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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Muscle aches & pain

    Thank you! I went gluten free for a year only tolerating soup & came back to life so to speak. Burning in my head persisted until occupital neuralgia was diagnosed. I had an implant in my right head but burning continued, so I ate pizza all summer while sulking. I'm getting the other side of my head implanted with a stimulator & now am having all the muscle aches/pain due to eating wheat all summer. I've learned not to eat wheat when down & out bc it's not worth this. Yes I feel the jello feeling especially in the afternoon. I'll look into more supplements! Blessings Shannon
  2. Hi, I am trying to locate an article that was written giving the physiological breakdown of what gluten does to the muscle in some people. It goes into the exact effect that gluten has on some peoples muscles rather than gut, leading to muscle pain/weakness. Thank you so much....I went through this now my 11 year old is going through it. The article is in such detail & im trying to explain it to my son.
  3. Hi, it's been a while since I've been on here and I am trying to locate an article that was written giving the physiological breakdown of what gluten does to the muscle is some people. It goes into the exact effect that gluten has on some peoples muscles rather than gut, leading to muscle pain/weakness. Thank you so much....I went through this now my 11 year old is going through it.
  4. Fermented foods

    Yes looking through the info, I have the the symptoms/food intolerances. Would you recommend a DAO enzyme to take?
  5. hello, it's been a while since I've been on here. 4 years later & still healing. I actually had a nerve stimulator put in my head to help control the neuralgia (burning in my head). I still can not tolerate ANY fermented foods & I don't understand & know how important it is to have saurcraut, keifer, etc. It creates so much burning I my head & I would like any input. I've been on Solle Verdezyme for 2 years plus Custom Probiotics & STILL have many food intolerances, especially foods high in salicylate acid. Anyone know why the intolerance to fermented foods? Even strawberries that sit out & start to soften, nope, can't tolerate😁 thanks you for any input.
  6. Well I got my DNA results and I do not have the celiac gene so that does rule out celiac but I do have 2 gluten sensitive genes: HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0501 HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0503 Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 1,1 (Subtype 5,5) Although I have had many symptoms before going gluten free, to the extent I could tend to my children, many symptoms have cleared up except for the headaches/migraines/feels like brain on fire. I have been gluten free for 11 months, corn/dairy/soy/nuts free for 8 months. I still have neurological symptoms and can't tolerate anything except whole foods and 1 fruit, apple. I actually got head relief when I had a stomach virus because I didn't eat for 3 days. From what I researched, this lab result with a DQ 1 showed that neurological symptoms are likely to occur. What specifically got damaged, my central nervous system? I am still on pain meds around the clock, injections of muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory, why is it not better yet? Is it reversible damage? None of my doctors believe this to be the cause because I don't have celiac disease but if I eat anything that I am not tolerating now I go back to my previous symptoms, dizziness, fatigue, feeling out of my body, walking off balance, numbness in my legs and the feeling of inflamed brain on fire. Why is this still occurring if I have been off of gluten for so long? Am I considered Non-celiac gluten intolerant? Also my daughter was tested and has 1 gluten sensitive gene and 1 celiac gene. We thought for sure she got the celiac gene from my because my husband has no symptoms of anything. Come to find out she got the celiac gene from him, not me. Should he go gluten free also? Thank you
  7. Yes the Naturopath that I saw did say I had leaky gut back in June. I just started being able to tolerate probiotics 4 weeks ago. I have been on Verdezyme for a couple of months and I used to take L-glutamine per Naturopath but I quit a while back because he said it was healed by now. I'll start it again. Thank You!
  8. Thanks did not know that. With insomnia the last 6 months, I've been drinking about 3 pots to help me going through the day.
  9. So I have now been off of gluten for 10 months and 8 months ago I had to get off of corn,soy, dairy. That said my diet has been pretty much chicken, vegetables, and 2 fruits (apple and banana). I also became salicylate sensitive which made eating anything else impossible. As of last week I am not tolerating grains. My belly started getting distended in October with certain foods but now it's distended with anything I eat. I still have daily headaches/migraines. I am on pain meds around the clock, anti inflammatory injections and muscle injections at night due to the horrific pain in my head. I now notice if I eat grains my muscles and bones hurt to the point I don't want to get out of bed and the fatigue is atrocious. Also grains have started making my mind feel crazy. It sounds so weird but it's the truth. It's hard to explain but there is a direct relation with my intestine, grains, and my mind. My pain management doctor does not believe this is the cause of any of my problems. Although out of the 25 or so symptoms I had before going gluten free have resolved, I still have a few, all neurological. WHen I go to the ER, Tordol shot is what takes away the pain, it's an anti inflammatory medicine. My doctor started me on Cymbalta this week and I felt like I was on serious drugs and could not function. I literally could not drive on the 4th day. Will this end? Why does it seem I am not going up hill? I have only drank water and coffee for 10 months also. My biopsy showed nothing and blood test negative for Celiac disease although he only took 2 samples. But it wasn't until I got off of gluten that I started to get better, bed ridden for 1 year and near death, really. So why the grains all of a sudden? I just don't understand. Thank you for any input!
  10. yes I will, I was just curious if this happened to anyone else after 4 months gluten free.
  11. Well the last couple of weeks I've noticed when I eat watermelon my abdomen blows up to make me look 8 months pregnant. I haven't figured out if it does with the bananas and apples, those are the only fruit I am eating at this point. I am now on week 9 of homemade soup diet with veggies. I started the GAPS diet but have never been able to move on to new foods, I react with horrible symptoms. Last week I tested Ghee on my wrist and I broke out in an itchy rash so no ghee for me. I am skin and bones bc I was not big to begin with and then when my belly blows up it looks even bigger due to my size. I tried a childrens probiotic by Nature Sunshine and had a headache all day which led to a migraine. So probiotics are out. Anyone know what could be going on? I have been eating these fruits forever and just now having distention, it's so uncomfortable. If I get off of fruits my only nutrition is veggies and chicken and duck.
  12. Neurotransmitter Testing Results

