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  1. Hi, Everyone. My 3-yr old son has been entirely gluten-free for a year. He had digestive, behavioral, and perhaps neurological symptoms. We do not have a confirmed celiac disease diagnosis, but a gluten-free diet seemed to clear up these problems, and we've stuck with it. But I've never been certain whether it's gluten, specifically, that's the problem (long story). Over the past year, he has never had an accidental glutening. He's in full-time daycare, so it's possible he's been exposed to trace amounts, but he hasn't (to my knowledge) actually ingested a food that contained gluten. Last Friday, however, he was given a tortilla chip that my friend thought contained only corn. It unfortunately was a "multigrain" chip that did contain some wheat. I spent the next hours and days pretty terrified of what might happen. Much to my surprise, he had no immediate, noticeable reaction: no obvious digestive stress, no clear behavioral symptoms (challenging to discern with a 3 yr old, of course, because their behavior is always a bit "on the edge"--ha!), and no neurological symptoms. It was only on Tuesday (3-4 days later) that a potential symptom showed up: His stool has been a lighter shade of yellow for the past two days. Not "pale," as you see online in photos of pancreatic issues, etc. Just not quite normal. The stool was otherwise normal. Not at all unusually smelly. No undigested food. It didn't float or look greasy or fatty. It was neither too dry nor too runny. He's had absolutely no other noticeable symptoms. I keep asking him if his belly hurts, and he says no (and he does say yes when he's feeling ill). Would this be a "typical" glutening episode? I expected something more dramatic. Does anyone else experience this kind of symptom--with no other evident issues--after this kind of exposure? So grateful for your wisdom and feedback...
  2. Help With Toddler Symptoms?!

    Thanks for your response! I asked our pediatrician last night if we could do some blood tests, but he said that my son would have to be eating gluten for these to be effective. Is this true? I know that you need to be consuming gluten to do an endoscopy/biopsy. But can't you test for some genetic markers for celiac, for instance, via blood test? Sorry...still learning.
  3. Hi, Everyone. I'm new to the group but not to the exciting world of food allergies and intolerance, unfortunately. My two year old son can claim quite a collection of food allergies and intolerances. His food issues were so extensive that he literally stopped eating solid food by 11 months old, refusing anything but formula. It's taken us over a year to get back on track. For most of his life, he's been gluten-free. He had an immediate and obvious reaction to a few mouthfuls of wheat cereal when he was about 10 months old. He didn't really have wheat again until the past few months. He seemed okay when we reintroduced--but then I began doubting after vague symptoms surfaced, and so I pulled gluten again. He was gluten-free again for a few weeks. After consulting our nutritionist, we decided to re-trial gluten beginning last Thursday. He's only had small amounts: one piece of sprouted spelt bread once a day, at varying times (sometimes at breakfast, sometimes lunch or dinner). That's it. For four days, we saw no symptoms at all. On Monday night, though, he woke up screaming after a few hours of sleep. He was violent, confused, and furiously upset. It took us an hour to calm him and get him back to sleep. This happened again on Thursday night, but it was even more terrifying of an episode, and it took two hours to settle him. He finally ate some granola and fell back asleep. It was as if he had some kind of hypoglycemic reaction. On Wednesday evening and again tonight (Friday evening), he had really terrible temper tantrums that resembled these nighttime events. It takes a long time to settle him, and he's violent, inconsolable, and incoherent during these episodes. The strange thing is that he otherwise seems okay during the day. He's with a babysitter all day, and she's had not a single problem with him all week. He's pleasant as can be, eats well, naps well, and has no behavioral issues. She's been shocked to hear what he's been like at night. He's perhaps a bit gassier than usual. But it's otherwise just these later evening and nighttime issues that we're noticing. So, my questions are: Does this seem consistent with a gluten intolerance? Have any of you had similar experiences? And do children ever outgrow a gluten intolerance, or are we possibly stuck with this? (Info online seems to be a little contradictory.) I'm not looking for medical advice--sadly, we have quite a team assembled already!--but I'd love to hear about your experiences. Since he has SO many food intolerances and allergies (including things like corn, which of course is in so many gluten-free products!), losing gluten would be devastating to this very weary mama. I should add that he's been scoped, as they were looking for eosinophilic esophagitis, and his Celiac biopsy was negative--but he was hardly eating any gluten (or food!) at this point anyway. He's otherwise had no bloodwork. Could I possibly blame these strange outbursts on something else?--not getting enough sleep, a growth spurt, or the heat?? Or might we be pulling gluten...again? Many many thanks!