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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. beachbirdie, OK, thanks, I think I am going to try it. I will let you know how it goes. Yes, Whole Foods has lots of great stuff! It is nice to work there, especially when you are having health issues!
  2. beachbirdie, Thank you so much for all the info! You are awesome! I agree with you, I would rather not take an antibiotic if I absolutely don't have to. Have you heard of a probiotic called Inner-Eco? I work at Whole Foods Market, and this has been recommended to me many times. I'm not sure if it contains FOS or inulin, I will have to check on that. But it is a refrigerated kefir that comes from coconuts or something, LOL! The good thing about it is that it's a liquid, so I could start out taking a very small amount and work my way up. Have you heard of this? Thanks also for the diet websites! Sunny
  3. I have decided to take out dairy altogether. Anytime I eat it, I blow up like a balloon. Not fun! Do you think it is necessary to take an antibiotic for bacterial overgrowth? My doctor wanted me to try Rifaximin, but my insurance won't cover it, and out of pocket it costs $700!!! Outrageous!
  4. Yes, it is really tough dealing with digestive problems!! I am trying to follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as much as possible, although it is definitely a challenge.
  5. Hi beachbirdie, Yes, that's what I thought too - that the results could "go either way", positive or negative. I am still waiting to hear back from the interpreting physician. I am trying to stick to the SIBO diet, but I am still finding out through trial and error foods that trigger a reaction.
  6. Hi everyone, I had a hydrogen breath test the other day to check for bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine. The nurse who was doing the test said that the preliminary results looked "questionable." I have to wait a few more days to hear the final result from the interpreting physician. What do you think "questionable" means? I think there has to be some sort of problem b/c every time I eat, I blow up like a balloon and look pregnant (no matter what I eat). Also, I am not putting on any weight. I have a huge bloated belly and these stick legs, and I am still underweight. I also am still having nausea occasionally, food intolerances, and constipation. Thoughts?? Thank you! Sunny
  7. Hi Bubba's Mom, Thanks for all the info. I don't know for sure if I have bacterial overgrowth, but I suspect it. I am having the hydrogen breath test tomorrow to find out. I have been reading about it, and it sounds like it is really hard for your gut to heal when you have overgrowth, which could explain a lot of the problems I've been having. Also, thanks for the info on the probiotics. I will try the Culturelle and start out very slowly. I'm pretty sure when I tried the other probiotic pearls, it was too much for me and I got die-off nausea. Now I know to watch out for that. Thanks! Sunny
  8. beachbirdie, I have been saying that A LOT lately to myself - "Nothing tastes as good as feeling WELL feels!!"
  9. Hi beachbirdie, Thanks for the info! I am trying the "Leaky Gut Diet" which is very similar to the SCD and GAPS diets. It is basically a lot of whole, unprocessed, low-inflammatory foods, which deprive the bad bacteria and allow the gut a chance to heal. So far, it has been really challenging for me b/c I am used to eating kind of a lot of processed crap. So I am really having to work hard at changing my habits. Sunny
  10. Richard, I tried some probiotics a couple weeks ago (the pearls), and they made me very, very nauseous, so I had to stop taking them. I don't know why...maybe they were too strong, or I wasn't taking the right kind??? Very frustrating though. Sunny
  11. Hi everyone, I have been on a gluten-free diet for a month now, and my symptoms are not that much better. I have been reading about SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and am wondering if I have it. (Asked the doctor for a test and waiting to hear back from him.) Symptoms are: Nausea Gagging Extreme bloating (looks like I'm pregnant) Stomach pain and cramps Constipation Multiple food intolerances Does anyone have any experience with SIBO? Thanks! Sunny
  12. Hi IrishHeart, The GI tract is doing a little better now that I have identified foods that irritate it. But still have a ways to go. Thank you for all the support! I would really be lost without it!
  13. Interesting how we always crave stuff that is bad for us. For me, it's not just a diet change, it's a lifestyle change!
  14. Hi everyone, I have been reading the book Healthier Without Wheat by Dr. Stephen Wangen, and he says that gluten may act like an opioid in our brains, which is why some people crave or feel they are "addicted" to bread and other gluten-containing products. He says that also may be why many of us experience withdrawal symptoms when we cut out gluten. (He says dairy is the same.) Forgive me if you've already heard this...I had no idea!!! I don't know about the rest of you, but since cutting out gluten I have been feeling even worse - EXTREME fatigue and depression to be exact. Just waiting this out and hoping it will pass soon... Sunny