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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My son was experience in the past yr 4 bouts of vomitting and diarrhea that smell so sickly and awful, at times he woke up in the middle of the night with pain in his stomach and what i have mentioned above, I had taken him to the E.R. and his Dr. and both said he caught a bug or something he ate but yet we both ate the same thing.He has also developed serious belching and gas when he eats certain things. I became concerned and asked his Dr. if he could be tested for celiac for I came back positive and heard that its heredity. The Dr. was skeptical and said its probably a stomach virus but i insisted!!! MY son came back positve as well, What can I do to help with his belching and gas? He is starting junior high and is afraid to eat in school because he feels embaressed. I dont want my son to starve. Any ideas, comments or thoughts fellow celiac members?
  2. For the past yr, I have had tachycardia and heart palpations, ringing of the ears and panic attacks when this occurs, I have had my thyriod checked, saw a heart specialist and they have ruled this all out, I have always had gastric issues good majority of my adult life, nausea, bloating,diarrhea, constipation and chronic gastritist.My primary Dr. tested me for celiac and had a endoscopy and came back positve for it. It does explain all the gastric issues but still concerned about my other issues, they just cant figure it out and im wondering is anyone else experincing this? I am slowly tring to change my diet but its not easy. I have found when I do eat gluten filled products, Im up all night, having palpataions and feel like I have poison and toxins in my body I also constanly have my arm, legs or all over my body jerking right before i try to fall asleep. This is driving me crazy and In fear of my life. Its so discouraging that they cant figure out whats wrong and I fear its something pretty serious, I did have a head cat scan and it also came back normal! Thank god! But if anyone can give me some info or are experincing the same feedback would be so appriciated. I feel like Im going nuts!!!!!1 Help