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  1. Hi, everybody. I'm 25 years old and live in Semmes, AL. You know, just outside Mobile. I just got diagnosed with Celiac Disease six weeks ago. My mother has also recently been diagnosed with it, and my brother's doctor suspects he has it as well. Between the three of us and the rest of my family, we run the gauntlet of symptoms and associated illnesses, from the usual abdominal pain, to Asperger's Syndrome and diabetes. The answer has been a light bulb and a God-send for all of us, though for a lifelong bread lover like me, adapting to a gluten free diet is...well, interesting to say the least. Actually for those of you in Mobile, there's a pretty good website, glutenfreemobile.com which gives a decent listing of different restaurants with gluten free menus and options. And Mellow Mushroom does a pretty good gluten free pizza too...not sure if they have the beer there, though...I'm not a big alcohol drinker. Actually I don't think I've had a drink since before I was old enough to do so legally! Much love and welcome to the South! Potterluck