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  1. First Week Of gluten-free - I Win!

    The Hashbrowns were. And they were delicious. Homestyle and fresh. Good old potatoes and cheddar (and a little butter not healthy but....neither is a bagel!) It did not have any kind of "crumbles" on top. Just more "au gratin" style cheddar crusting. But did not think about the bacon! Crapola! The kind I have been buying for home is from our organic/natural grocer and is clearly labeled gluten-free. So far my belly seems okay. We'll see in the next day or two. The buffet was at a really hip natural grocer so I am *hoping/paying* maybe they did use a naturally gluten-free bacon. Gotta remember to ask this stuff. This is what will be the hardest for me to adjust to - eating in public. But with time, I will get the hang of it. Still seeing the upside. There are so many really healthy gluten-free foods out there to explore!
  2. Seriously?

    Only week one for me....with another month or so of "figuring what's really going on with me". Have heard the most amazing diagnoses so far: "It's just your gallbladder you know?" "It's just your thyroid" "It's your hormones" "It's just stress" "It's fatty liver disease" "It's just because you stopped taking the pill" "It's just your ____". Nope. It is exactly what I have figured it out to be. You know...because I live inside my body and feel the things I feel and the log the reactions I log. And puke and poop and have gas lots when I eat the things I eat (tis tha wheat). The GI doctor discredited all my complaints and high levels of everything as: "it's just IBS. Eat some yogurt. I recommend Activia"....AFTER I told him how much yogurt I eat to try and settle my stomach, along with double strength probiotics. *forehead smack* The only person who understands it all is my mom. My husband too. Mom said it best "You know your body best. If you need to stop eating something. Then stop." My husband said "Awesome. I can live semi-gluten-free with you. It will be a lot easier than when you were a vegetarian." Bless his heart....he must love me to want to join me.
  3. Thank you so much for this! This is a great help and good place for me to start. Felt overwhelmed at first by it all.
  4. I have been trying to make my own. And have scoured the internet for hours. It would really help to have a list I can laminate and bring with me to the grocery store, or keep in the car. That way if I need a snack or want to buy something new, I can scan the list and the ingredients on the product label. I know things can be cross contacted....but just a general list for me would be a great start to all of this (newbie). Anyone have any good links of what to watch out for?
  5. Gluten Free And Constipated

    This is my first week gluten-free and am experiencing similar. Though, I was having these same issues before and know it sometimes takes weeks for your GI system to catch up to the changes you have made. I will be traveling all week and plan to add in a natural/organic Psyllium Husk powder (going easy on it for the first few days to get used to it - then adding more if needed). This has helped me in the past when I was desperate to "GO". My thought is that once you switch to gluten-free, you are naturally avoiding breads/grains than your diet before (rightly so because it made you feel sick) so getting extra fiber from somewhere might help. And of course eating more roughage can help, but can also cause "IBS"-like symptoms if your body is not used to it yet. My dietician has me on a digestive enzyme to help with the new changes and recommended fiber if needed so hope it works and will be more gentle than Metamucil. It might take a few different products to try before you find the right one for your body.
  6. My company buys us breakfast once a month for a meeting. Typically is something bread-based like bagels, muffins, biscuits. Today, I told them I would be bringing my own breakfast due to avoiding gluten. My gluten-free breakfast was way more fun - they had lousy wheat-ey bagels and I found an awesome little place nearby with a hot breakfast buffet to go. Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrown casserole, plus bought some yogurt and a yummy organic red tea to go. I win!! Just wanted to brighten your day if you are feeling deprived on gluten-free. It is hard adjusting (not going to lie) but it helps me to see the positives. Look at what I CAN have - YES, CAN, WILL, LOVE, instead of no, not, can't, don't
  7. One other question.... Can OB/GYNs order celiac panels? I mean they can test your hormone levels via bloodwork, so if you had concerns about celiac and gluten, wouldn't they be able to have you tested? Because it can lead to things like infertility, migraines, etc. That a lot of women struggle with. I really love my OB/GYN's office and have been with them for years. She would actually listen to my concerns. Especially when I tell her I stopped taking medication that she was giving me for migraines, because so far NO migraine issues at all! The lingering migraine I had for the two weeks leading up to my GI visit (hoping for celiac testing), I gorged myself on wheat. It was AWFUL. Never doing that again unless someone will listen to me.
  8. Desperate!

