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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pregnant And Nauseated - Help!

    Make sure you pack snacks from home every time you go somewhere. Nibbling on food definitely has helped me combat the sick feeling. Grapes have been good for me or rice crackers with peanut butter. Being pregnant and gluten-free, you (unfortunately) need to find some processed gluten-free items at the store like crackers and bread. I have been eating udi bread because I have been constantly craving sandwiches. I also eat Lara bars and keep them in my purse. You can make them at home cheaper than you can buy them. Just google lara bar recipe at home. I make sure to make things like gluten-free muffins and oatmeal cookies and pack those too and have them to grab at home when I am starving. Let's fave it- pregnancy makes you crave carbs. Good luck and hang in there. It will get easier with time. I too, realized with this pregnancy that I cannot tolerate ANY gluten and I suspect celiac. I had been almost gluten-free before I became pregnant but cheated once a week. Now I can't cheat at all without serious consequences.
  2. That is exactly how my DH presents. Both legs, itchy bumps. Before I figured out it was gluten, both legs were covered with what I would refered to as hives. Now that I am gluten-free, I still have small red bumps that will appear on my thighs but they don't bother me like the previous outbreaks that extended the length on my legs. Maybe since going gluten-free, you are extra sensitive to small amounts and it is presenting as DH? Also, every time I read a description of DH, it never really mentions legs. So I am not sure if this is perhaps an uncommon place for DH?
  3. I have DH and it is controlled with a gluten-free diet. It isn't always completely gone but that is probably because I get trace amounts of gluten. But it is definitely tolerable when I am gluten-free. I am just wondering what the link to iodine is and what I need to look for if I am avoiding it. Obviously iodized salt, but what else? Do all people that suffer with DH have a sensitivity to iodine?
  4. Pregnant And Worried

    Thank you Skylark- I will ask about the testing for vitamin levels. If they are ok, it will ease my mind. As far as the DH, I have had blistery, scaly, extrememly itchy bumps or almost hives on both legs for 3 years or so. It was so bad, I would scratch so hard at night and it would leave scars. I didn't even want to wear shorts or skirts in the summer. When I stopped eating gluten, it healed within a month. Eliminating gluten was such a drastic change for me. I just have to stay commited for myself and the baby.
  5. Ironman Or Triathlete?

    I am guessing you have already done your open water event but I am a triathlete and have been gluten-free for a year and a half. I am not "diagnosed" celiac but mainly because I don't have faith in the medical community surrounding this topic and don't want to bother with it. Regardless, I train and complete gluten-free. I noticed a drastic change in my performance after becoming gluten-free. Definitely the main problem I come across is getting enough carbs. I usually notice immediately (especially in the water) if I haven't had enough. I always feel like I am swimming is syrup. I am currently 3 months pregnant, so I am not training for any events. I still swim regularly though.
  6. Going On 19 Weeks And Struggling

    I am 16 weeks and feel the same way. I have given in to the temptation of gluten a couple of times (chik fil-a chicken biscuit...I know, wrong on so many levels). But I was so sick the next day, I had major gluten remorse. Now I have enough fear for my baby that I am not doing that again. I didn't really realize that hurting myself was also hurting my baby. Dumb, I know. Anyway, hang in there. Find a good gluten-free website with some recipes for yummy treats. If I keep things around the house like homemade oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate and almond flour banana muffins, I can usually grab one of those and feel good later. They are still sweet and kind of bread like. For me, I just know that any time I leave the house, I have to pack snacks from home. That way I wont go through the awful drive thru again.
  7. I am so glad I came across this website. I am 16 weeks pregnant. I have never been officially diagnosed with celiac mainly because I don't have must faith in the medical community when it comes to food allergies and because I never really thought I had "celiac" until this pregnancy. I self diagnosed with obvious DH (skin rash), lethargy, fogginess, and severe mucus response with sore throat, headache, etc. I have been gluten-free (I say that mildly because I tend to cheat and pay for it) for a year and a half. This is my second pregnancy. I first started noticing symptoms after the birth of my first daughter while fighting candida. I had thrush for months and had to completely change my diet. It was during this time that I realized my real problem was gluten. Now that I am pregnant again, it seems as though I can't tolerate even the slightest bit of gluten. I have been more careful than usual because I have become very sick during this pregnancy due to eating it. I am on the right track now and committed to the lifestyle but I am still very worried about the baby. Could I have done irreversible harm? Is the baby not getting the nutrients it should be? Wondering if I should see some sort of specialist. I am taking a prenantal but haven't been consistent. Any advice would be appreciated.