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  1. Hey. I'm Mandy, and I'm almost 15. I need to share what's been bothering me with some people who might understand. I've been gluten free all my life, I was diagnosed with Celiac when I was 22 months old. I'm the only gluten free person in my family, out of my friends, and there is only a couple of people I really know who are gluten free. It's lonely, and gotten more lonely. My family understands, especially my mom, who's always been there, but they've never really had to deal with it like I have. My friends are understanding sometimes, but other times poke fun at my food for being crumbly, looking or smelling weird, or having a weird taste. Its harsh and they don't understand that it hurts me a lot. I only have one friend who really understands, and so does her family. Its nice having that. I have a lot of problems going out to eat especially with friends because sometimes I have worries about reliability of Gluten Free menus, or cross contamination, or being judged by my friends for over exaggerating, even though I know its necessary. Also, I started getting a lot more G/I symptoms in the past 3 years. A couple months ago I had a reaction with hives at school to an allergen that we're still currently testing for. I've been dealing with some other emotional stuff that has really increased my worries about accidental Gluten intake, and getting more hives or G/I issues. It scares me that there could be something that I don't know is hurting me, and sometimes G/I issues are unpredictable. They happen when I'm away from home without my family, and I even held up 5 church retreat buses because of G/I issues. Point, I just really feel brought down sometimes by my intolerances, physically and emotionally. I'm sorry for the long rant! The last thing I want is to complain, but my mom suggested that I get this off of my chest to some people that might know what I'm saying. I wanted to hear stories of how other people have struggled recently, or not recently. I'd love to talk to some people who know what I'm saying.
  2. Hey! I'm Mandy. I'll be turning 15 in July, and I'm from Maryland. I was diagnosed with Celiac when I was almost 2 years old. I haven't really been on this forum for a year buuuut since Camp Celiac is coming up I wanted to know who was going since this is my first time, and I won't have many friends there! So, Camp Celiac, Rhode Island, August! Who's going?
  3. Hey. So here's the thing. If you're cheating and don't have really bad reactions, you are still damaged on the inside of your body and you can't feel how severely you were affected by the gluten. And I don't know much about gluten intolerance but I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was 22 months old and I'm also 14, so I have been dealing with my symptoms for a while and it is impossible for me to cheat without getting a severe reaction. So taking that you are intolerant, I would do some research on how that actually damages you without you knowing. As for food, I have to say that I love the chocolate bars that have the crisp in the middle. I believe it is from the brand Enjoy Life and I know that it is dairy free as well as gluten free because I was put off of dairy for a few months. And it must be hard with the situation of your parents not wanting to get the stuff (but I do COMPLETELY understand how expensive it is), but you could try explaining your situation to them. I hope I helped, best of luck to you
  4. I'm 14 and have been gluten free since I was 22 months old. I have diarrhea and depending on the amount I eat pretty severe vomitting. And overall, I just feel terrible after eating it.
  5. Hi everyone.... I'm Mandy and I'm 14. I'm new to the forum but was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was 22 months old. I'm the only person in my family and extended family that we know of that has Celiac and not many of my friends understand what Gluten and Celiac Disease is so I feel pretty lonely sometimes. My mom used to follow this thing religiously when I was a baby and showed me the website tonight so it looks like it will be useful and interesting... Alrighty byee