    Congrats! I am in the same boat but only about to start my second week Gluten Free. On another thread, I have literally flopped back and forth about wanting a proper diagnosis or not. From a doctor who spent all of 5 minutes with me and brushed my concerns off as "IBS" and suggested I "eat some yogurt" - and buddy...I already eat yogurt everyday AND take probiotics so that people in the same elevator with me won't die. That's not normal. You have figured this out for yourself. Maybe you're celiac or non-celiac gluten intolerant. Either way, it makes us feel like crap when no one else in the room is affected. We can do this! We can start to live again. It is a wonderful feeling. I might consider retesting someday....but it would be with a different doctor that I have learned to trust. Can OB/GYNs order celiac panels? Because she is the only sane doctor that I see these days and has been my doctor the longest... Hope you continue feeling better Ranne!!
  9. My original bloodwork that prompted my primary to send me to the GI/Hepatic Specialist included thyroid levels and those were fine. :-/ The blood sample from home testing was going to be REALLY complicated. I decided since I don't have children yet, to go ahead and begin an elimination diet. This week I have avoided all gluten, and have restricted sugar and dairy too. (Based on some things me and my dietician had already discussed). FEELING FANTASTIC! And can't believe I felt like it was okay to live with zero energy and general lethargy for so long. It just became normal... I did have one slip up on the 4th. I ordered something and forgot to check if it was cooked with anything flour/wheat. It definitely was. I balooned up like a 9 month pregnant lady for two days with horrible stomach pains. Just now feeling normal again. When I teach fitness classes, I am starting to feel my old energy come back as when I was new at teaching. My plan is to retest at 1 year, and see if being gluten free for the year affects my stats. If this week is an indicator, it will most certainly be life changing! Still waiting on my additional liver bloodwork and liver ultrasound results. From the screen, things looked normal on my ultrasound, but I am not a tech, so we'll see!
  10. My chiropractor has agreed to sign. So maybe I will have a test confirm something...anything! Can't continue these awful headaches and feeling like I am constantly carrying around a gut bomb.
  11. Thanks so much Skylark and everyone! I found a lab through my insurance that allows me to mail in blood and stool samples. They have a celiac panel with all of the ones I've read here. (I think there were 5...possibly 6 different things listed) The only hang up now is that I do need a doctor's authorization OR you can pay more through MyMedLab.com and have their specialists approve it (of course more $$). So....if my chiropractor is not willing, which we are very close to him, so I believe he actually might, then I will pay the extra. My RD would DEFINITELY sign but she is on vacation until Friday, and I LEAVE on saturday. It would be another two weeks of feeling bad. My liver ultrasound was today. The whole time I laid their fuming because it's not my liver you dummies...it's my guts causing my liver to react!! lol I have for sure been force-feeding myself gluten since before Memorial Day 05/28. I did skip it over the weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) because of a gnarly migraine and started to feel better instantly. Guess I will just go on a wild gluten binge this week and get it out of my system this week. Death by cookies, anyone?
  12. Thanks everyone so much for reading. I am like a lot of people....had not much of an idea what celiac truly involved. Until I began researching symptoms AND when I got my bloodwork back. I am CONVINVCED this is gluten related and plan to get to the bottom of this myself! Doctor or no doctor. To be fair, I really have tried to go the traditional route and thought it would be easier if I could get a doctor to diagnose me. But why wait? What if I do before then? My plan is to continue to work with this registered dietician who has been through the EXACT same thing. The only difference was she was experiencing arthitic symptoms as well and was very young. My concern is...why in the HECK would he not want to rule out more things considering that I am otherwise in great health and do all of the right things (including eat my grains). Even a patient in a nearby room mumbled under his breath, "What is SHE doing in here? She looks so healthy?" And I wanted to scream "BECAUSE I HAVE CELIAC AND THESE STUPID DOCTORS JUST WANT TO FORCE ME INTO EXPENSIVE PILLS, SURGERGIES AND MORE SUFFERING" You know what. They can keep their stupid diagnoses.... I will prove to them with better stats. Dummies! It started today! Fruit smoothie for breakfast Lots of raw veggies with my chicken topped salad. Tomato soup some more raw veggies from our garden for dinner! first round of heavy duty probiotics.
  13. Food logging since last May. GI symptoms after eating breads, pasta, pizza, baked goods, BEER! 27 years old AST: 48 (H) ALT: 74 (H) Bilirubin: 1.8 (H) LDL: 271 (H) Total Chol: 355 (H) Hemoglobin: 15.6(H) Hematocrit: 46.2(H) Doctor reduced my insistence on wheat intolerance to simply "IBS and eat some probiotic yogurt". Which I had already told him that I do... Took more bloodwork for liver. Scheduled a liver ultrasound. Scared. Mad. Confused. Is my body not trying to fight off of all this gluten I have been eating? My dietitian firmly believes I have at least a gluten intolerance, if not celiac. What should I do next?
  14. Have been suspecting gluten issues based on more than a year and a half of logging my food. Never thought to log my SYMPTOMS along with my foods until about 3-4 months ago. Have had constipation, violent vomitting and even diarrhea after eating certain foods. 27 years old. Athletic (workout 6-10hours a week) Eat what all doctors recommend. About 1400-1600 cals, only water/black coffee/teas/limited sugary stuff. Veggies as much as possible, fruits, olive oil, greek yogurt with active cultures, meats (organic chicken/beef, bacon, shrimp/fish, Applegate or Boar's Head deli meats, no meat with every meal), occasionally dairy like sour cream or creamer (don't care for any of it). Prefer almond milk/coconut milk. The only grains I eat are oatmeal, whole grain breads for sandwiches, wheat buns/breads at restaurants, spinach wraps, pizza crusts, bagels. No alcohol in the last year or so. It HURTS to drink beer. And wine makes me feel sniffly. It's not fun so I just don't. Occasional whiskey drink if I am in a social setting. I just milk that one drink and stick to water after that... Typically react to the grains (Subway is the worst), pizzas, pastas, beer, and baked goods. Received my lab work back and visited a gastro specialist who insists I have a crappy liver... Background: High liver enzymes AST: 48 ALT: 74 Bilirubin: 1.8 Total Chol: 355 LDL: 271 HDL: 63 Triglycerides: 103 Hemoglobin: 15.6 Hematocrit: 46.2 The doctor brushed off my GI symptoms as only IBS and recommended I eat yogurt (even tohugh I already do that...). When I suggested a wheat intolerance, he REALLY became firm that it was only IBS. He went straight for the liver... My feeling is that my body and liver are fighting the inflammation from my body's reaction to wheat. Why is it so damned hard for a doctor to at least rule out wheat intolerance/celiac? Then we could move on? I found a private lab that I plan to test for IgA and IgG. Frustrated! Kind of worried!!