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  1. I am a 19 year old celiac and have had it for five years. Prior to being diagnosed, I was asymptomatic. While a lot of people may consider me lucky for never having to deal with the crappy feeling of being "glutened," it does have its downsides. For example, I am never sure whether something I ate had gluten and sometimes, I feel I exhibit some symptoms of being "glutened" but am never sure. Well, today I have been feeling terrible. I have seriously gone to the bathroom around ten times today not feeling well and am itchy and sweating a bit more and I feel hot. Of course, I am wondering if maybe I did somehow eat gluten and that is the cause or if it's just regular food poisoning or just a bad bout of something. And that's my issue......I never truly got a feel for how it feels to be contaminated so when I have stomach pains or something along those lines, I never am sure whether it could be gluten or something else. So I guess I am asking......can someone give a summary of how they feel when they eat gluten? How do you differentiate this from something else? PS: I know the symptoms are all over the web and I have looked many times at them and it just gets so confusing. I just thought personal help would be better for me to understand the actual symptoms of the disease, as I never truly "experienced" them knowingly ever.
  2. I'm a college guy, a 19 year old sophomore with celiac disease (obviously). I have never dated before and celiac has been a major reason. That being said, there is a girl who I like and I want to ask her out. She knows I have celiac......she found out when we hung out in my room one time. Apparently, her sister is gluten intolerant. However, when it comes to dating, I am so nervous. Especially when it comes to her. She's awesome, but she's like the type of girl who loves like those burger joints and small pizza places and stuff. She loves meat and stuff. Now, you may wonder why that matters. Here's why. We go to school in the city, and obviously, the city is full of those types of cool hole-in-the-wall places. Those places are obviously a nightmare to any celiac. When me and my friends are hanging out and they go to these places, I just can't get any food. At this point I'm used to it though, so that's not the issue. But with a girl, it's different. Like I said, she's the type of person that is down for these types of places and I will be so limiting for her. I really want to ask her out on a date to this comedy club. The area is so nice, but it's like the area with all the bars and those types of places......not really many places for a celiac. Plus, we are both under 21 so we can't even drink. But I fear it will be like a tease for her to have all these cool places that I would love to eat with her at that I just cannot do. I'm just being honest, I have no idea how I will ever be able to successfully date. It just takes so much planning and I am a very spontaneous person.......just the fact that if we are hungry together, my options are so limited in terms of going anywhere with just us two. Any thoughts on how to deal with this? I just hate how there are so many awesome looking restaurants around that I cannot eat at.
  3. Well, I am currently a college sophomore. As a freshman, we were required to have large meal plans. I had the largest one so I ate in the dining hall every day, but so did everyone else. For gluten-free, it wasn't great, but decent. Sometimes they put out some food that was gluten-free and fine, but some days, I was eating hamburgers with no bun, salads, and lots and lots of fruit. Now as a sophomore, we have much bigger dorm rooms and we have kitchens. We still have to have a meal plan, but they can be much cheaper. Mine is currently the same one as last year, around $2100. But they have a variety of plans, such as $1500 and $1280 and $685 declining balance meal plan, where you can switch between the dining hall and cooking (FYI, prices to eat in the dining hall average around $8). I'm looking to change to another plan because I want to do SOME cooking now.....while the dining hall is convenient, I'm sick of having some meals where I eat only fruit as my main course and am not quite getting the full $8 worth every meal. The $1280 looks like a good option. But then money is the most important for me now and I'm wondering if I could somehow fill myself up while not paying more than $800 for groceries in a semester (keep in mind I would have about 160 meals in the dining hall for the semester). I've never done my own grocery shopping before so I am unsure about prices. And I know gluten-free food is more expensive and I don't have the convenience of just having Ramen for a meal.....I'd mostly have to prepare and cook. There's a cheap grocery store right on campus but all they really have are meat, cereal (the Chex kind), tortillas, rice, and potatoes, which I feel could get old after awhile. It's in the city too so there are whole foods, but that's a train ride away. Ahhhhh......sorry if this is so long, there are so many factors to consider with cooking and the money and the fact that we are required to use a meal plan, no matter how little. I just have no experience......so I wanna hear your thoughts if possible. I could maybe get opted out......could I survive on $2100 in groceries for a semester? I'm a guy so I eat a lot too.
  4. Thanks for all your responses, they did help. Once again, sorry for ranting.....it's literally been in my head for five years and I needed to get it all out. I go to school in a large city so there's a lot of options for eating, so I guess I have it pretty good. It would be so nice to meet someone at my school with celiac though.....there are a few diabetics, but I'd much rather have diabetes than celiac. It's much easier. But thanks for all your responses, they did help.....especially the "built in jerk detector" when dating.
  5. I am a 19 year old guy, currently a college student (home for break though). I have had celiac for five years, so I'm familiar with the disease and everything. I also have Type 1 diabetes, which I've had for six years. So I got two life-changing diseases within one year of each other. Basically, I am sick and tired of having these diseases. I have no one to talk to and I feel lonely. All of my friends have told me that they think I have a great attitude about life while dealing with these.....I always act positive. But on the inside, I cannot stand it anymore. Every time I go out with friends, I have to bring my diabetic stuff and on top of that, I cannot just eat anywhere because of celiac. I have to make plans all the time and call restaurants or just order salads, which makes me and my friends feel awkward. When I'm out with friends and we're all hungry, they ask where I can eat at and it just makes me feel like crap when they have to adjust plans for me. It's torture being around girls when eating and then you have to tell them that you just can't eat pretty much everything.....then they think it's weird. There's so much more too, but I am really just getting tired of it. I don't know what I need, but I feel terrible and alone. I went to a couple support group meetings but there really wasn't anyone my age there and I couldn't relate. One time in the dining hall at college, I met a girl who overheard me and a friend talking about gluten and she said she was celiac too, but I was so stupid and didn't become friends with her and I've never seen her again. I just want to meet someone who also has celiac or a gluten intolerance at the least so I don't feel so alone, but I can't find any (they don't just come up). I also was asymptomatic, so if I ever do eat gluten, I don't feel bad, which is usually motivation for others. Sorry for the rant here, but my point is that I have two diseases that take a huge toll on my social life and interactions with people. I am really, really getting tired of this and I feel so lonely because there is no one to really talk to about it. I'm losing motivation (not for life.....but I'm losing motivation to stay gluten-free). How do I deal with this feeling/lack of motivation? I really need help. Thanks!