    Yes I eat chicken with every serving or fish depending on what kind of soup I made. Plus the protein shake, I know that's what has gotten my mornings to be the best part of the day. So glad to know all this info, thank you so much! I'll compare the supplements he gave me to see what amino acids I need. Thanks!
  13. Neurotransmitter Testing Results

    I have tried so many vitamins and have reacted to all except liquid geritol. There is always corn, soy, or lactose or something else in them that I react to. I haven't found any that do not have those somewheres in the ingredients. The last one I bought was Country Life vitamin B comlpex and had achy flu like symptoms/migraine for the 4 days that I took them. It's really crazy when I think about it. I did find a magnesium that I could tolerate and I drink a protein shake with lots of vitamins by Natures Sunshine. I've been on that 6 months. Should the neuro transmitters levels increase being gluten free? I am SO praying for a miracle
  14. My Naturopath completed a neurotransmitter test on me and I just got the results in. Of the 14 neurotransmitters tested only 4 are functioning properly. The ones that are not are serotonin, 5-HIAA, tryptamine, GABA, PEA, tyramine, dopamine, DOPAC, norepinephrine ,epinephrine. He stated that this is very bad and he does not know how I am even functioning. Really. I said only by the grace of God. He also said now that we know I am gluten sensitive, I believe celiac too even though test was negative, that it most likely did attack me neurologically, hence all of my neuro issues. I also have tingling in my face and sometimes numbness on my lip. I questioned that and he said yes from nonfunctioning transmitters. Still daily head pain but not the on fire brain feeling unless I eat anything except soups and 3 fruits. Also he said there is no way I could sleep through the night with these results, I haven't been able to sleep without meds in 1 1/2 years, So the answer is to get on some supplements and I would see results within a month but start having more energy in 1 week. Here's the problem.....I can't tolerate the supplements. I get flu like symptoms along with a migraine. I have been on a soup & veggie diet for 6 weeks and 3 fruits only being able to tolerate just that. He said that is most likely due to the transmitters being all out of whack. I really didn't want to have to go to a medical doctor, but should I bring these results and is there meds that can increase all of these transmitters? Side effects are horrible but I finally have answers now I want to be fixed! I had no idea all the damage that could come from gluten, it's scary. I'm just so confused as to what to do.