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  1. Has anyone picked up the book "Celiac Disease For Dummies"? To be fair the book has a lot of good information regarding classic celiac disease. On the other hand it also declares that atypical celiac disease symptoms rarely happen. It also put a lot of effort in explaining away correlation with other autoimmune diseases. I just though I would share that with you all. I found it rather troubling and maybe the reason why doctors are having such a hard time this disease is because they are being given this book to read.
  2. My husband was eating pizza today and asked me if I wanted a pepperoni from his pizza. I told him "no" of course and then told him that instead of trying to get me to eat things I shouldn't he should be telling me not eat them. I asked him if he wanted me to feel awful all the time? He has always had a problem if I need attention for something and if I am feeling bad its something that is affecting his comfort. He'll get over it eventually and realize how serious it is but until then I will keep plugging along trying make my life as gluten free as possible and hope that someday he learns not to dip his wheat crackers in my gluten free hummus.
  3. I agree. I was actually considering that. I might try and overload on gluten for a couple days and see if that helps, and then I will have time to go back on gluten free, and maybe do a some detox tea for a few days to help flush it out. My doctor will pretty much do whatever I ask within reason. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  4. Actually I was sort of gluten free but cheating often, and then I went full on eating whatever I wanted and I started feeling really bad. I was even nauseous quite a bit. But since I realized I can't have it at all(not what the doctor said) I went back on a gluten free diet and that has been about a week. feeling much better already, again. As for the test it was done by Alletess Lab. I went to an ENT who is also an Allergist. She was recommended by a holistic lady I knew. The test was IGG and she test for food reactions to 96 foods. Most of the what I was "allergic" too was gluten containg grains, dairy, eggs and Oats. How the test read was, less then 0.200 was negative and over was positive. For gluten I was 0.391 and that was specifically gluten not the specific grains. Wheat and Rye I was positive and barley, bran and malt I was borderline. But that I think is not gluten just the rest of the grain. I was told people become "allergic" from over eating something and I obviously had eaten too much gluten so therefore I was intolerant but if I removed it from my diet and then only ate it once or twice a week I would be fine. I never went back to that Dr because I questioned her reasoning. I was never tested for Celiac Disease per se but I believe this one test is part of that comprehensive panel. I never thought to be tested either, kicking myself now. But when I look back on my life and other people in my family I wonder, is there a connection. I have read that there is such a thing as non-celiac gluten sensitivity, maybe that is what I have. I have an Aunt who when young was very small and the doctor was concerned because she seemed like she was not getting enough nutrition. In recent years she has had unexplained health issues that medication does not help. I am going on vacation in a week, there is no way I am going to eat gluten and then feel awful on vacation. If I thought a test my show something I would get tested next week but I have no guarantees either way.
  5. As a nurse I hesitate to diagnose my self but I do know I have a Gluten Intolerance per a blood test. At that time I did not have the specific blood test for celiac disease. I wish I had know more because what I know now makes me think I have celiac disease. But the symptoms I have are the ones most doctors don't think as celiac disease. Over the past several years I have gone to the Dr for one complaint or another but because they were all happening at different times I didn't put it together. I have always had fatigue and hypoglycemia since a child. A few years ago I was tested for Meniers and I have had A1C done for blood sugar check and a couple years ago I started having chronic headaches. They would come and go all day. It was awful, I was taking motrin, naprosyn and even xanax to help. I did find out I have mild sleep apnea but that did not cure everything, at the same time I found out I had Gluten Intolerance. I went gluten free, sort of. I was much better for a while and then I slipped back into regular food and then my symptoms came back and worse along with constipation. I really believe I have celiac disease and I think my 10 dd has it too or least leading up to it. I did have her tested but she tested negative but did and wheat allergy per RAST Immunocap test. She does have stomach problems at times and her stools can be very large. She has ADHD symptoms and very high strung. She also has back molars with enamel erosion. My mother in law has IBS and fibro and my grandmother had Rheumetoid arthritis. So we have some auto immune on both sides of the family. I guess what I am saying, more than likely I have celiacs but I hesitate to be confidant about it.
  6. I don't need a diagnosis for me either, but I feel it would help doctors take me more seriously with my children. But I will probably just wait until they get older and then have them tested. I am a nurse so I am a fact person, I never assume but I do know I cannot eat gluten and probably have celiac disease or highly predisposed to it. My Grandmother has rheumatoid arthritis and who knows may have had celiac disease. Thanks for your input.
  7. Hello, I'm new to this forum and just some had some questions. I was never officially diagnosed with Celiac disease but was tested for gluten intolerance which I have. That doctor told me to reintroduce gluten again use a rotary diet. I did reintroduce and my symptoms returned and were worse then ever. Hypoglycemia, constipation, foggy ness, fatigue, muscle weakness, migraines. I do not usually have a lot lower GI issues but the constipation was an issue for weeks. I realized that I would have to cut out Gluten. The more I have researched I have found that maybe some other things could point to celiac disease. My permanent teeth came in discolored when I was a child and I always suffered with the above symptoms. I really don't want to go back on gluten just to be tested because of how bad I feel, although I have been off only a week. Would a blood test show at this point or would i have to eat gluten foods for 3 months still? I don't know what to do, I would like to know but is it worth it. I worry too because my children could have this and we wouldn't know if there is a link to it. My 10 y.o. dd shows with a wheat allergy but was negative for Celiac disease. But, she has molars that have worn enamel, and she off and on will have GI upsets and very large BMs. What should I do?