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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Is Unisom G/f?

    My daughter has had insomnia since I brought her home from the hospital as an infant. It is genetic and I use Trazadone to sleep but our dr. won't give her anything as she is 14.5. She is unable to take melatonin as it kicks in her celiac and the valerian isn't working any long. She is a hyper sensetive celiac so I am afraid of trying the homopathic route too much. I've bought Unisom but it sounds like it isn't any different than taking chloratripolon. And is it gluten-free? Corrine
  3. Rusla, When is the one in May? I hope to be visiting Calgary May 12th-16th. And thanks for the info on Moxi's. My daughter was happy to hear that. Corrine
  4. If I could make a suggetion, my daughter has many allergies to fruits and veggies. We found this out just after her diagnoses as our doctor ordered allergy testing for her. Her allergies go under the birch/alder family. All her fruits/veggies must be cooked and rotated. She has celiac on the surpreme scale of sensativity. Getting allergy testing should go along with a diagnoses. She cannot eat almonds, so almond milk would make her sick. We use Natura rice milk. She can tolerate milk in small amounts. Most find out what they can tolerate by elimination. Hope you feel better. Corrine
  5. Pets With Cd

    Hi, I haven't been on board for many months. But with spring break I have some time. I have always wondered if animals could have celiac. My first schnauzer suffered from ceboria, a skin condition. The vet reconmended lamb and rice. He did okay but not great. He died at age 10 from a heart attack due to an elarged heart. My daughter was already diagnosed with C/D when we brought home our new baby schnauzer. He wouldn't eat. He was on Eukanuba, which I thought was a great brand. I felt that terriers, who are prone to skin disorders could have c/d. Therefore I switched Schultzy over to Nutrience. I've been happy with it. I bake him liver treats and he eat lots of veggies. He loves veggies but not hot on fruit. I think a gluten free diet improves the terrier temperment. Schnauzers tend to be grumpy. Corrine VydorScope, I have to tell you that you have the cutest baby I've ever seen. Love the red hair.
  6. Problems W/skin

    My husband gets these cyst like things as well. They are horribly ichy and he scratches them until they bleed and then they don't itch anymore. Then he has these ugly scabs. The dermetologist said it wasn't DH but I suspected it was. In June he consented to going gluten-free. He did have a blood test that came back negative so we're going this route. He says he doesn't feel any different but I haven't noticed any new cysts.
  7. I was wondering if there was a celiac day, week, or month? I want to write an article for our free press newspaper but want it to coincide with that time. Does anyone know?
  8. Hi Lucy, I've homeschooled for 12 years now. There are a way more positives than negatives. My kids not only acedemics but life skills as well. My son is 16 and my daughter is 13 and both are out going, can carry on a conversation with people of all ages. Their education is very well rounded. There are companies that actively seek out homeschooled graduates as they are more capable of working on their own and not having to be babysat in order to get the job done. My son worked this summer at a construction job. The contractor called him Mr. Reliable as she knew he would always show up for work, no so with other teen workers. Private school wasn't an option as the christian school here had the same social problems as the public, so why spend money for a bad education. We are Christians and so one of the main reasons for homeschooling was all the immoral, ungodly stuff the schools teach. But what really pushed us was when my kids and I were at the public swimming pool a teenager called my son fatty. My son wasn't fat but due to genetics, asthma, and premature birth, Ben had a large girth. Then at a children's party where a ice cream cake was being served, (my son is highly allergic to milk) I told the parents who are close friends to make sure Ben didn't get any. The other kids who were 5 year olds, teased him so badly about not eating the cake that he snuck a piece. It took 4 weeks to get his asthma back under control. Now if this could happen in a controlled atmosphere, what would happen at school? No, I'm a total homeschool advocate. It's not just the schooling, is a whole rounded education.
  9. Turkey

    My daughter can't eat poultry too often as she did test positive to having an allery to it. We grow our own chicken with friends so our meat is additive free. But to Be on the safe side I rotate our diet. My mom has always gotten sick from turkey but then again I think she has celiac disease. May be there's a connection there somewhere.
  10. I'd like to know why being thin is a problem just like why is being a large person a problem? I have a girl friend who has a Russian heritage and she is a big girl. She's not fat but large. Thin or big, one can be healthy. My husband is 6 feet 200-210 lbs and according to the charts he should be 175. He has a large frame and would look 'underweight' if he were to go down to 175. I think it should be, are you healthy, do you feel good not how much do you weigh or what's your dress size.
  11. Are you dairy free? I know from experience that dairy can cause constipation.
  12. Hi Shirley, Save On Foods here carries Kinnicinick stuff, Tinkyada pasta, and lots of other stuff. Your store there could contact one of their other stores to see what they carry.
  13. I am now 'regular' with once a day sometimes up to 3x. I have had or do have all of the above. Now what I'm thinking is, this is what normal is. Comparing notes and it seems to me that the rest of the world is not normal and we are. What do you think of that?
  14. Thanks very much. They're not for me but my daughter. We're going to a Sunday School picnic on Monday and I can never remember to phone FritoLay. MSG doesn't seem to bother Hannah. That's incredible since so many things do.
  15. Hey Canadian friends, are Cheetos gluten-free? I can never remember to call during their time and they haven't a email on the Canadian site. Thanks for the help.