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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks so much to both of you for the replies!! It felt really good to read them! I don't eat out but am living with roommates who do eat gluten and although I'm very careful not to get cc'd, there is a chance it's been happening... I'm now 4 days lactose free and I'm seeing some improvement. I'm also thinking about taking probiotics and something that could help with the inflammation issues. I also keep a food log. So I guess it's all about patience now..
  2. Hey Everyone, Ginger tea is the best! I drink it with lemon and honey. About the nettle - I don't know if you can find it in the US but when I got bored of the taste of nettle tea, I started to take it in pill form..
  3. Hi Everyone, I've been reading the forum a lot since this summer when I got the suspicion that I have celiac. It's always helped a lot to read about stories similar to mine. Thank you for that! My story: I've had an eczema type of rash on my hands for 4 years and that is what made me look for answers for the last few years. The rash actually started at the same time as an occasionnal bloating and some pain on the left side of my belly button. Doctors didn't say anything helpful and the mild symptoms didn't bother me much for the first two years. Then my rash got worse and I got into a long depression which I thought was due to me moving abroad and being lonely. In the last year or so additional symtoms arised, like UTIs and tonsil inflammation which both would go away and come back often. I've had trouble getting up in the mornings for 6 years now and I used to sleep 9-10 hours and wake up as a zombie. So in the summer I read about celiacs and realized that it might be the answer for all my symptoms. I went through testing. Everything came back negative but I was already gluten free when tests were done and my health was improving. I definitely have a reaction to gluten. My UTI comes back every time I accidentaly eat it and I have GI symptoms, too that I didn't use to have before going gluten free or at least I didn't notice them... I've been gluten free for 4 months and at the beginning everything seemed fine. Eventually. I got rid of lactose, too because it seemed to be bothering me. Exactly a month ago I bought some muffins that were on the gluten free shelf in the supermarket. After eating all 6 of them I realized they were made of wheat flour. I got my UTI symptoms the next they (with blood in my pee) and they lasted for about two weeks. My problem is that since the glutening I don't seem to get back to my improved state. Even though the UTI is gone, I am having GI symtops, mostly bloating and pain on the left side of my stomach and I'm sleeping a lot again and don't have much energy. Before the glutening I've been eating lactose again and now I'm trying to get rid of it at least for a while and I'm also not sure whether grains are good for me. Anyways, I would appreciate any ideas on my situation or even just supporting words because the last month have been really difficult waiting for all the glutening symptoms to go away. Do you think it's possible that the glutening brought back my lactose intolerance? Does it happen to any of you, too? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer!
  4. I Wonder If My Dad Has Dh

    Hi, I was having a bumpy rash on my hands too before I went gluten free. My bloodtest was negative and I still don't have the biopsy results, yet. The dermatologist didn't even mention DH or biopsy so I went gluten for 3 months ago to see what happens and the rash has improved a lot but from time to time still cracks and bleeds and most of the time still itchy. It used to look like this at its worst: http://i.imgur.com/eTiZl.jpg. The daily ups and downs make it difficult to see the overall improvement so I would recommend you taking a picture of your dad's rash now and look at it a few weeks/months later while trying the gluten-free diet. Doing the biopsy before starting the diet would be a good idea, too. My grandfather has also had 'eczema' on his palms for most of his life and sometimes I realize that I'm scatching my hands in the exact same way as he does. Nothing really has helped him with the rash so I wouldn't be surprised if he had celiac, too. I think it's important to raise consciousness about celiac desease in your environment but you also need to accept if not everybody is ready for living a gluten-free life... Good luck!
  5. Juice Fast

    Hi, So have you done the juice fast? I actually realized that I have celiac after breaking a 10 day fast and building up my diet gradually. That's when I got sick after eating bread. My experience is that after the fast you don't crave for breads anymore so it can be a really good start for going gluten free!!
  6. Thank you for your answers. My TransGlutaminase igA was 3 U/ml and they noted that it is a weak positive from 10.
  7. Hi, I've suffered from eczema for the last 4 years and in the last few years I started to go on juice fasts from time to time to heal my skin. I did a 10-day juice fast from 8th July to the 17th. After I broke the fast, I didn't eat much food that could possibly contain gluten but still I know that I ate a little bit of them because I had no idea that I could have celiac disease. On 24th July I ate a huge piece of bread with vegetables and suddenly I felt sick. It felt like my UTI was coming back, too immediately. So I started to research my symptoms and it became clear to me that I have celiac. I found that all of my symptoms, even the little ones could be caused by celiac. On 28th July I tested negative to TransGlutaminase igA blood work, even though I ate to slices of pizza the day before to make sure I was gonna have antibodies in my blood. On the contrary, my Immunoglobulin A test came back with 415 mg/dl while the range is 70 to 400. Does anyone know what the difference is between these two types of tests? And do you think there's a chance that I tested negative because of the fasting prior to the test? Thanks!