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  1. Look, you guys dont seem to understand the magnitude of this rare disease. I found out today that I have Celiac's, that my mothers depression and breakdown after pregnancy were due to Celiac's, My grandfather had a colostomy bag, My cousin has an enlarged heart and misdiagnosed Chrohns disease, my aunt diverticulitis, Diabetes, thyroid, autoimmune deficiency, My son, chronic athsma fatigue and marked other things. My grandmothers schizophrenia, my own memory, mental status, thinking I was bipolar and so afraid of going crazy. I would really love to do a show to help raise awareness about this debilitating silent killer, which claimed the lives of most of my family. THANK YOU DOCOTR OZ FINING OUT ABOUT THIS DISEASE SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!! All of you people hecking and ridiculing ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Unwell35