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  1. I moved to Mobile,Alabama from New York four years ago. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2002. Since I have lived in Mobile I haven't found anyone dealing with celiac disease here. I am looking to meet other celiac's. This is a lonely disease especially in the south where food and good times go together. I don't go to many functions because it hard to get people to understand why one can't eat 90% of what is made. I couldn't figure out why my stomach was torn-up after eating barbecue. I just found out the charcoal that on uses to barbecue has a gluten covering that holds it together. So this years church barbecue will leave me eating salad. This is why I am looking for a forum in Mobile,Alabama. The good news on barbecue for celiac's is buy lump coal. It is natural. I am very knowledgable about my condition. I have to be I want to live.
  2. Are there any doctor's in Mobile,Alabama that specialize in Celiace disease.
  3. I realize this is a old post. I moved to Mobile,Alabama four years ago. I like yourself are looking to meet other individuals with celiac disease. I was wondering have you come across any support groups. If so please let me know.
  4. I have celiac disease going on 9 yrs. I moved to Mobile,Al., four years ago. I would like to know if there is a support group for gluten intolerance. I discovered this site surfing the web. It"s a lonely disease to have to deal with by oneself. People don't understand what one goes through with this disease A support is needed.