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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Subway

    I can't speak from person experience (I've only been out to once since being diagnosed and that was at Chipotle.) However, I've been talking with a fellow Celiac who has very bad experiences with Subway. I think it really depends on the Subway you visit.
  2. A big yes on the first one and a big no on the second one. I was addicted to wheat bread; I was a big sandwich maker. I'd love making anything into a sandwich, I think one day I even made a relish/peanut butter combo. I just never knew all of my symptoms were because of the gluten.
  3. Flax Meal

    I've been mixing flax seed meal into my meatballs/meatloaf and I sprinkle some on my yogurt. I started eating it a few days before I found out I had Celiac, so I'm not sure if it made me bloated or not. (gluten was going a good job of that already) But, it does seem to help in the bathroom department. Not a "run to the bathroom" help, but if you have it at night...you will probably need to go in the morning.
  4. Recovery Time

    nvsmom: Haha, I will gladly root for the Flames if they are your team. I don't watch a lot of hockey; I just thought I'd try to be clever and come up with a "cool" name. But, I've heard of both weight gain and weight loss, it's really strange how the symptoms differ with everybody. Hopefully you continue dropping the pounds! I haven't seen any goat milk yogurt, but I'm going by Whole Foods next week, perhaps they will have it. caselynn: There is an extreme amount of info on this site. I spent half of my day just searching this site yesterday and it was well worth it. I am a big fan of frozen yogurt, too! I checked the website for Kemp's frozen yogurt and it doesn't look they sell it where I live. I'm sure I can find something around my area, though!
  5. Recovery Time

    Kayshae: It's nice to meet a fellow newb! I am looking forward to the weight gain, and muscle gain. Hopefully we both continue to improve! Lfrost: Thank you for the advice. I eat greek yogurt (which I may have to give up for awhile, unless there are dairy free versions) but I do not take any probiotics tablets or anything. I'll definitely look into it and give it a try, though! I am already a big fan of almond milk, so almond milk ice cream sounds delicious!
  6. Recovery Time

    I probably should have been more clear. When I said "cheat" I meant on my healthy diet I had before I even knew I had Celiac. I would never cheat on my new gluten-free diet. It just doesn't make sense to put something in my body that will destroy my insides. Thank you both for the replies and tips! The dairy advice saddens me a bit, but I will give it a try and see if my symptoms approve even more. Long road ahead!
  7. Hello, I am new to the gluten-free lifestyle and new to this forum, so it kind of feels like the first day of High School all over again. I just hope I make more friends this time around! Anyways, I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and really was shocked that all of the problems I have been suffering from since I was 12 were all connected with Celiac. Late puberty, weight loss/not gaining muscle, eczema, bloating/gas, dental problems, extreme fatigue, depression...and I am probably forgetting some stuff. I am 21 now and finally have the answer to it all. I can't believe I (or my doctors) never put everything together 'til now. But, I realize it's important not to think about the past and focus on the bright future I have ahead of me. I do have a couple of questions, though. I just went gluten-free two days ago and I do feel some improvement with the bloating/gas, and my eczema is already improving. However, I do still get some bloating and gas just about after each meal. How long will this last? Is it just because the lining is still damaged and needs time to heal? Also, I have been eating very healthy for a few years now...but I do have one thing that I "cheat" on every other week or so and that is ice cream. I know ice cream should naturally be gluten free, but I realize certain restaurants and companies add unnesccary items into their products. So, I was just wondering if you had a favorite gluten-free ice cream? Also, are there any ice cream shops that are more gluten-friendly than others? Thanks!