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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So Frustrated...

    Thanks guys. I appreciate all of the great advice and the different points of view.
  2. So Frustrated...

    You're right. When you put it like that I see I've been being irrational about this whole thing. It's strayed away from being about what I can safely eat to me just being moody I guess. I suppose I'll go and just try to enjoy myself and see how it turns out.
  3. So Frustrated...

    I was going to bring my own food and I'm happy to bring my own food because it is worry free for me. But when we were invited it was they invited us and they would be making all the food. I made some progress with him and he asked his brother not to prepare or cook any of the food until we get there. My boyfriend understands how sick I get and he is actually totally gluten free when we are having any kind of a meal or snack together. If we eat out he always orders gluten free even though I've told him he doesn't have to. It is just so annoying because it is almost like he is embarrassed to tell his family members that they have to read labels. They invited to make us dinner and them knowing I have to be gluten free I would assume they would go out of their normal cooking regimes to make it gluten free. It's almost like he doesn't want to hassle them which I don't understand. I don't believe I am asking for too much here right?
  4. So Frustrated...

    My boyfriends family decided they want to have us over for dinner again. Most of the time when we go I bring my own food an I cook mine before everyone starts to cook theirs. Sometimes I get sick from CC and sometimes I don't. Lately I have been. So this time his brother (whom we don't see that often) wants to have us over and wants to buy all the dinner so I'm not supposed to bring anything. This is thoughtful. So when he asks my BF what he should get I went with the safe grilled chicken and some baked French fries. My BF goes through all the trouble to tell his brother to clean the grill well and to wash everything first. But when I asked what they would be seasoning the chicken with my BF said 'I don't know' and when I asked if he could tell his brother to make sure it's gluten free seasoning he replied 'he doesn't read labels and s$#&' and when I said that didn't work out very well for me he said that it shouldn't matter because I usually get sick when I eat at his familys place anyway. Then he suggested that I make potato salad as a side and just eat that for dinner if I'm so worried about it. AM I BEING CRAZY? I mean seriously am I being OCD or something? I don't feel like I am. I don't want to tell him that I don't want to go to his family functions because then his family is not going to like me very much. Anyone got anything I can say besides the obvious that gets my point across that will keep me from sounded like a crazy person?
  5. Retail And Gluten

    Thanks guys. The later in the day it gets the slower it gets. Just six more hours to go! I really appreciate your words of encouragement bart and rose.
  6. Retail And Gluten

    As if it's not bad enough that I got sick I'm extremely irritable, I work a long day today at my retail job and it's Sunday which means that all the church people are coming in. I'm not sure if they are nice in your areas, but in mine they are rude and demanding and disrespectful. It's days like this that I hate and thanks to celiac I'm having an awful day. Any words of encouragement?
  7. Acne From Gluten?

    I get breakouts whenever I eat gluten, but ever since I changed my shampoo and conditioner to gluten-free the breakouts seem less severe and don't leave scars like they did before. My face is clear now.
  8. A Bit Of Lighthearted Celiac Humor

    So so true... All of it.
  9. Seriously?

    You can have this wheat, it's organic! And my favorite: I cooked it...Doesn't the gluten just cook out? Makes me want to stab myself in my ears... Over and over again.
  10. Heads Up About In-N-Out

    I never ate from in and out anymore just because I got sick all the time from it and I didn't know why. Now I know why. Thank you so much for this information.
  11. Acne From Gluten?

    I get these acne like zits on my neck and back whenever I eat gluten. They hurt so bad and when they go away I'm left with a scar also that goes away eventually. I always had them for the longest time just not as many as when I'd get glutened. My older sister who also has celiac had them as well and she changed her shampoo and conditioner to an organic one and hers went away. I followed suit and mine went away too! I currently use a brand called pureology and my skin has never felt better. Maybe try changing your shampoo and conditioner for awhile and see if it helps you like me. Good luck!
  12. After I went gluten-free I found out who my real friends are. Not to make you feel bad or rub anything in but I have friends who throw whole gluten-free parties when I'm the only one attending that is gluten-free. They would never decide to go out to dinner and pick a place that I cannot eat at. As for my boyfriend, when we go out to eat he eats off of the gluten-free menu. If he does eat gluten he always makes sure that he brushes his teeth really well and uses mouth wash to get anything he may have missed. When we move in together (hopefully soon) he was very accepting when I explained why I wanted our place to be a gluten free one. He loves me and he loves me healthy. You'll find REAL friends and there are guys out there who will adapt to your diet to make sure you don't get sick. I swear they are out there and when you find them hang on to them. Good luck! It gets easier.
  13. My first week without gluten was awful for me. I know how you feel about the cravings because for a month after I started eating gluten free for every meal I'd eat I just wanted a sub. I thought the cravings would never go away, but most of them do. I'm going on four years gluten-free and I'll admit I still crave some foods and embarrassingly I dream about eating gluten every now and then but it's easier to deal with. If you can I would recommend changing your graduation party. It's just awful to put yourself through the temptation especially when it's still all new to you. I'm not sure where you live but in my area we have a bunch of gluten-free Chinese resteraunts. My favorite is PF Changs and they also own a 'fast food' chain calle Pei Wei which is also very good. I'd suggest doing some research and finding a restaurant that you can eat at. They have all sorts of gluten-free places now-a-days. After all, it is YOUR graduation party. Congratulations Grad! And remember if you have more questions or have a bad glutened day we're here and chances are we understand.
  14. I've been off gluten for four years now and my reaction to gluten now is the same as it was then. Mine is like a week long cycle that seems like forever to get through. My stomach hurts almost immediately after eating it and depending on how much I eat I might throw-up. Then my insides will proceed to hurt for about two to three days. Because of this stomach pain I have a very difficult time sleeping and I'm tired all the time no matter how much I sleep. I get cramps in my muscles and all of my limbs ache. I get rashes on my legs and sometimes my arms and I'm extremely moody and irritable to the point where I have to lock myself away just to get through my day without screaming at anyone. My younger brother also has celiac and his reaction doesn't make him nearly as sick as I get. He cheats often to and isn't all that careful when it comes to cross contamination. But I don't care. I feel better when I am not sick with gluten. His insides rip themselves apart just like mine do, and I'm actually thankful I have a reaction because it makes it easier not to cheat. Maybe if he got as sick as I do he wouldn't cheat. But he's a grown man. He can do what he likes.
  15. Accidental Glutening!

    I've done this exact thing many times. Thankfully I catch this mistake most of the time. Recently I decided to make some brats for dinner, went to the store and grabbed the ones I get and didn't realize until I was putting them in the pan that they were beer brats and not the ones I normally get. I used to get mad when I did this but now I'm just thankful I catch it. Sometimes I don't catch it though. I try my hardest to read labels and be cautious, but I've also accepted that this is going to happen every now and then no matter how careful I am.