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  1. My daughter is about 15 months old and has had trouble with food allergies since about 6 months old. She has had difficulty sleeping, belly pain, and diarrhea for several months. We just went back to her allergist yesterday and she most recently tested positive for wheat, oat, egg, turkey, and apple allergies. She had her blood drawn for a celiac panel and total IgA today. The celiac panel won't be back for a few days but I was able to get her IgA results and they are low. I know this means that her celiac test results will be unreliable if they are negative, but also that it means she is more prone to auto immune disorders. Her diet is currently extremely limited due to all of her food allergies. For the time being, she was actually just put back onto a hydrolyzed formula that is already broken down into amino acids so her body doesn't need to work to digest anything. It breaks my heart seeing her have so many issues so young. My question however is, with her testing positive to a wheat allergy, will that change the consequences of her diet/lifestyle, potential symptoms whether or not she tests positive for celiac disease? Hoping some other parents have gone through similar things and can offer some guidance. Thanks,