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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Angry Front Of House Guy

    I was in a restaurant the other day and was thrilled to find they could "alter" my meal choices to make them gluten free. Of course altering them turned out to mean just removing whole parts of the dish that I couldn't have. Anyway I was quite drunk and forgiving by the cheese course when they brought out 6 slithers of cheese, one being coated in breadcrumbs (which they failed to tell me). I inquired of the front of house manager and he apologised and told me I couldn't have it, and got cross that the waiter hadn't told me. He proceeded to have an uncomfortably loud conversation with the waiter in which he was scolded and told the mistake was unacceptable. When the front of house came back I told him that it didn't matter but he said "MISTAKES ARE UNACCEPTABLE" and went away. I think they may have missed the point of providing gluten free food, by just doing enough to cover themselves from lawsuits and severely scolding staff in front of the whole restaurant when things go wrong. I wanted to make a comic about this but I think that it works better as a story - I'm sure you've all had similar experiences but it amused me.
  2. Can't Put On Weight

    I have the same problem. I have been a Coeliac for 7 years and strictly adhere to the diet but I cannot put on weight. I was hoping now that I'm 30 my metabolism is going to slow down but so far no change. It's frustrating because everyone just tells me I'm really lucky and that they can't lose weight. However I am a martial artist and would like to gain a bit of weight to turn to muscle which seems impossible.
  3. Hi There

    Hello everybody, My name is Howard and I have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease for 7 years now. I am from the UK where we spell Coeliac in a funny way, and I work in IT for my day job and draw cartoons about my disease in my spare time. I have taken an interest in a lot of news articles from the US lately where the diet seems to be becoming a popular fad for those without the medical condition, which on the positive side seems to be creating a boom in gluten free product development. Catch you around, Howard the Celeriac