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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Linear Iga Dermatosis And Dapsone

    The dapsone may block the antibodies to the gluten so causing the test to show negitive. I also was tested for gluten antibodies and showed negitive but I was already on a low gluten diet and the silly doc did not mention the need to eat some wheat products. By the way I consider wheat to be a disgusting food: almost no fibre, almost no nutrition just carbohydrate that you do not need. The birth of agriculture(wheat) is also liked with a massive increase in violence. Try some net searches on low fat diet versas high saturated fat low carbohydrate diet. Also topics worth a look at: eicosanoids-omega3-omega6-inflammation and heart disease- (these are all related) many illnesses may be linked to the low fat high carb diet. But note in USA even the saturated fat is corrupted by the practice of feeding cattle corn, this reduces the omega 3 content and raises the omega 6 level. Cattle should only ever be fed on grass, they even need medications so they can eat corn! For example I am on a low carb full saturated fat diet and last week saw doc to see results of blood tests. Mine where better than his. Triglycerices low, HDL high and LDL low :-) Food for thought Vince
  2. I think the gluten problem is due to the ant-inflammatory celebrex. The anti-inflammatories work by suppressing signal molicules called eicosanoids, theses do jobs like : clotting blood dilation or contraction of artaries controls immunes system surfacants in the lungs many more I don know inflammation protection of lining of stomach from stomach acid *************************************************** The last one could be it. These drugs are renowned for causing stomach problems, when I was on them I was also taking drugs to prevent stomach ulcers that drug was causing. While the lining of the stomach is in the unprotected state the gluten is touching parts of the digestive tract it would normally never touch and so triggering an immune response. There it is, that is how anti-inflammatory drugs can cause gluten intollerance or full blown celiac. This explosion of cases of celiac disease in last couple of decades or so could be due to a new family of anti-inflammatory drugs. Also the wheat we have now is nothing like the wheat of 100 years ago. The carbohydrate in wheat we do not need!!! The little protein in wheat called WGA wheat germ agglutinin may also be contributing to diabetes as it binds to insulin receptors. Eicosanoids These are made in the body from only omega 3 and omega 6 fats. Almost all the ones made from omega 6 are causing ill health. These are the ones targeted by asprin etc and even anticancer drugs. The ones from omega 3 regulate the production and without these the the ones the harmful ones are produced with out regulation(out of control) The harmful ones cause diseases like Arthritis, Allergies, Cancer, heart disease, stroke etc The modern diet has far too much of the omega 6 found in the vegetable oils developed in the 20 th century. Look out for hidden gluten: they put in in almost every thing, I found wheat products in dried fruit I blame anti-inflammatory drugs taken for arthritis in my big toe for my DH and my stomach is not too happy since either. Vince
  3. I was browsing some files on health related to carbohydrate, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, insulin and came across a possible link between wheat and diabetes. This was from a site focusing on a low carbohydrate, low sugar (remember sugar is just an extremely simple carbohydrate) and moderate saturated fat, nil seed oil diet for good health. They where talking about how insulin locks onto an insulin receptor on the cell and then they had a wheat or gluten protein or byproduct that locked into the insulin receptor site and that blocked insulin from then locking ito the insulin receptor on the cell. This means insulin no longer works for that cell, a condition called insulin resistance. There has been three changes to the diet that may be acting together or alone causing ill health: Increase in carbohydrates in general mainly from wheat. Gluten enhanced wheat? Refined forms of sugar, the more simple the worse it is. (Causing Insulin pendulum high then low blood sugar) Replacement of saturated fats with seed oils (body produces eicosanoids from the omega 6 in the oil and these chemicals are linked with allergies, arthritis, cancer, inflammation, immune system problems, heart disease, stroke. Asprin and many similar drugs for example work by blocking eicosanoids) Food for thought. Vince
  4. Schizophrenia And Milk

    Something else to look at is the type of fats in the diet. Most cooking oils contain far too much omega-6 and these produce chemicals in the body called eicosanoids that cause ill health. The lack of saturated fat especial short and medium chain could be causing probles. By the way these has been no substantial trials that correctly shown saturated fats causing heart disease but seed oils have(corn, sunflower, safflower etc) The brain is mostly made of saturated fat, The insulation of the nerve fibres are saturated fat. The raw materials for the hormones the brain makes are made of saturated and omega 3 fats. Low cholesterol has been linked to behavioural problems such as aggression and ADHD. The Swedish Gov has just officially rejected the idea that saturated fat causes heart disease or any other health problems. These things are worth researching. Vince
  5. There mybe a possible to celiac disease from the bug helicobactor pylori or more simply called H Pylori. This is the bacteria that has been found to cause stomach ulcers. I came across this link starting from looking for a possible link between hypertension and silica and I scored yes! Low silica in the body seems to be implicated in atzhiemers, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis and maybe a lot more. Next I looked for reasons for lack of silica and came up with aluminium in diet and low stomach acid. Low stomach acid then lead to H Pylori bacteria which can suppress stomach acid, then the this leads inability to absorb nutrients and digest protiens. If a person has H pylori and this causes low stomach acid, the proteins in wheat will not be broken down so undigested proteins flow into the small intestines where it is should not normally be seen and can therefore cause immune response. It would be nice to see some research into this to see how many celiacs have this H Pylori infection, very often this has no symptoms. Could H Pylori be the first stage in the chain of events that lead to celiac disease? In the next few days I will get the results of my H pylori test, this could be the reason for my hypertension. I also have Dermatitis herpetiformis on the feets that has been linked to rye, wheat and barley foods. Anybody else have any ideas or comments