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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I haven't been able to find much on how going through celiac changes one's body image, and I need some advice and/or support. Here's the short: One of the first very clear but undiagnosed signs of celiac disease I had was very fast muscle wasting. I blamed stressed, change in lifestyle, etc. I grew up skinny but had gained muscle over the years of landscaping and contracting but went into an academic setting and lost roughly 40lbs in 2 years. I thought I had AIDS or hyperthyroidism. Of course no one tested for celiac disease. I'd been steering clear of gluten for a few years due to a general distrust but really got it and found out I was celiac disease about a year ago. My lifestyle has become much more sedentary than it used to be and although I'm well within the medium weight range now, I feel fat. My energy has returned and I'm no longer sluggish, etc, and I train 4-6 times per week, but I've only seen moderate muscle gain over the last month. I am horrified to feel like I miss my wasting body, now that I started to gain fat. (I wasn't training when I began a strict gluten-free diet). I eat very few processed foods: I've always been more of a periphery shopper. If anything, I have daily multigrain Udi's most mornings with eggs. I don't go low fat but do intentionally eat high lean protein and vegetables as the base of my diet. The more greens and beans the better! Has anyone else experienced this? How did you cope? I was never someone who valued being really skinny but liked the muscle I'd built. Having the fat come back first and looking at my measurements makes me rather depressed. Thank you. Lee