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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. McCormick Taco seasoning. I read the ingredients and it seemed okay. This is what it says on their website "SPICES (INCLUDING CHILI PEPPER, CUMIN, PAPRIKA, OREGANO), ONION, WHEY (MILK), SALT, SUGAR, GARLIC, POTATO STARCH, AND CITRIC ACID."
  2. So I was recently "half diagnosed" with celiacs. I say that because I only had a simple blood test done that suggested, with an elevated IgG test, that I have celiacs (I have not had any other tests). I've been doing my best with staying gluten free for the past couple of weeks. I have also been eating MOSTLY dairy free (I've had some cheese and yogurt on occasions). Last night, after a strong sugar craving, I gave in to eating some raw Pillsbury cookie dough which I knew contained wheat. The dough comes pre-cut for baking. I nibbled on the dough and waited to be punished. After a few hours I felt fine. I gave in to eating two more round balls of the dough. Again, hours passed and felt fine. Today I decided to test again because I was all too excited that I wasn't affected by eating cookies. I baked and ate 6 cookies from the same sugar cookie pre-made package in one sitting (I've been feeling very deprived for the last month since staying off of gluten =/). The only other thing I've had today was Ensure, which I drank an hour or two before and almost immediately got "the burps", but no serious pain or intense bloating. What could this mean? Has the gluten not kicked in yet? Or is it because the dough, I believe, is made with bleached flour. I read somewhere that some are able to tolerate bleached flour? Correct me if I'm wrong. Or maybe on top of celiacs I also have a soy and/or dairy allergy? I'm tempted to have some bread or other items I've been craving since the start of my new diet. Some additional information: I've been feeling better since my gluten-free diet but I have also been eating mostly like a caveman, meaning mostly meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Most days I feel just okay but have still been burping and passing gas much more often than I used to before 2 months ago when this all started and haven't felt 100%. I felt pain from bloating and gas the other day when I KNOW I had not touched gluten for that day or the days before. I had a taco salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, organic pinto beans, olives, ground turkey, and a small spoonful of Daisy sour cream. I checked the labels on everything and it was all safe from gluten. I felt fine that day until eating the taco salad and soon after I was suffering from bloating pain and slight nausea. Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks for reading/replying!
  3. Yes, for a few days as best as I can. My mom accidently bought some ice cream that had gluten in it which I ate. So I feel that I haven't been perfect. We're still adjusting to checking every little thing that goes into my mouth. Heh. I'm still not feeling well, I don't know how long it takes to recover from accidently ingesting gluten.
  4. I'm not getting enough answers from my doctor, so I was hoping for some help here. Thank you in advance for reading. So to start, I've been having pretty regular gas and bloating for almost 2 months now. My stomach gets really large and looks like I'm pregnant and causes me a lot of pain. It seemed like it was out of the blue when I had my first stomach/intestine ache. I took 2 tablets of TUMS and thought that would cure it, I usually don't have any indigestion problems so I thought it would clear right away. I took 2 more tablets of TUMS and still, I had a burning, indigestion-like feeling. I thought it just to be some gas and that going to the bathroom would clear it up. A few days later, I had the same feeling, gas and bloating. I have never had any issue with gas in my life! I've been to Kaiser many times now and had a variety of tests. My first doctor just wanted to diagnose me with IBS. I took some knock off Pepcid (Peptid?) OTC for a week but I still had the same symptoms. I had blood in my stool at least once that I've encountered but for the most part no diarrhea or constipation. My second doctor thought I may have Celiacs and I had the blood test TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE which I will post next: TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IgG (my test results)1.78 (normal range) = < 0.90 Tissue transglutaminase IgA (my test results)0.38 (normal range) = < 0.90 This doctor at least got back to me with an analysis and thought it might suggest that I have celiacs. I have not been eating gluten, or much of anything really. I haven't felt hungry for over a week, mostly because I get lots of gas soon after eating. I vomited today after a bowl of fruit and a few days ago after some ice cream and a frozen dinner, both of which I checked for gluten or any gluten additives. It just doesn't make sense. I'm hoping to get a biopsy to know if I have it for sure, but getting an appointment has been troublesome. I'm 22 and been eating bread and yummy cakes and cookies all my life. I'm really depressed thinking I cannot eat the same way anymore but I'm trying to be gluten free since my stomach just hasn't been the same for 2 months. This is really ruining my life and is causing me a ton of stress because I have to go back to college soon and I'll have to deal with this very limiting diet. I feel sick nearly every day with stomach pains and get only minimal relief trying to push out the excess gas on the toilet. Do my test results really indicate I have the disease? I realize the number is higher than the normal, but am I highly intolerant or just mildly? There is no one in my family that I know who has this. I'm just very wary because there are so many things that gas/bloating can be and I don't want it to be anything more serious. My urinalysis showed a high level of protein (70mg/Dl) and moderate amount of LEUKOCYTE ESTERASE (aka white blood cells). I don't know if these are also a result of my possible celiacs disease, or if it indicates something different. My blood also had a higher level of white blood cells (13% Eosinophils). These tests were never addressed by my first doctor and I'm thinking I may have parasites. According to an article I read, Giardia, a parasite in the small intestine, can cause a wheat allergy. Any insight?