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  1. This is a useful thread, thanks Kamma for your reply. I have gone gluten free as a last ditch effort to cure my chronic fatigue - I have done everything else and my Doctors are less than useless, refusing tests unless there are really obvious signs of anything like thyroid, gluten etc. I am having to go it alone because they depress me so much and make me feel I am insane. Almost a month in, just like above, finding the way of eating easy and pleasurable and not craving bread at all - perhaps because I have learned a lot from the raw food movement. I did high raw for a while but could never give up bread! Sadly, I feel absolutely dreadful. I sleep more than ever; sometimes feel sick; have severe headaches and neck ache; can't think straight; can't function and today I am angry as well. I am wondering if it is worth it and if I am just clutching at straws. Last year I thought I was healed of chronic fatigue and then it came back, but now much worse since starting this, though the first week was good and I felt I was on the right track. I need some hope. I have searched so many sites and forums and all I see over and over are these wonder stories of people losing a stone in the first 4 weeks (I have got heavier) and suddenly having all this energy...and I feel like an oddball, like there is something wrong with me and maybe I shouldn't be doing this and it's all rubbish, etc. But it really does feel like my last hope of recovery. Any advice, links to articles/sites about difficulties would be gratefully received. Thank you