also had an EU done and the doctor said he saw nothing to concern him. I will get the results for that. His first doctor showed me pics of the scope and said he saw inflammation in his stomach where the food exits. He also said he saw ulcers. The gastrointestinal specialists repeated the tests and found none of those. My Fiance's mother told me that that even as a child his digestion was odd. They used to call him a "Seagull" because he would eat and go. He has always had bad stomach. He also gets migraine headaches. He has had high blood pressure as well. Other than this he seems pretty healthy. His mother has been dxed with diverticulitus. She too is a "Seagull"...so I wonder if she should have genetic testing done too? When he has an attack I find him very hard to deal with. He cannot rationalize . Guess the pain is that bad. Thanks for your reply!! Glad I found you all know so much!
  3. Hello everyone. I am engaged to a 33 year old man who I believe has Celiacs. The past year he has been in the hospital at least 12 times. He was 210lbs. When we met and is currently 140lbs. He has been dxed with acid reflux,IBS. He has had every test done by his gastrointestinal specialist known to man and is known as the "million dollar man" by the hospital staff due to him having every test done at least twice!!! Finally his Doctor recently referred us to Tulane Medical in New Orleans to see a team of experts who are supposed to help us! We have been waiting for our appointment with Tulane for over 4 months. It is during this time I decided to do something to help him since I could see he was dying slowly and we were not getting answers. His last illness he told me he felt so bad he wanted to die and I asked him if he would try gluten free diet? He agreed. I have been coming here and reading and learning. Thank you all for helping you are all amazing!!! Since the diet we have noticed HUGE changes!! He's feeling great and has energy. He thinks I have saved his life. Unfortunately this week he accidently ate something with gluten and he was hospitalized for two days. He vomits excessively sometimes for days, cries with stomach pain which he describes as a fire inside. He also has nausea. He is obviously malnourished and loses weight quickly when he has an attack. Once he was so dehydrated he showed signs of stroke and had kidney issues. This last visit to hospital doc told him he thought he had no signs of celiac disease.???????? So I'm wondering what is the deal? I've read the symptoms and he does have them!!! How can doctors say that????? He also said continue the gluten free diet...lol. I just want to help him and understand. Thanks for listening any comments or questions are welcomed. Does it sound like we are on the right track?