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  1. I'm new here but yeah. I too have gained weight. I been feeling gloomy and also have had a poor diet.
  2. hi. I can honestly say this desease is new to me but the symptoms are not. only waking up now and ,like you Lumi, doing the research. Because symptoms have become more severe and trying. the only time I felt really great was when I was doing the master cleanse which involved no food at all! lol. I have yet to be tested. my appointment is in two weeks. I too am dying to know what is going on and what has been going on with my body.
  3. I went into the emergency room because suddenly I had blisters on my hands and feet. they labeled it as some type of dermatitis. And said that it may have been cause from stress..... prior I just haven't been feeling myself. you can say I was depressed... been juggling school, and four very challenging sons. so I took what the doctor told me and understood it as stress. But new things began to happen and this can't be just stress. I goggled my symptoms which were, dermatitis (now all over body) gas (which I suffered all life) nausea finger tingles migraines missed cycle (last was in may) insomnia stomach pains I gave all this info to advice nurse. and was told I was extremely emotionally stressed and needed a physiologist!!!! I have an appointment with doctor near the end of month. how can I put to rest this stress assumption and get the test done?