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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the good information, I do get copies of my lab reports on my thyroid. I bounce back and fourth every 3 to 6 months. I had half of my thyroid removed years ago and have never been regulated. I may have had celiac for years and did not know until recently. Maybe once I get the celiac under control the issues of absorption will help with my medications absorpting properly. My Iron was low and it is now normal I will have to see if they checked other vitamins. I recently started taking a probiotic will have to look into digestive enzymes. I am avoiding all oats as well. Thank you for your suggestions and especially the hugs!!!
  2. Thank you all for the information and the various sites with information. I have an appointment on the 23rd of this month to see the doctor. Does anyone have any suggestions as to questions I should ask the doctor since I am still having diarrhea 5 to 6 times a day? I am also getting my throid levels tested since I am really loosing my hair again and not sure if it is my thryoid or celiacs??? The longest my thyroid has been regulated is 6 months which now makes sense having celiacs with absorption.
  3. Thank you for the information, I just started taking a probiotic and immodium and the nutritionist gave me some samples of NutriSource which is a fiber supplement. I am seeing some improvement for the first couple bm's in the morning after that it is all down hill from there. I am going to try the Enzymedica to see if this helps as well. I am also doing a bland diet, just so hard to do when you are so exhausted.
  4. They did test for Chrons and Colitis and both were negative. When you say another AI could be the cause, what does the AI stand for?
  5. I am buying gluten free products and when in doubt I call the manufacturer or research your site. I had my blood work done again and it is improving so it does show I am eating gluten free. I have an appointment with the diatician again today and curious to see what he has to say.
  6. I am having one some what normal stool first thing in the morning. After this it all goes down hill to liquid stools. The doctor said it was the worse case he has ever seen and that it was not only in the small intestines but the large intestines as well. I was in to see the doctor about a month ago and they said if I am not better in 3 months they are going to scope me again. They did test me for chrons and colitis both negative.
  7. Hi I am new here and I was diagnosed in June 2012. Dr. said it was the worse case they have ever seen as it was in the small and large intestines. Confirmed by blood work as well. I am still not regulated having 5 to 6 bouts a day. Went back to the doctor ran blood work again to determine if I am doing a gluten free diet and it confirmed I am. I am so exhausted, drained and frustrated. I have started to take a pro-biotic and immodium to try to slow things down. Still having issues, any suggestions?
  8. Hi I have been receintly diagnosed with Celiac Disease and it was in my small and large intestines, the worse case the doctor has seen. I had half of thyroid removed years ago and the doctors have never been able to get me regulated. I was so glad to see your post on both Celiac & Thyroid issues. I would really like to know more specifics on the diet you are using in hopes to get both under control.
  9. I too am newly diagnosed by scope and blood work and my hormone replacement had gluten, I had my pharmacist check all my medication to see if they had gluten. I so understand how you are feeling! Typically the scope shows celiac disease in the small intestines and mine was up into my large intestines. The worse case they have ever seen. I went to a diatician and he gave me tons of information which has been helpful.
  10. Skittles

    Hi newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease and trying to know what products are gluten free is a nightmare! Who seriously has time to call the manufactures of products that are not labeled as gluten free? It sure would be nice if all products were required by the FDA to do so. I have been going on line to list an item & gluten free and each time your site would come up and it has been a tremendous help! Thank you all for your posts it is making my life easier.