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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can't Get Good Sleep

    1/2 a glass of wine does it for me! (I didn't read every post - perhaps you do not drink at all though) I have this trouble where if I haven't gotten into bed by 10:30 or so I get this 2nd wind and then can't fall asleep tip much later. I only drink maybe once a week, sometimes less, but even a little wine helps my brain and body relax and I can drift off and stay asleep much better. Probably not an answer a doctor would endorse.
  2. Making Food For Others

    You'll be great at this after a bit of time and practice, Melissa! I only cook gluten free for my myself and my husband and when people come over. I make a yummy tinkyada spiral pasta salad with mozarella and tomato and other stuff and people are always surprised it is gluten free. If you happen to live where they have Wegman's -- I made the wegmans gluten-free brownies tonight and holy cow I have to stop myself from eating the whole batch!! So good. Nobody would know the difference. Your kids can still enjoy the traditional "sweet treats" -- you just have to be a little creative and find brands that work for you. I wish I had some vanilla ice cream to put on these brownies....yum! (I am mostly eating healthy but sometimes you gotta have a treat) I still have some non gluten-free items in the house so my husband can make a regular sandwich or whatever for himself but we have separate items like butter tubs etc to help avoid cross-contamination. You can do this!
  3. Welcome to the group, Sarah! I do not post too often (more of a lurker) but I had many of your same symptoms too. The exhaustion, bloating (looking back it was pretty often), I was told I probably had hepititis too! My liver values were always elevated (either the AST or ALT I cannot remember) and they insisted I must be an alcoholic or have hepetitis. I was tested many times. So annyoing to have to defend yourself! It's up to you if you want to go back to eating gluten so you can get tested but if I were in your shoes I would not bother. You are feeling much better gluten free so that will be the answer either way! It can be overwhelming at first but these forums and all the other celiac and gluten-free sites out there are so helpful. Gluten is in so many things but we still have plenty that we can eat -- and you'll be healthier and happier.
  4. Don't forget to have your calcium checked. Maybe I mention it too much on here, but it can be important. The consequences of really low calcium were downright scary for me. Little did we know it was due to Celiac...
  5. I was severly anemic for years, and my low calcium caused tetany in my hands and feet and I was in the hospital for a week while they tried to figure out why...saw specialists for 4 years. Then this year, who came up with the idea that it could be Celiac? My best friend, who is not a doctor. Craziness... So I was asymptomstic gasto-wise (except maybe bloating here and there), but the anemia and malabsorption were my issues. Doctors were quick to blame periods or not eating right. (I was).
  6. 5 Months In; The Good And The Bad

    I love the "Wierd is the new normal" comment too! I got through thanksgiving just fine. My mom stuffed the turkey with a wild rice/mushroom concoction and it was good. Didn't have gravy, pies or casserole but that's ok! I am about 5-6 months in now and only had symptoms here and there before diagnosis -- nothing that seemed abnormsl (hindsight is 20/20). can you become more sensitive just this far into being gluten-free? I think I got glutened a few days ago at a company event. I was really careful and interrogated the guy but I have had stomach pain/ discomfort since that night. (Ate a little chicken, raw veggies, some cheese). Just exhausted too. No fever or anything, so I don't think it's a bug. Hrmmm.
  7. 5 Months In; The Good And The Bad

