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  1. I guess I am on the wrong forum. I know it is gluten-free but my issue is that there are a lot of gluten-free things that have "modified starch" in them. Only in the last few years have gluten-free products had modified starches that had a "NAME" like Expandex
  2. I didn't realize it was an old forum. I hope it gets re-activated because today I have what I call a "chemical" hangover. All my muscles ache. I made pizza last night with a very popular brand of commercial crust. I knew better. About 2-3 months age I ate at my favorite Pizza place (gluten free) next morning I ached all over. I ate there one more time before I realized they had changed their crust. I asked their response was "same crust", I checked label, it's ingredients used to say tapioca starch now says "_____'s Best Blend (tapioca starch). I have sent this question out before because I think Tapioca is being modified like wheat has been. I also have had a reaction to an "absolutely delicious gluten-free cupcake" I now bake all my own products. Your reference to Accent is more accurate than you realize.
  3. Has anyone tried Rice chex instead of breadcrumbs. We love fish breaded in them. Meatloaf most anything that needs crumbs.
  4. Shar pasta is really good. combination of corn and rice. It's not so delicate that it overcooks easily. gluten-free family likes it too
  5. If Expandex is "just Modified tapioca starch" why does it have a trade name,?
  6. Has anyone done research on the new modified starches. Modified Tapioca is the first I noticed. Udi's pizza crust has really gotten delicious but I couldn't stop eating it. Then I contacted then and they said they were using a product that was modified tapioca. I forgot name of product but I am concerned that they are modifiying our starches like the wheat was modified.