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  1. I like that better. I will try and find a way to post it
  2. That makes since thanks
  3. That makes since thanks:)
  4. I am in a tecnical report writing class that just started this week. I want to write my report about Celiac since i have it along with other food intolerance.. 00 the issue i am having is braking the topic down this is the format we have to post. Example: Purpose: How to use Visual Cues to Assist Autistic Children Questions: Why are visual cues helpful learning tools for Autistic children?, What type of learning cues are most helpful - and at what ages? Audience: Parents of Autistic Children for the purpose right not i have is - The specific purpose of this report is to inform people what celiac is, how its diagnosed, and to help guide someone who is newly diagnosed. for questions is i have = : What is celiac disease, What are the symptoms, How is it diagnosed, what is the diet, why does it have to me more stricked then NCGS. Audience= to someone who may have celiac or does have celiac. i guess my question is how can i make my purpose, questions, and audience better. thanks the help in advance
  5. Fructose Malabsorption

    I just seen your post.i have celiac and can't have dairy proteins or lactose. But fructose a huge issue for me. The dumb thing is the breath test was negative but i was so sick during that test I thought it was going to be positive and I told them I never want to do this test again. Yet it came back negative and they think it was a false negative because of how sick I was but I refuse to take the test again it was that bad. I'm new to it so I haven't found what I can can have it know pasta sauce if I have to much makes me sick. Iv tried adding it back in but it makes me so sick.
  6. Canker sores

    And thanks so much. I'm hoping to get to bottom of everything.. and they are painful. This is just some of them.
  7. Canker sores

    Yeah the decreased folds are in the 2nd part of duodenum mostly. Who knows about that. It is what it is... and as far as these sores go I'll try lysine. This is just some of the sores in have them all over in my mouth.. it's from yeast?
  8. Canker sores

    So before going gluten free, I would get canker sores all the time as a kid.. I then became sick by vomiting and diahrrea and stomach bloating. So I went to the doctor and they told me 2 try a gluten free diet for 3 months. I got better and sores went away and all. They told me to stay on the diet. So I did and a yr and a half later they decided to blood test me for celiac but it was negative... well this yr iv been having problems with dairy and fructose but the intolerant test for fructose was negative but i was super sick during that 25mg fructose test.. anyway the doctors did a endoscopy on me and colonoscopy to see what's going on..the endoscopy showed I had decreased folds but the biopsy showed my vili were fine. But then again iv been gluten free for 6 yrs now.... I actually went out to a reastront for the first time last Friday and in the middle of my dinner I had to rush to the bathroom because I was sick.. well the next day I woke up with sores all over in my mouth.(some of the sores in pic) anyways I'm curious to know if gluten intolerance or celiac causes these sores. My gi doctor said she thinks I have celiac but with my vili being fine she's not sure... my dietition said if she had to bet she would that if I was tested right off the beginning It all would have been positive Anyways That was a story about me my question is do any of you get these from gluten I took these pictures to show my gi doctor when I go in the 5th to talk to be and touch bases since all my exams.and tests iv had have been negative of why Dairy and fructose are issues and some other things we can't figure out what...
  9. Well iv posted a few times on here. So since march fructose and dairy have been a issue. My gi doctor did the fructose test and it was negative but i was supper sick from it.. they did a endoscopy to see if I truly had celiac and it showed I had decreased folds in duodenum but vili were fine (iv been gluten free for 6 years) so with that being said the gi doctor said she is 99% sure I have celiac but to be fully diagnosis at 100% I have to eat gluten again and see if my villi become damage.. but she said she dosent realy want me to do that because of how sick I get from it.. she said naturally I should just continue on gluten-free..... any ways the reason why I went to the gi doctor was because my body is not liking dairy or fructose.. at first it was just stomach issues and diarrhea now it's that and vomiting..... the gi doctor thinks it's my pancrease.... could you be gluten intolerance or celiac and have issues with your pancrease...... I know alcohol causes issues with the pancrease but I don't drink at all or smoke..... I'm 22 years old weight is 93lbs... Also I'm not sure of this has to do with anything but I read something about stool not to float... well when I do have regular bowel not water. They always float and always have my whole life... What is your experience with stuff?
  10. My endoscopy showed i had decreased folds in my duodenum. The biopsy came back and showed that my villi were fine... i have been on a gluten free diet for 6 years because i was just told i was intolerant but never had any testing before. when i eat gluten i get sick for 2 weeks. i came down with issues of other foods in march so they were trying to figure out why and wanted to know if i had celiac are not because that would explain why dairy and fructose are a problem.. both intolerant test for both were negative but the fructose test made me extremely sick but it was negative... Im trying to figure out why i have decreased folds in the first place. my Gi doctor is stumped on that to why the endoscopy would show damage but the under the microscope are fine. She is going to call the dr who did my scope and then is supposed to get back to me.. would being gluten free for 6 year make it so there was damage and then my vili are now fine but still cant be seen in the endoscope?
  11. I never worried about cross contamination because i was originally told i was just intolerant. after going gluten free i felt so much better up until this last march. dairy and fructose have been giving me problems but both lactose and fructose test came back negative. this is what my gi doctor emailed me today
  12. yep ... im really starting to get very frustrated. i called my dietion today and told her what was going on and she said it makes no since that fructose isnt the cause so for right now i want you to keep avoiding it ok... i said ok... i said when i emailed you yesterday i said never mind i did have it then you replied back i thought so! well that was a sike. they called me thinking i was someone else. so back to square one. she then said screw the tests and your to avoid it... the other day when i was preping for colonoscopy i had chicken broth and i added some beef flavor to it and ended up sick before i even drank the prep drink.... i looked at the ingredients and there was corn syrup solid in it.....
  13. I had the blood test done years ago and it was negative. And they said it was just gluten intolerance so I never worried about cross contamination and all that. In a way I'm hoping something will show up in my biopsies so I will watch the cross contamination and all that of it truly have celiac. I never because sick from it.. but when I do have a bite of something with gluten I'm sick.. So I'm not sure what's is going on been trying to figure it out for the last 6 months..... can the flu cause decreased folds? I haven't had the flu but it's a thought. Or sibo? They tested me for sibo but it was negative I'm starting to get the impression that this is all in my head
  14. So I have been gluten free for 6 years because it made me barf and very sick..... the doctors then just found the cause and said I was gluten intolerance. They did not run any tests at all but I responded very well to the gluten-free diet up until 6 months ago I became getting sick again. Dairy and fructose seem to be the trigger foods I think but the tests for them were negative.... bring on gluten-free for so long my doctor knew test won't be a 100% diagnosed because I have ate it in 6yrs.. The endoscopy showed I decreased folds in my duodenum but won't my vili be fine since I haven't ate it.... I just want to figure out the problem.... What causes decreased folds?
  15. Oh man!!!!! It turns out I do not have fructose malabsorption! They had the wrong person yesterday when they told me ........ just want to know what's going on