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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I Love Chick-fila! There are very few places I can eat (even when they say gluten free) but this one works for me! Oh those wonderful waffle fries! And I love the grilled nuggets with chickfila sauce. YUM!
  2. Success!

    This past weekend I decided to travel home to Indiana to attend my family reunion. I almost didn't go because I'm still struggling with not feeling well. Also, my family can really cook. I knew I would face every good food imaginable. But the desire to see family won so I packed my car with a cooler and a suitcase full of food and headed out on an 8 hour drive. When I arrived at the reunion it smelled like heaven. At first I was disheartened, but because I had pre-cooked food and some of my family members had made dishes for me I had plenty to eat. Now grant it, it wasn't all of the foods I'm used to eating but I ate well, enjoyed my family, and best of all - I didn't get sick!! This was a big challenge for me but I proved a lot to myself. Now I know I can take a vacation without going hungry or getting sick. I am encouraged!
  3. My husband (God bless him) is eating gluten free with me so cooking will be simpler and to understand better what I'm experiencing. We have been discussing a while food or paleo diet to see if that would help my symptoms calm down. Is there a book or particular plan that has been helpful? I'm not sure what I can eat since all dairy is out?
  4. Thank you all for your responses. I am on vitamin b12 injections and sublingual D. Several other nutrients were low but not deficient but i think i still need to add them. I followed advise here and have been taking digestive enzymes the last couple of days. They do seem to help some. Have been on probiotics for a while now. I ate a piece of an organic candy bar the other day and reacted within 30 min. Even had a migraine. The only thing in it was orange rind, dark chocolate, vanilla, sea salt & soy lecithin. I looked it up and the manufacture states they 'think' it's gluten free but there is a possibility of gluten in the vanilla! I thought they had to state that possibility in the package? How can you ever know?
  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm 3 months and struggling. I am having days here and there where I feel better but more days that I don't. I am not one to cry but yesterday I sobbed in discouragement - questioning if this is the right thing. I read your success stories and how long it took and I cried again this morning. This time in hope. I love Celiac.com. I don't think I could do this without you all!
  6. Thank you Newbie, I will check it out. I've been considering trying a high protien diet just to see if eliminating carbs would calm my stomach down. Reading labels for gluten, dairy and corn is difficult .
  7. Tomorrow I will be gluten free for 12 weeks. When I first started out I was so sick I told my husband I thought I was dying. My symptoms: Migraines 3 - 5 times per week Chronic D Vitamin D difficent Vitamin B12 Difficent Low adrenal reading (morning corisol 1.8) Severe joint pain Chonic Nausea Balance problems Upper right abdomen pain that would not stop Acid reflux Forgetful and foggy thoughts Fatigue Insomnia Gurgling and cramping every time I ate And on and on. Over the last 20 years I've been diagnosed IBS, Colitis, Barrette's, Gerd, Gastritis, Slow gastric emptying, inflamed small intestine, diverticulosis, ulcers, gallbladder, Hypo thyroid, Hypo glycemic, pancrititis,food allergies, food intolerances & iron deficent... Regardless of all these diagnosis, I had never heard of celiac or gluten intolerance and I never got better. Finally my allergist and my PCP put it together. Although some tests came back negative they suggested I go gluten free without a biopsey. As soon as I cut the gluten my migraines all but dissapeared, my stomach calmed considerably and I began to feel better. In July, with the big D still plaguing me, my allergist helped me confirm that dairy had to go as well. Now she thinks I need to say goodbye to corn. She promises this should only last 6 months to a year. My problem is, so many things seem to bother me right now. One minute I can feel perfect. I eat and BAM I have gurgling, cramps and D again. I've noted things like peaches, onions, tomatoes & garlic. Is this normal? Why when I'm so careful about gluten and dairy are so many things still bothering me? How do I figure out what I can eat. I'm just so weary of feeling ill I could cry. Please, please, please give me hope that I will feel completely well again.
  8. Hi Roxie, Thank you for answering my question. I do have the neuro problems (even had a brain tumor a few years ago that they are researching it's connection to gluten.) the problem is, I have all the digestive issues as well. I'm dificent in multiple vitamins, live with chronic D, adrenal gland issues, gurgling, cramping etc.. Ive been gluten free 10 weeks and dairy free 3. My doc has asked me to stop eating corn as well - this is overwhelming! I am feeling better and migraines have all but dissapeared. They are my marker for when I get glutened - usually after eating out which I do little of these days. My gastro convinced me to do a scope but didnt do a biopsy because he said if it is celiac he can see it without a biopsy! That's not true from what I've read. Anyway, does anyone know if you can have celiac with double dq1 genes. My PCP believes we should treat it as such based on the symptoms alone and advised I never eat gluten again.
  9. Hello everyone, I received my genetic test results. I've read everything I can, tried everything to figure out the results but I'm still not sure. I believe I'm double DQ6 or maybe DQ1/DQ6. I know some members are very good at doing this so hopefully someone can shed some light. Thank you! HLA-DQB1 0601 HLA-DQB1 0604 HLA-DQA1 01 HLA-DQA1 -
  10. Hi, Thank you for your responses. The med is the generic form of Fioricet. Both the manufacturer of the generic and brand name would not guarantee gluten free.
  11. Sorry Nora. Once I read back through the numbers I realized you were responding to Beach Birdie.
  12. Wow! Thank you! I was trying everything to figure this out. I even got an A in genetics in college - but I was stumped! After all test results my doctor has diagnosed Celiac. Still trying to figure it all out.
  13. How do you get the 2.2? This is very foreign to me. I was negative for Dq2 & Dq8 but my other results are: DQB1 0601 DQB1 0604 DQA1 01 DQA1 - There were no test for DQ7. Can someone help with decipering this? Thank you! You are all wonderful by the way. This site has been a resource and salvation to me over the last two months.
  14. My doctor just called to inform me that more test results came back. It appears I have almost no antibodies to Pneumonia or meningitis? Is anything working? Tomorrow I have to get the adrenal stimulation test because my adrenal levels are critically low. It seems every week something else isn't working. I'm deficient in some vitamins and very low in others. Is this all normal? I have to admit the low antibodies have me a little freaked out! I have to get vaccines and one has to be special ordered. Has anyone else had to had the low antibody diagnosis?
  15. Can You Explain This One?

    I recently read that many European countries no longer allow the use of genetically modified wheat. America and Canada have run amuk with it. My doctor said the GMO's are so unkind to the digestive system that gluten sensitivity is drastically on the rise here. Might explain why you weren't as ill during your travels.