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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm not sure if it's the BHT; however, when I tried both Corn Chex and Rice Krispies Gluten Free cereals, I immediately bloated up followed by days of abdominal and back pain (similar to when I eat peanuts, almonds, or popcorn). I always assumed it was the brown rice (too much fiber?) or perhaps the protein content. It seems most foods that cause me pain tend to be foods high in protein (i.e., meat, eggs, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, legumes, nuts). I've read that it could be a simple case of hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) and taking betaine HCl supplements with meals containing protein may help.
  2. Recently I purchased a bottle of NOW Foods EVE Women's Multivitamins online from a local retailer. The picture depicted the softgel version and the description mentioned they "contained no sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives." However, today when I received my shipment I discovered the label looked different from the one on the website. I suppose the "90 TAB" in the title should have tipped me off. What's confusing is that according to NOW Food's website, the tabletversion "contains no: sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives." However, according to their allergen data it contains wheat, soy, and gluten. I already e-mailed them about the discrepancy. Does anyone have experience with the NOW Foods brand?
  3. Coincidentally, I've been looking into these types of chemical sensitivities the past few days after experiencing a third anaphylactic episode this month. They usually start with dizziness/light headedness followed by shallow rapid breathing, a drop in blood pressure, collapse, then I'm unable to move. One was brought on by eating tomatoes, cucumbers and dijon mustard. The most recent was after consuming a lot of macchiato cafe followed by a peppermint oil capsule (supposedly good for IBS spasms). Initially I thought maybe I overdosed on peppermint oil, but I had only taken 3 within 48 hours (bottle recommends 3 per day with meals). My boyfriend said the next time this happens he's going to call an ambulance. This may be unrelated and completely coincidental but one time my boyfriend gave me 4 Benedryl chewable tablets with lots of water the episode had suddenly halted. It almost seemed too instantaneous to credit the antihistamine so we figured that perhaps the episode just ran its course. Are salicylates and sulfites related? Yesterday I tried provoking a response by consuming a lot of salicylates (i.e., prunes, lemon juice in water, grapes, oranges, kiwis, Ginger Chews) but didn't get the breathing problems I had previously. I simply bloated up, experienced diarrhea from the prunes, noticed a few temporary small red spots on my hand/arm after drinking the lemon juice, then today I'm a bit puffy in the face, bloated, and some temporary abdominal pain from the undigested prune and grape skins. I'm not sure if it's the salicylates or the sulfites that cause the anaphylactic episodes. Do coffee and peppermint oil contain sulfites?
  4. I've seen several doctors and had a slew of tests done this year (i.e., physical, blood, urinalysis, stool, hydrogen breath, abdominal ultrasound, and prick testing). I was told by both GP and a gastroenterologist that I just had IBS and possibly some food intolerances. In addition, I was told I'm "too young" (late 20's) to have diverticulitis so both doctors credited the undigested food pain as part of IBS.
  5. This year I've been experiencing dull, but chronic, pain in the abdominal region for days after consuming foods like peanuts, almonds, potatoe chips, green grapes (seeds), coconut ice cream (coconut flakes), lychee, brown rice cereal, tomatoes, cucumbers, relish, or sesame seeds. Does anyone else experience this? I can't figure out if it's IBS or gluten that is causing this. I find that even when I'm having 2-3 bowel movements per day (not diarrhea) I'm still in pain from these foods until they are expelled from my system. In addition, I've noticed that my stool is beginning to go from a dark goldenrod colour to a dark brown--not sure if this is gluten or IBS related. Would digestive enzymes (i.e., NOW Foods Digest Platinum, Enzymedica Digest Gold) remedy this problem?
  6. You Find Out Who Your Friends Are...

    Unfortunately, my boyfriend of almost 6 years (living together for 5) seems to be like this. He gets angry when I don't go out or do things with him after getting sick (gluten or dairy ingestion) and complains that "everything" sets me off. Just yesterday while walking the dog he suggested that perhaps it wasn't the food that was causing my symptoms and that's just the way I am. Despite the physical evidence (which I photograph for future documentation), he still questions the validity of it all! Just today he got upset that I didn't go to the gym with him, as I sit here typing with a hot water bottle on my abdomen. In addition, I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and he even gives me a hard time about that. He doesn't understand why I just can't understand social situations and cracks "retard" jokes all the time. Note: I have two older siblings with autism which he jokes about all the time as well. Unfortunately, his brother and mother are no better. Only the father seems to be sensitive to these types of "invisible disabilities," probably because he has food intolerances himself. Unfortunately, the family criticizes him for being a "hypochondriac." I remember years ago my grandfather mentioned he had troubles digesting cilantro and to disprove this my mother switched the parsley one night with cilantro and didn't bother telling him. She said the fact that he didn't react means he was full of B.S. I worry that one day someone will "test" my gluten and dairy sensitivities the same way.
  7. In February I decided to finally seek medical attention for symptoms I've been dealing with life long (i.e., bloating, constipation, flatulence, chronic fatigue). However, it wasn't until this year I began to get pains in my abdomen. Initially, the lower left quadrant then later the left flank. The pains seemed to coincide with the foods I ate, specifically how indigestible they were (i.e., nuts, raw vegetables, bran cereal). The first doctor was quick to suspect a food intolerance, specifically wheat and lactose, based on my history and family history. When I was younger I often had GI upset with diary products and the same symptoms are shared with one of my older siblings. So, I was told to stop eating wheat and simply use Lactaid drops from then on. In addition, he scheduled me to see an allergist in April. After seeing the allergist, I tested negative for any allergies and was sent off for blood work (IgE, TTG, etc.) along with stool, urinalysis, and a couple breath tests (H. Pylori and lactose). Unfortunately, I had been off the wheat for a couple months by then and my test results were all negative. I was advised that I probably "just had IBS" and could see a GI specialist in July. Since the pain in my abdomen had continued, my boyfriend advised me to seek a second opinion from his GP. Unfortunately, his GP's diagnosis was that my symptoms were entirely psychosomatic and I just needed to eat more All Bran, Metamucil, and Dulcolax. Suffice to say, one day of this recommendation was the worst experience ever. It felt like shards of glass cutting through my intestines along with bloating from the fiber supplement (fermentable fiber). Searching for answers, I began to read up on IBS (i.e., Heather Van Vorous books, FODMAP diet, FructMal) and it seemed like nothing was working. Sometimes my symptoms improved, other times it worsened. It wasn't until I ran out of oatmeal that I noticed a change--I began to feel full after my meals. Typically after every meal I still feel hungry for some reason, despite consuming hundreds to thousands of calories each meal. I never seem to gain weight (5'3