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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A Taste Of Edmonton

    I live in Edmonton. I don't eat out alot cuz I often have problems with cc but I've never had a problem with highlevel dinner. Favourite place in the city, has a celiac menu and a dedicated area of the kitchen (including fryer!) I've probably eaten there 30 times and never got sick. You can have the fries, but not their home made ketchup (they have regular ketchup if you ask). I would very highly recommend it. I am also a vegetarian so its great for that to.
  2. Oh, forgot to mention, oats do not actually contain gluten (even though Canada won't allow them to be labeled gluten free) They contain something called avenin, which is a prolamine (protein) found in gluten. In people with a avenin sensitivity the avenin is toxic to the intenstinal mucosa just like gluten.
  3. In Canada we have new laws regarding gluten free labelling, and now products are NOT allowed to be labelled gluten free if they contain or have come in contact with oats (even uncontaminated oats). There for Canada does not consider oats to be gluten free. I had wondered why the bag of oats I bought from a gluten free store only said wheat free, but not gluten free on them. Now I know why, and now I also know why I got sick from eating them. P.S. I also cut out Bobs red mill products (THANKS RODA) as they are made in the U.S. they do not abide by our labelling standards and can be labeled gluten free even though cross contamination with oats has occurred. Everyone with celiac disease is clearly different as you can tell if you read this forum. Listen to your own body, if oats don't agree with you, don't eat them. I am in recovery from P.O.T.S syndrome, the doctors have no idea why I developed it, I have a very strong suspicion it was from the oats as well as using gluten containing products on my skin. People will tell me it is safe to put gluten on your skin, because the molecule is too big to pass through my skin (just an example I really don't want to get into that as it is off topic and always a huge argument lol), people will also tell me the only reason I can't eat oats because they are cc. These people have a right to their own beliefs and should do what is best for them. I have a right to mine and will do what is best for me. If you think oats make you sick, don't eat them, you could save yourself a lot of pain down the road.
  4. I don't know if anyone is still paying attention to this thread, just thought I'd let ya'll know that since going off the oats, and not being at work therefore not being in contact with the wheat containing hair dye, as well as being extra careful with my diet (no eating out) I am finally starting to feel better. I did a lot of research on what was going on, and it turns out celiac disease can cause a temporarily low blood cell count, and if you're not consuming large amounts on a regular basis, you blood will test negative for celiac disease (I'm sure everyone knows that). Why am I not a doctor?...and Why does gluten want to ruin my life?...
  5. Yeah I was actually thinking about getting one of those food allergy tests done to see if I do have anything else but I've been researching them, and it seems they may be somewhat inaccurate. Have you heard anything about these testa? I might just get one done anyway, some people seem to find success with it. Going on a food elimination diet may be best. It looks like soy, lentils, dairy, and eggs are pretty high on the list. I am 27 and have never consumed meat in my life (parents are vegetarians, raised that way), I would like to avoid it at all costs, any thoughts on other forms of protein? I also can't seem to find any research pointing towards the drop in blood cells being related to food allergy. Everything seems to be related to gastronomical issues, but even with my celiac that has never been a major problem for me, who knows? I'm willing to try just about anything.
  6. I guess I was just hoping there was an easy answer to this, like diet adjustment, but thank you for your honest opinion. Its good to hear that lots of blood disorders are manageable, because google gets scary.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts, i really appreciate it, i never thought about the dye under my fingernails. I am going to cut out the oats and since I'm not currently working, no dye either, and see if i start feeling better. thanks again.
  8. Hi there, this is my first post ever, on any forum. I just don't know what to do anymore. I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 2 years ago. Blood test showed positive twice then a positive endoscopy. I have been able to keep my symptoms (fatigue, anemia, hair loss, anxiety) under control with a strict gluten free diet, until a few months ago. My symptoms started coming back, at first I thought I was accidentally ingesting wheat, but I can't seem to pin point what I was eating. Finally after a few weeks and some serious crashes (including bad cheats pains and being dizzy to the point of blacking out every time i stand as well as often when i am just sitting), I went to my doctor. He ran blood work, and said my celiac seems to be under control, he said when i was diagnosed my number was at 156, and now is at 11. Unfortunately, my blood cell counts were down, low red and white as well as two other blood related counts. He said my iron is fine, as well as all my other vitamins and nutrients. He does not think my symptoms are related to my celiac. I am now permanently off work, and waiting for more tests to be referred to a hematologist. The problem is when I am not doing any physical activity, my symptoms subside(I even had a second blood test when I was feeling better and my numbers were back to normal), but as soon as I go back to activity (walking, doing the dishes, act..) The symptoms come back(and the blood cell count goes back down). I realized today that I have been eating oats I got from a gluten free store recently. They say wheat free on the bag, but are they gluten free? I also work with hair dye that all contains wheat on a regular basis (when i wash it out it is on my bare hands about 4 times a day 5 days a week). I just want to get back to my regular life, and currently this is not an option. I still think this has something to do with my celiac, as the symptoms are very similar to the ones I was having before I was diagnosed, but my doctor thinks it has to do with my blood or an unrelated auto immune deficiency, and not the celiac. Has anyone had a similar experience? Can celiac result in a low blood cell count? Should I seek a second opinion from another doctor? Please help. Thank you.