    I agree! I miss being "normal" sometimes too. I am past the overwhelmed stage but I miss not having to think about what I'm buying and eating. Good thing I like salads and fruit, because those are easy go-to-items when out and about! I just bring my own dressing or if at a restaurant I ask for a little bit of olive oil instead of dressing)
  8. I was diagnosed in June. It feels like a lot more time has passed though! Things really do get better....there are little speed-bumps here and there but I am moving along and feeling pretty good for the most part. The good: 1. My main issue was malabsorption. Severe anemia, insanely low calcium (to the point of hospitalization in 2008), magnesium, vitamin D, B-12. My last IV of iron (the doctors could never figure out why the pills didn't work.....yeah....), was in December of last year. Normally my numbers would have gone down, down down since then, but they are actually up now! My hemoglobin is a rocking 12.5. Woot! I've never been in the double digits this long before. (for reference, before I started getting iron infusions years and years ago, my hemoglobin was a 7, ferritin was a 2). My calcium and D and b-12 are in the normal range. Still taking big doses but hoping for improvement by end of my first year. 2. Since around 2008 I struggled with feeling out of it... my heart racing sometimes, feeling like I was walking around on a cloud, not connected to my surroundings, feeling faint. So much better now! I believe the vitamin D has a lot to do with it. Still have occasional feelings of faintness or cloudiness, but much better. 3. Fatigue/Insomnia -- much better! I used to be able to sleep and sleep (was sleeping badly, waking up a lot)....and I still do like to sleep in sometimes, but often I can't sleep more than 7 hours or so. I just automatically wake up. I don't wake up many times per night as often. Once I drag my comfy butt out of bed I'm pretty alert. The bad: 1. Lately getting annoyed by the dumb comments....I guess at first it was all brand new and I didn't mind explaining Celiac and gluten to people. But now I'm just annoyed when people try to tell me "you can have just a little bit...no big deal!" Really? I just had to explain to you what gluten and Celiac are and you are suddenly an expert on what I can or cannot eat?? Or "I'd just DIE if I couldn't eat bread..." (Trust me, lady, bread is the least of my worries. I can easily avoid bread). Most people are understanding and supportive. This is just a rant I felt was better to be placed here than on facebook, lol. 2. Not looking forward to going to my friends or family member's houses for parties and such. It's just a minefield out there. I'm not looking forward to thanksgiving at all and I always did before. ....I think I will find a gluten free gravy and bring that. Turkey is no good without gravy! But I'm sure the turkey will be stuffed with the usual stuffing. I won't eat the stuffing of course but I wonder if the breast meat would be contaminated. (probably?) If I have time to make a side I will do that too. I'll try to focus on the people and not the food. 3. Just generally missing the freedom of not having to think so much about what I eat. Some days are easier than others. It gets me down sometimes. Eating at home is a breeze. No trouble there. I travel quite a lot and that is where it gets dicey. I am silent celiac I suppose, as I never had major gut problems after eating gluten, so if i AM being glutened I have no idea. It's a little scary still. 4. One big WHOOPS moment a few months ago where I took a big bite of a milky way bar thinking it was safe. I had snickers bars and milky ways mixed up in my mind. doh. Weirdest part was when I threw it out after looking at the label and then went back to the machine to get a snickers and I hit the number for the milky way again! Doh! Gave up. Talk about a ditzy moment. 5. Slightly worried that I might have RA. My mom has it. Having some aches and pains the last 2-3 months or so. Hoping it is not the case. Maybe it's a celiac thing? Trying not to be a hypochondriac. Don't want to see a doctor but will in a couple of months if it continues. Hoping it's just carpal tunnel or something similar. 6. Unusually sore boobs during PMS and acne that is worse. Been reading online and seems like zinc can help with the acne so I just started trying that. I am probably low on zinc anyhow. Not sure if my hormones are just out of wack or what...thinking of seeing a doctor but I am so tired of clueless doctors. I have no idea if it's related to gluten or lack thereof. Blah. Thanks for listening. If anyone has any advice lemme know. Some of you have been through all of this I'm sure! Somehow my bad list is longer than my good list but I actually feel like the good is outweighing the bad! Just kinda kept listing stuff.
  9. Exhaustion

    I am glad you were able to enjoy the day! I really feel for those of you who suffer from exhaustion -- how long have you been gluten-free?
  10. Since going gluten free I get terribly sore breasts for the 7-10 days before my period. I never had this before, they are so sore, I hate it! Hard to believe it's a coincidence, since it's been like this each month now. Anyone else experience this? I know not everything is celiac-related but it makes me wonder... I don't drink coffee or soda, and heating pads only help for a few minutes... Trying not to take Advil or anything like that. Ugh.
  11. Ditto on that! Cluck U? hahaha Now I want mac and cheese though!
  12. I yelped in the grocery aisle the other day. I was looking at a multivitamin's ingredients and the word "wheat" jumped out at me. I yelped and put that bottle back so fast you would have thought it was a hot potato. The woman a few feet away looked at me like I was insane. But seriously, wheat in a freakin' multi-vitamin? Why!? lol
  13. Salsa And Gluten

    I haven't been having the chips at mexican restaurants, just in case. I've kinda tricked myself into thinking all restaurant chips are gluteny, which is good because I won't fill up on chips before my food comes, like I used to do before going gluten-free! :-)
  14. Vitamin D

    I've crawled my way from 13 to 44 in the past year by taking 2,000 IU's of D3 each day...but I wasn't gluten free until my diagnosis in June, so I am hoping my absorption improves. My B-12 is great, 875! (am supplementing with B-12 but bad about taking it every day)
  15. Follow Up With Doctor

    Along with the others GottaSki mentioned, have them check calcium and magnesium too. I've had major calcium problems. (hopefully soon to be resolved since I was diagnosed in June and have been gluten-free since then!) Good luck! Let us know how your tests come out.