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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How do you know so much? You made me feel better about that poor doctor. It just didn't seem to match, but I'm glad he checked. If it all turns out to be gluten he will be my best friend because I have suffered a long time. As I understand the genetic test was positive, but we are still waiting on the other ones (probably what you said - panels). I wonder what's the deal with the genetic test. It doesn't mean I have it for sure? It's almost like, what's the point of the tests if they aren't accurate? I will do the endoscopy if necessary, but it will be costly for my family with our very high deductible. Do you feel free to eat other things like milk and sugar as long as it's gluten free? I guess you're right, I should just exclude gluten for a few months and if I feel better it's just that, if not I should take out more foods. Thanks for all the knowledge!
  2. Thanks to both of the replies. I thought the symptoms were not at all like Celiacs, but it does now seem it can vary. I wonder if it might help with the psoriasis too. My psoriasis also comes in flares, but when it turns on it really turns on head to toe. It's horrible. If I am sensitive to gluten I bet it will slow that down too. I don't want to get too excited. How did you figure out about the corn?
  3. Hi, I'm 30. I have had serious joint pain on and off for 13 years. Because I have psoriasis doctors have assumed all these years that I have psoriatic arthritis. This is a hard one to diagnose, because there's no blood test or anything to confirm. I was having some mixed opinions from doctors, some said it looked like that some said it didn't, so during this last "flare" (which has been particularly painful) I decided to see a rheumatologist at UCLA figuring they are the best. He said it didn't look like psoriatic arthritis because I don't have visible swelling and because it isn't consistently painful. My pain comes and goes, when it's gone it is pretty much all gone, but when it comes it stays for a few months or so. It's all over the place sometimes I have a weak, aching pain for 6 months, sometimes I have sharp, shooting pain for 3 months. It can act different in someways, but I can tell that it's the same thing by the way it just "turns on" and makes my body hurt so bad. It is certainly something because it is extreme pain and moves to different joints (shoulders, hands, wrists, knees, hips, spine). I have other symptoms-fatigue, body weakness, eye pain, popping/clicking joints. Anyway, the point is that the doctor said it sounded more like celiac because of the way it comes and goes, but I don't have stomach issues. I told him that, but he said some celiac sufferers don't. He said the disease is very different for everyone. I also asked how this could be celiac when I can go let's say a year without this pain/other symptoms and then suddenly this, whatever it is, turns on and goes for a few months. Why would this pattern occur when I eat gluten everyday? He said that sounds like celiac turning on and off and acting all crazy like that, but now that I am reading all your posts that's not at all what it sounds like. I hear everyone talking about constant stomach issues until they stop gluten. Dr. did a genetic test and it did say I have the genes for gluten, but he said they need to do further tests. He said the next tests have alot of false negatives, so he said even if it's negative I should do the gluten free diet. I have no problem going on this diet, in fact I'm just so glad if I can just quit gluten to relieve this horrible pain because my previous diagnosis was not hopeful like this. The truth is, I am looking for answers because I don't want to get my hopes up that there is now a "cure" to my pain. If anyone can relate please let me know, or if anyone knows anything more about these tests let me know. I am waiting to hear back, but I feel like he said if it's negative it doesn't matter, so I need to figure this out on my own. I will do the diet for 2 months no matter what, but Idon't want to count on this fixing my pain if no one out there has my symptoms and maybe the doctor is way off on me.